Lewis Hamilton Told His Nephew He Was “Weird” for Wearing a Dress

Lewis Hamilton is one of the biggest race car drivers in the world. He races the international circuit too. No, not that one where people puke off the rooftops of Winnebagos and fly confederate flags, I’m talking about the classy one where the cars look like space ships and everyone is at least bilingual.

Over the Christmas holiday, Lewis fell into hot water. And by hot water, I mean: “getting his ass pushed in by thousands of people on Twitter.” After posting a video of him telling his young nephew he shouldn’t wear a princess dress because “boys don’t wear princess dresses,” things went bad. Considering that this is the Age of Outrage and you run the risk of never working again if you make a god damn peep about the complexities of the gender spectrum, it didn’t go over well…

Lewis has since apologized for his insensitivity and learned the valuable lesson that even if you see a young boy shitting golden eggs and quacking like a Canadian goose, don’t say a fucking word about it on your Snapchat because someone’s gonna get pissed. If that boy wants to be a Canadian goose, the last thing he needs is some playboy race car driver telling him he’s different.

Of course, I’m kidding with this instance. Hamilton was clearly making this boy feel like shit for doing whatever the fuck he wanted. So, he deserves everything he has coming to him on Twitter. If he could go back in time, I’m sure he would have done things a little differently by doing what everyone else does when they find out their little nephew is probably going to be doing YouTube makeup tutorials by age 10… offer the kid’s dad a drink and talk about something else.

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