Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts are married

June 12th, 2007 // 113 Comments

Not that anybody cares, but ET is reporting that Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts have gotten married. The two were making their way into the Tony Awards at Radio City Music Hall in New York City Sunday night when Liev allegedly said:

“We are married. You got it first. Break the story!”

This sounds like one of those offhand comments celebrities make to mess with the press. Although that’s usually done by celebrities who are actually famous. Naomi could give birth to a talking dinosaur and these two would still be the least interesting couple in Hollywood.

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  1. steph


  2. Doesn’t she know that’s Cotton Weary?

  3. Wow, talk about news that just doesn’t do a thing for me. Schreiber is a great actor though.

  4. i hate you too!

    wow she looks pretty horrible. Congrats tho?

  5. you’re right, ‘not that anybody cares…’

  6. Yeah, I used to live by this guy in the East Village. He always dressed, and appeared to have the personal hygiene habits of, a listless hobo. I saw him literally every day and he was always ducking around like someone was going to notice him. No one ever once did.



  8. Nicole Kidman

    Why is Naomi Watts hired as an actress ? She sucks. He’s not all that great either. Ugly as hell

  9. That is great news. Where are they registered?

  10. JumpinJ

    “Least interesting couple in Hollywood”? Liev spend most of his time in NY doing Broadway and Off Broadway plays, and Naomi does movies everywhere else. It’ll be interesting to see if this lasts. They allegedly have a kid on the way according to Liev on a local cable news station. He’s brilliant, she’s … uh … cute, I guess.

  11. Careful with this story, I might yawn myself to death.

  12. Jimbo

    My Neighbor Ben and his girl friend Brenda are getting married this weekend. If I send the Superfish a picture of them will he post it too?

  13. Jimbo

    I think I will go back to check out online porn and masterbating

  14. getyourhandoutofmycat

    ‘they allegedly have a kid on the way according to Liev’….well yeah unless she’s hiding a midget up that dress i’m pretty sure she’s pregnant…

  15. p0nk

    Judging by her facial expressions, a big problem during her pregancy has been chronic constipation.

  16. lookz like we know Y
    zhe got married…
    thatz the wrong drezz
    for being 9 monthz
    pregnant..lookz stupid.

  17. Jimbo

    @16 kraziuglykelli – putting z’s in every other word is stupid. Just like Paris, you are not cute anymore.

  18. A Yak With a Raging Erection

    @6 Bern you rocked some sweet boobs again on your site today. Me like.

  19. sea

    My caring about him died when Cotton did. I never cared about her.

  20. George

    Go see the “Painted Veil” on DVD. This will give you a clue to this arrangement. Just looking at her…you can tell she is just so “empty” inside.

  21. calculator

    Combined, they are 1/100000000 as interesting as Paris.

    Let’s all drop our defenses, be honest, and admit that we didn’t really mean we were tired of the Paris story and wanted to move on to other celebs. Today’s stories are creeping death. I feel like I should be wearing white stretch slacks and power-blue tennis shoes and discussing them with Blanche right before we grab our walkers and head toward the Bingo game.

  22. ph7

    Two tools. I give it 18 months.

  23. redink

    the site’s new look blows. everything being on the left with that big ass advertisment on the right looks retarded as hell. i hope this is temporary.

  24. Seriously! Who cares! Report back to us when her kid goes into rehab lol!

    and Liev needs a shave cmon! that looks like crap! Don’t you have an assistant? Lol

  25. Chauncey Gardner

    I saw Naomi Watts in that sub-standard David Lynch movie, MULHOLLAND DR. I think she’s the only actress in film history who’s managed to make a female masturbation scene completely revolting to watch. And Chauncey likes to fucking watch.

  26. Alex, I’ll take “Who The Fuck Is That?” for $1,000…

  27. Italian Stallion

    I wonder if Tom Cruise wants to eat the placenta when she gives birth? Sick fuck that one is………..

  28. getoutofmygalley

    @19 HAHAHAHA.
    When I looked at him I thought “Who the fuck?!” then shortly thereafter, “oh it’s Cotton.”
    And speaking of…that dress should have been MADE from cotton…what a waste of good crepe-back satin.
    Anyone for a game of Hot Potato?

  29. laxey

    They should have just not gotten married, show those damn evangelicals that you don’t need marriage to be successful in a relationship.

  30. laxey

    or more…successful in a family.

  31. Italian Stallion

    Alex, I’ll take “What the fuck is plagiarism?” for 1,000…

  32. They’re the hottest couple since Jack Nicholson and Kathy Bates.

  33. Gay Guinea

    Alex, I’ll take “Frightened Fags in Hiding” for $1,000…

  34. Crap Tonight

    so whats Tara Reid doing lately, she’s not dead is she?

  35. Kim

    I’d say it was an offhand comment considering the fact that he’s not wearing a wedding ring!

  36. A'dam

    But seriously, has Paris taken a dump yet?

  37. Naomi is cool. I hope it works for them. If it doesn’t, I hope she comes to her senses and comes back to me…Naomi!!!!
    The word’d most important blog:

  38. jimmboy

    Paris has a special way of using the bathroom, because she’s a higher-level human being.

  39. face

    The superficial a.k.a (2 new stories a day blog)

  40. Italian Stallion

    Alex, I’ll take “Of course I dropped the soap in fake jail” for 1,000……

    Awe, are we sad that we’re not wanted anymore?


  41. p0nk

    I would rather look at high-res closeups of Paris’ 3-day-incubated foot-long poking-out-of-the-water glistening corn-flecked feces log, than look at these 2 losers.

  42. adeliza

    Who gives a RAT’S ASS!

  43. Gay Guinea

    Alex, I’ll take “Find the meaning of our dreams and share our sorrows” for I-used-to-have-balls…

  44. jrzmommy

    I’ll take smack two numbskulls heads together for free! Knock if off you guys.

  45. lil'

    Last couple in hollywood still classy.

  46. Bigo

    I farted. Sorry

  47. jrzmommy

    Besides I said that, not stallion. Was it a chick thing to say? tough shit….Im a chick.

  48. Marx

    I always thought she was hot as fuck. Liev is a kickass actor.

  49. RichPort

    I’ll take animal wars, stallions vs ferrets for… fuck it, I’l take it for free.

  50. wedgeone

    Really, what a gorgeous couple.

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