Lightning Strikes Caylee Anthony Memorial Hours After Casey Sentenced

July 8th, 2011 // 132 Comments

Because this story isn’t fucked up enough, lightning apparently struck the makeshift Caylee Anthony memorial just hours after Casey Anthony was sentenced yesterday for lying to police officers about her dead daughter because innocent people do that. Anyway, you can only guess the type of quotes flooding into the local paper already:

“It could be a sign from the angels that they aren’t happy with what’s happened,” said 40-year-old Keyla Lugo of Orlando, who has visited the memorial in the Chickasaw Oaks subdivision twice this week. “It’s a sad day for Orlando, for Caylee and for justice. The rain, the lightning, the storm — it’s the heavens indicating they aren’t happy.”
… “God has spoken. Casey’s guilty,” said Nicole Perez of Vero Beach.

God’s unhappy? Really? Because I’m pretty sure He had it out for this kid. Otherwise, I don’t know how else you explain letting her fall out of Casey Anthony’s vagina, get murdered, have her mom duck what should’ve been at least child abuse/neglect charges and then have the site where they found Caylee’s dead body light on fire for shits and giggles. Angels were probably walking up to Him after that last lightning bolt going, “I think you got her.”

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  1. required

    If lighting had struck Casey I would have been more impressed.

  2. dsdfljuoi

    Who fucking cares? If you give birth to a child, it should be your property. However, it is not. Children belong to the government. As usual, they try to cover up a very legal situation with emotional foo foo for the masses. Oh no, a dead baby! Do you not see the overpopulation problem in the world. More babies need to die, not less.

  3. Yeah I agree with the comment up above some where..I just was reading about Scott Peterson’s crime..and it seemed like he had just about as the same little evidence as this one did..and today he is sitting on death row..
    although many of us would have been ok with her getting life or you said the difference is he might of had a more bold jury with brains..also another factor in that is he is a male..makes me wonder if Casey Anthony had been a guy her age or any that did this or a minority woman..would she have got the same treatment..maybe it was hard for them to believe that someone like her could even commit a crime like this..dont let looks decieve you.

  4. lee chappell

    I don’t understand why everybody is blaming God for this, he wasn’t the one that killed her. Everybody seems to be under the impression that God owes us something but in truth every single one of us have fallen short of him, he allows good and bad things to happen on this earth, its our choice what we decide to do. If people started hating the sin and quit thinking were entitled to all good things in life this world would be alot better place..that little girl is in a far better place then any of us can imagine right now.

  5. meme

    for some of you — God will NOT be mocked. Some of you are so shameful, but He is your judge, not me. RIP little innocent Caylee.. one who never deserved the hand she was dealt in her short life. Her ‘mother’s’ free will killed her, not God. Some of you are really sad people with no purpose in life but to mock your own creator – but again, God will not be mocked. RIP sweet little Caylee..Karma people, is all more I can say other than some of you have shameful gutter mouthes that I am sure you think are cool too.

  6. Asswipe

    Anyone know the sixe of her bresst, I thought 36B

  7. FinDuMonde

    While I am not happy that Caylee is dead, I’m not going to sit around and keep whining and crying about it. And it’s time that the rest of us do the same. MOVE ON, PEOPLE!!! Unfortunately, the kid was murdered, put in a trash bag (so from that aspect, “Bam” is correct in saying that she was a “dead trash kid”–or at least ended up one), tossed in the woods, and found later decomposed. Her body (what was left of it) was cremated and the ashes scattered. Sad, yes. Something to focus the rest of your life around? NO!! Caylee is GONE, and none of it is going to bring her back. Bottom line is, Casey won, Caylee lost. Casey can’t be retried, Caylee ain’t coming back. I love kids and would never hurt any kid, but facts are facts in this case. Yes, that’s cold, hard, and unfortunate. But still the facts. So stop crying over Caylee. The kid is gone, and Casey got away with it. As for “god,” he (she or it) is at best a myth. Much more likely, he/she/it is a jackass prick that doesn’t even slightly deserve to be worshipped. Yes, “god” apparently hates Caylee and seems to think she was a pain in the ass. But that doesn’t surprise me coming from a bitch ass piece of shit like “god!”

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