Levi Johnston in Playgirl

November 21st, 2009 // 257 Comments

Here’s the much-ballyhooed but penis-less Levi Johnston Playgirl.com shoot that made its way online today. Normally I don’t post on Saturdays, but after the veritable tit barrage yesterday, I figured the least I could do is give the man-hungry demographic a little love. Now that that’s out of the way, can someone explain to me why Levi Johnston is using his own hands to cover his genitals or am I the only one with a chorus of tiny angels that does that for me? “ALLELUIA!” Hey, knock it off. I didn’t say the magic word yet, and we’re nowhere near the front window at Starbuc- Whoa, look at that chick. “ALLELUIA! ALLELUIA! ALLELUIA-ALLEUIA!”

UPDATE: Photos removed by request but you can still see them at Playgirl.com.

Photos: Playgirl

  1. Sarah Palin


  2. Sarah Palin


  3. Sarah Palin


  4. lick me

    I would allow him to suck my cock, he probably would be really good

  5. James

    I always thought of myself as an extreme heterosexual male, so it is really scaring me that I find this dude more attractive then those malnourished nude models you shoved in my face earlier.

  6. Id

    Oh pretty thing, why did you ever fuck Palin’s hambeast daughter?

  7. turtle head

    that is one hot piece of ass..more of this please, hopefully next time with some COCK

  8. aprilstp

    This is all so wrong.

  9. Samantha

    @55, James, I’d like to marry you right now.

  10. One-hander

    I’m typing with one hand rihgt now, nuff said

  11. Jake

    Levi and Miranda are doing the exact same arm over head pose! Wow how originally sexy

  12. who dat

    Levi is being used as a pawn to be a thorn in the side of Sarah Palin. The opposition is keeping him around and just relevant enough in case they need to use him against her in the future. The real scary part is that anyone thinks that Palin is qualified for higher office. Proves there are alot of idiots in this country.

    Levi was at a party in LA recently and everyone ignored him cause he is a nobody. He stood around by himself for an hour checking his phone, then left.

  13. Kristy

    I’m a bit jealous of rthis guy, he could get any man he wants now, that leaves little hope for girls like me.

  14. Todd Palin

    sad sad fellow, oh well good luck to the kid atleast someone was willing to fuck my daughter

  15. Todd Palin

    good job boy

  16. who dat

    Kristy, I don’t think you will have any problems finding plenty of hot guys to do what ever you want. Confidence and sex appeal is the key.

  17. Kodos

    HA! HAHA! This is so wonderfully awkward. I hope the moose are laughing around the den. I thought he was a better looking kid. I recant that thought.

  18. kaylia

    1) TERRIBLE model
    2) definitely gay targeted
    3) …who the h e double hockey stick took these pictures?! they’re awful!

  19. Kodos

    HA! HAHA! This is so wonderfully awkward. I hope the moose are laughing around the den. I thought he was a better looking kid. I recant that thought.

  20. Kristy

    @66 yes I have always been low on self-confidence, and very hard on myself, thanks who dat for what you said even though you don’t know me at all or what I look like. You still made me feel slightly better

  21. Ana

    ok body, ugly face.

  22. BOBBO

    I don’t know about you guys, but I think he looks like he is begging for a penis in his ear.

  23. Rosie

    This “Boy” is not a “Man”. Yuck.

  24. Todd Palin

    thanx soo much fish, I am going to use these to get it up so I can make “love” to my wife Sarah, lord knows I lost interest in her around the same time she lost the election.

  25. stupid redneck boy

    Haa, it looks like there’s a vagina behind that towel.

  26. Parker

    shoot…I would put my penis in his ear in a heartbeat, or in his ass whichever

  27. Jacob

    This is the most hard I have been in weeks!!!!

  28. Anon

    This whole Levi pictorial is as gay as #3 and his bf.

  29. Lonelygirl

    well I am willing to admit that I would take him, but only because I am desperate

  30. Fairy

    @75 I wish I was behind that towel

  31. Ein

    What the fuck is ths shit

  32. bristol

    I think I am in love

  33. Erin

    do you think there are outtakes where the penis is shown? I am praying that there are and that they will be leaked.

  34. Lila

    Jealous. Anyone who says he’s gay or fat or anything of the sort, i’m guessing that you’re fat ass sititng in the hallway on the comptuer eating halloween candy while your fat husband/wife makes their own sex videos in the bedroom have no place to voice their opinion on anything.

    Save a tootsie pop for me.

  35. Erin

    do you think there are outtakes where the penis is shown? I am praying that there are and that they will be leaked.

  36. no peen?

    these are rather useless without some peen

  37. jen

    I wanna see his cock so bad! I already used my hand on myself and came real hard :)

  38. frank rizzo

    I can’t believe all these people calling this “gay” and saying “Playgirl is for homos” as is they were saying something either insulting or profound. No shit folks! Its naked dudes… what was your first clue that it was targeting homosexual men, or the minority of women that purchase porn? Was it the male butts? What are you doing here when there are so many great mysteries out there left unsolved! GO GO FOR THE GOOD OF THE WORLD GO!!!!
    Oh, and everyone that is using those terms as insults… you are on a celebrity gossip website. Take a quick look in the mirror. You see that face staring back at you? Its the face of a gay man.

  39. Driller

    Can I fuck you Frank Rizzo? Do you enjoy it up the ass? It sure seems like it…b/c you are on this site as well, I would definitely drill my full 13 inches deep inside you

  40. Peeny tang


  41. Emma

    my pussy thanks you fish.

  42. Peeny tang


  43. Joseph

    would have maybe looked better with some costume on like ass less chaps. But these will do

  44. pedo

    is he underage?

  45. Michael

    Strange that he would do that.


  46. Ballz

    #100 gets to meet Levi’s Johnston

  47. ballz

    #100 gets to meat Levi’s Johnston

  48. Sandy

    I would like him smack my ass and call me sally.

  49. Eun Young Tao Fuk Wang

    very nice foto will share to friend (^_^)

    ~*Eun Young Tao Fuk Wang*~

  50. #100

    I win!

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