For Every Song You Download, Liam Gallagher Has to Make His Own Tea

Today on “What’s Liam Gallagher Pissed Off About?” we have the former Oasis singer complaining about making his own cup of tea. Apparently back in the Definitely Maybe heyday, he had an assembly line of three or four “little fuckers” making his earl gray. That was back when he and his brother only “sorta” hated each other and people paid $17 for an album, of course…

If this is Liam’s way of bullying his fans into buying the deluxe vinyl of his new solo album coming out, then it’s kind of genius. The joke is ultimately on them though, he still would probably think you were a tosser… Did I use that word right?

Something else interesting I learned today, Liam’s son Gene has been keeping with the family tradition with his cousin, Noel’s daughter. Here we have 16-year-old Gene tweeting shade at his 17-year-old cousin Anais for taking part in fashion shows, hanging out with other celebrities’ kids, and talking shit about how Noel wrote all the songs… yikes.