The Terrorists Can’t Win If Liam and Noel Gallagher Still Hate Each Other

You’ve probably been reading all morning about last weekend’s One Love Manchester Benefit concert for the survivors of Arianna Grande attack. In case you haven’t, it was basically a British teenager’s fever-dream of a lineup and it successfully raised over $12 million to help out victim’s families. Some highlights included “Little Mix” showing up dressed in slutty Beetlejuice costumes, Justin Bieber doing that thing they do with their arms at Christian rock shows, and Liam Gallagher doing an Oasis song that wasn’t Champaign Supernova with Coldplay’s Chris Martin.

If there was ever a more appropriate time for Noel and Liam Gallagher to put their differences aside and suck it up for a 55,000 person chorus of “Don’t Look Back in Anger” in their grieving hometown, this would have been an opportune moment – but naah. It only took a few hours after the concert for Liam to take a jab at his estranged brother in typical Oasis fashion.

Manchester’s resilience in the past few weeks has been remarkable. Much like other cities who have found a unifying pride in the face of tragedy, nothing is more Mancunian than the Gallagher brothers keeping with tradition. Honestly, I’m actually impressed at how deep Noel and Liam’s hatred goes that even something as awful as this can’t get them to suck it up for a couple of songs. Look I know that Liam is a diva and all- hell, he told everyone that Coldplay was dogshit and that Chris Martin looked like a potted plant (this is an English insult I guess) about a year ago, but what kind of horrible atrocity needs to occur to have these two playing nice? I don’t even want to know.