Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts are married

June 12th, 2007 // 113 Comments

Not that anybody cares, but ET is reporting that Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts have gotten married. The two were making their way into the Tony Awards at Radio City Music Hall in New York City Sunday night when Liev allegedly said:

“We are married. You got it first. Break the story!”

This sounds like one of those offhand comments celebrities make to mess with the press. Although that’s usually done by celebrities who are actually famous. Naomi could give birth to a talking dinosaur and these two would still be the least interesting couple in Hollywood.

naomi_watts_liev_tony_awards_01-thumb.jpg naomi_watts_liev_tony_awards_02-thumb.jpg naomi_watts_liev_tony_awards_03-thumb.jpg naomi_watts_liev_tony_awards_04-thumb.jpg naomi_watts_liev_tony_awards_05-thumb.jpg naomi_watts_liev_tony_awards_06-thumb.jpg naomi_watts_liev_tony_awards_07-thumb.jpg naomi_watts_liev_tony_awards_08-thumb.jpg


  1. yolatengo

    best tits in tinseltown

  2. yolatengo

    Liev that is…

  3. jrzmommy

    50, who? Stallion and Ferret? Yeah…I guess…I see that….

  4. gaorgeauousdfg

    she’s almost as beautiful as Paris.

  5. RichPort

    Paris is only beautiful when aflame…

  6. hollyj

    Barely….. conscious…. help meee….. …..falling…. asleeZZZZZZZZZZ *head thud on keyboard*

  7. wtf?

    BORING!! I think we’re starting to eat, sleep, and breath “paris in the slammer” news.

  8. Concerned

    Done for the day, fish?

  9. Amen Richport… Amen….
    Insert Paris Surrender Joke Here….

  10. hamacus

    Better read on this story would have been.

    Chick on the left in pic #5
    “Oh great! I can’t believe he just lewinskied all over my dress… glad I wore this color though…it kinda blends in.”

    Everyone one else
    “That is sick…she got lewinskied…LOL!”

    Liev Schreiber
    “Sigh!…I’ll never get lewinskied again.”

    Naomi Watts
    “I am so glad I never have to worry about being lewinskied again!”

  11. If this doesn’t stop being the lead story on this page, I’m going to stab a baby in the ear …

  12. Jimbo

    hey Bern – how about some more DMBS. That always sheers me up

  13. Ok, I’ll post an article with a bunch of them.

  14. I remember when Liev was happily married before. I guess he’s trading up.

  15. Hey, my site quite often does not suck.

    Give it a taste.

  16. Although I have about 98% fewer giant tits than Bern’s site.

  17. Donkey

    Looks like someone put the cart before the horse.

  18. Italian Stallion

    @66 And 100% of old crap no one gives two shits about……..

  19. RichPort

    OOOO!!! OOOOO!!! Talk about each other’s moms too! I love momma jokes…

    Yo mama so bald that she took a shower and got brainwashed.

  20. 15piecesofflare

    I thought he had a predilection for skanky girls and threesomes?

    I guess he’s taking time off to breed.

  21. UN Peacekeeper

    Stallion, relax. Nobody’s defecting to the new AFJ. We’re all staying at your place, even though you’re sort of a clueless dick a lot of the time.

  22. I wrote an article about the woman who is attempting to have the largest boobs on the planet. There are pictures and a link to a video in which she flashes. I think I’ve done my part.

  23. vegg

    I love it when jrzmommy gets sassy.

  24. To quite someone who used to not suck: TSFSRT

  25. #72 – That is fucking nuts.

  26. Yeah, it’s a scene, man.

  27. Did everybody get Stallion’s permission to post today?

    Otherwise he may leave, and never come back.

    boo hoo hoo….

  28. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh.

  29. jrzmommy

    Hey, speaking of massive spastic fuck ups…. isnt SJTLQ’s three-footed, forked-tongued, purple wombat due soon?

  30. PrettyBaby

    “We are married. You got it first. Break the story!”

    HAHA! Who gives a fuck seriously.. that is funny.

  31. Ruby

    Purple because SJ IS the LQ!

  32. Italian Stallion

    Did somebody send a picture to everyone else and not just Ferret. I hope not, because he might get really mad, close his site down and then come back crying for attention with a fake story about jailtime………

    Now TSFSRT you fucking homo………..

  33. jrzmommy

    indeedikee, 81.

  34. ferrets and stallions oh my

    so when did you guys first notice that your menstrual cycles were synchronizing?

  35. RichPort

    A fight A fight!
    A… um… white and a white!
    If the… um… white starts to win,
    Let’s all jump in!

    I say my cock is bigger than both of yours… except when we see men in tight jeans. Then I clearly have the smallest cock… by far.

  36. Mrs. Sortarican

    “When I say my cock is bigger than both of yours…I’m showing that I clearly have the smallest cock… by far.”


  37. DingDong

    Damn that blimp really let herself go. Push away from the table sweetheart and put down the twinkies hippo. I’ve got first hand knowledge that both her and Susie (whore)have horrendous vaginal odor that smells like, sewer sludge, skunk glands, Colt 45 malt liquor, shitneys arm pit, and star jones’ ass juice after biking in spandex. They tried douching but they could not get the douche tip through their densely foliaged crotch region. What dumb twats.

  38. RichPort

    @86 – Your mom should have been fixed. I thought that was required for all bitches.

  39. The Superfish guy is on coke

    Love that masturbation scene by Naomi in “Muholland Dr.”

  40. Stallion, you know what is real funny? That you sat there and bitched that you don’t want Jones to have access to the Cave (because you are afraid of him and Wally) and then you come on to the Fish and call him out.

    You are the fucking homo.

    I think we kept the wrong guy.

  41. Parrish

    They are not married.

  42. cosmetologist

    And, I thought they were just shacking-up.

  43. You are right. You do have a rat problem.

  44. turkeylurkey

    They look like brother and sister

  45. superbee

    Me thinks they had the honeymoon a few months before the wedding…..

  46. woodhorse

    #17 Jimbo, her “poetry” is better – way better – than Rosie O’Donnell’s. Just count your blessings.

  47. woodhorse

    AFJ*****Love your photo of Rosie, btw.

  48. woodhorse

    Laughter is a powerful aphrodisiac and Wally is so hot.

  49. Jim=fuckin=bo:

    the z’zzz will remain
    coz unlike Pariz…I am
    not trying to be fuckin
    cute…thatz how I write
    bitch, zo fuck U and the
    brokeback dick U juzt

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