Levi Johnston in Playgirl

November 21st, 2009 // 257 Comments

Here’s the much-ballyhooed but penis-less Levi Johnston Playgirl.com shoot that made its way online today. Normally I don’t post on Saturdays, but after the veritable tit barrage yesterday, I figured the least I could do is give the man-hungry demographic a little love. Now that that’s out of the way, can someone explain to me why Levi Johnston is using his own hands to cover his genitals or am I the only one with a chorus of tiny angels that does that for me? “ALLELUIA!” Hey, knock it off. I didn’t say the magic word yet, and we’re nowhere near the front window at Starbuc- Whoa, look at that chick. “ALLELUIA! ALLELUIA! ALLELUIA-ALLEUIA!”

UPDATE: Photos removed by request but you can still see them at Playgirl.com.

Photos: Playgirl

  1. Thanks Fish!

    You have sprung up new life in this web site and in my pants

  2. Mr. Photoshop Man

    where’s his belly button in pic #5, funny I don’t remember working on this

  3. 66 yr old virgin

    I am enjoying these pics very much. Some men are probably just jealous of this man, and couldn’t appreciate the beauty of a male body even if they got jizzed in the face.

  4. Anna

    I really appreciate this art! It is funny how so few people really do appreciate the beauty of the male body, I for one just love everything about a man.

  5. monica

    I would love to feel this boys hardness filling up all my orifices. I want to taste his sperm and rub in all over. God I am so horny right now.

  6. Jade

    Its been a while since I’ve looked at a Playgirl. Did the magazine go gay?

    I am a very enthusiastic sexual female, and I find all of the pictures, save one, to ooze lockerroom gay fantasy.

    No offense to gay people. I like them and have no problem with them. But it is upsetting that it seems most male sexual stuff seems to be geared toward gay men instead of females. Some of us females actually enjoy the sexy stuff. Playgirl really dropped the ball on this shoot.

    And Sarah Palin can go eat a donkey dick. This isn’t pornography. There’s nothing wrong with the naked body, nor is there anything wrong with appreciating it. Sarah Palin needs to look at her republican puppet Prejean if she wants to complain about porn.

  7. Daryl

    I just squirted all over my comp

  8. Princess Stacey

    “I would love to feel this boys hardness filling up all my orifices. I want to taste his sperm and rub in all over. God I am so horny right now.”

    Couldn’t have said that any better myself!!

  9. Belle

    People that don’t at least think he is attractive are crazy.

  10. mmmm yummy male body

    Yes, the male body can be a beautiful thing and men can have power over women in a sexual way but a majority choose to just look and act like pigs…it really sucks..and you wonder why girls aren’t horny for you? Look in the mirror!

  11. jackmine

    He got a very nice looking ASS!! would definitely worth it! but, he also need some muscle for his body…

  12. horny gal

    men are simply creatures that are here for my pleasure, I enjoy looking at them and stroking my bean. This world is such a wonderful place.


    This guy is gross. I think he just put me off men forever.

  14. me luv wang

    you should always add pictures from playgirl, that should be a staple on this web site. Everyone that comes on here seems to enjoy it.

  15. The anti-breasts and pussy

    more of this kind of stuff…with a taste of cock n’ balls and less breasts and pussy and this site would be heaven












  17. Sophie

    I thought his pix were gonna be a lot better than this. He is a cute kid though.

  18. Jason

    I can’t beat off to this fish! You lost all of your loyal hetero male fans, I just hope it was worth it.

  19. Fas(c)h(ion)ist(a)

    He looks like a hillbilly.
    A hillbilly that shaves his pubes.

  20. Andy

    it is just really sad that it took semi nude pix of an unknown dude to have over 100 comments, the most comments in a really long time…this site has gone way downhill.

  21. ass tapper

    i’d tap dat ass!!!

  22. ass tapper

    i’d tap dat ass!!!

  23. Helena Handbasket

    TC <3 TC & LJ – oooops! I just ejaculated on my keyboard.

  24. Kadankadank

    Ricky Hollywood got no friends…

  25. Undies Sniffer

    I need a change of undies and pants

  26. Jorge

    I wanna take a bite outta dat nice tight little booty

  27. renee

    what a joke….go back to alaska…..please……….lol

  28. Bloody Bitch

    Definitely a BDILF (Baby Daddy I’d Like To F***)

  29. Sarah

    ha ha good one blood bitch…GOOD ONE!! BDILF :)

  30. Ted

    Are you happy with whats going down here fish? Half of these comments are making me sick…much sicker than the actual photos even.

  31. froufrou

    he looks good in pic #3. wish there was a bulge peeping through that towel though. i like bulges.

  32. renee

    how about……..get a “real” job to support your son?

  33. What's All This?

    interesting that the only ones who find him attractive are men and maybe 20 women with equally low standards

  34. Amy

    I have never made a comment on here before but these pictures really made me laugh!!! Johnston took my superficial virginity.

  35. Steve

    not bad…not bad at all

  36. Jodie

    When can I buy the magazine…I actually want to get this one, I think there are more pix then what is here

  37. wet puss

    oh boy if you could feel my puss now…so incredibly wet…it has never been this wet before!!!

  38. bertha

    no comment

  39. Charles

    something here just isn’t right

  40. Abagail

    I wonder if he is circumsized and if he is packing a full sized bush…I guess these are wonders of the world that we will never know

  41. fecal matter

    man o man the things I would do to this boy

  42. Playgirl Fan

    definately getting this mag when it cumz out as well.


    I would like to taste his delicious dish down below

  44. Sean

    Since when do people get this way over men and talk about them like this? I think I look a lot better than this guy and I have never had girls or women drooling on me at all…where are all these women coming from?

  45. NOOOOO

    where did all of the other pictures go????

  46. Cindy

    who requested that the pics be taken down? was it actually playgirl? Anyways the actual playgirl site is AMAZING…it is pretty much what this site should be

  47. Jessica

    @144 Sean, are you fat?

  48. Nick

    so wrong

  49. Ace

    Everything about this…FAIL

  50. Tyler

    I wanna spread those butt cheeks as wide as they can go and slowing insert my manhood

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