Levi Johnston: ‘Sarah Palin knew Bristol and I were having sex’

- Levi Johnston tells Tyra Banks Sarah Palin “probably knew” he was having sex with Bristol because they shared a room. Wow. Have you actually spent time with this woman? Because you’d know she thought you were just praying. Or loading an assault rifle. Either one. [Just Jared]

- Britney Spears’ stop at a Dallas nightclub ends with employees being threatened if they talk to the press. Great, now we’ll never know how many people her vagina killed. But I’m guessing eight. [Radar Online]

- Zach Braff and Dax Shepard are now virtually interchangeable. Who didn’t see that coming? Including the blind. [Best Week Ever]

- Ben Affleck taught his daughter Violet how to swear in German. Yeah, well, Britney Spears lets her kids use the car to pick up smokes. Try again, Daredevil. [I’m Not Obsessed]

- Hugh Jackman’s quasi-visible ass in Wolverine. Now I’m really excited to see this movie! I mean, a guy I know is. The, uh, Writerficial Super. Yeah, him. [Pink is the New Blog]

Photo: Warner Bros./Karl Giant