Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts are married

June 12th, 2007 // 113 Comments

Not that anybody cares, but ET is reporting that Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts have gotten married. The two were making their way into the Tony Awards at Radio City Music Hall in New York City Sunday night when Liev allegedly said:

“We are married. You got it first. Break the story!”

This sounds like one of those offhand comments celebrities make to mess with the press. Although that’s usually done by celebrities who are actually famous. Naomi could give birth to a talking dinosaur and these two would still be the least interesting couple in Hollywood.

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  1. star69

    Damn, that guy is ugly.
    And he has delusions of grandeur on top of that.
    What the fcuk was she thinking?

    He must have a big one. LOL.

  2. Anonymous

    Liev S. poses as an actor and somehow convinces enough simple-minded freaks to believe that he has talent to make a good living. His CSI stint was fucking gay.

  3. RichPort

    69. 85. faggot, as if it needed to be said.

  4. Italian Stallion


    You know how I know you’re gay?

    Because you are, suck a dick once, suck a dick forever, faggot………..

    Nice try making it seem like there is a rat, and maybe there is???????

    Fuck it all to hell, I’m done anyway, but I did it on my terms(hahahahaha)……….


  5. Italian Stallion

    And your dead mother sucks great cock beyond the grave……..

  6. Flaming Ferret Loves The Cock!!

    Wow, you really are a bitter homosexual. Guy Pierre didn’t put it in the way you like it? Your daughters cute, don’t make me make her my bitch. Yeah I said it. Shut me down like you did that company that one time…….Pfffffft, fag………….

  7. Flaming Ferret Loves The Cock!!

    Sorry I didn’t know the name of the company, considering all the bullshit you talked that I didn’t pay attention to. Much like your other “loyal” subjects………….

    How many times, Ferret, have you had a map of Hawaii drawn on your back?

    No need to guess, I’m sure it’s in the billions………

  8. tonycatman

    Isn’t she the one the massive gorilla tried to fuck in the film “King Kong” ?

    She’s always struck me as very classy. Everything she got up to with the gorilla was discreetly left to the imagination.

    Did they, or didn’t they ?

  9. RichPort

    @103 – I see the RichPort troll is back… and it still wants me to be a fag (shudder).

  10. clete

    Even b-list celebrities feel the need to get knocked up to snag a man. Good luck with that! We will be seeing photos of Naomi and Nicole Kidman crying in their drinks over their poor choices in men…again!

  11. RichPort

    But it’s too late, ’cause I’ve been schlong swallowing for years.

  12. violet

    Just saw Liev in Talk Radio. Sorry haters, he’s fucking HOT.

  13. Naomi has confirmed he gave her a ring but I refuse to believe they are married until I see some SOLID proof. Why? Because Liev played a joke on the media in 2007 by saying they had gotten married and it wasn’t true. Forgive me if I hold out to see if this too is a joke or not.

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