Levi Johnston in Playgirl

November 21st, 2009 // 257 Comments

Here’s the much-ballyhooed but penis-less Levi Johnston Playgirl.com shoot that made its way online today. Normally I don’t post on Saturdays, but after the veritable tit barrage yesterday, I figured the least I could do is give the man-hungry demographic a little love. Now that that’s out of the way, can someone explain to me why Levi Johnston is using his own hands to cover his genitals or am I the only one with a chorus of tiny angels that does that for me? “ALLELUIA!” Hey, knock it off. I didn’t say the magic word yet, and we’re nowhere near the front window at Starbuc- Whoa, look at that chick. “ALLELUIA! ALLELUIA! ALLELUIA-ALLEUIA!”

UPDATE: Photos removed by request but you can still see them at Playgirl.com.

Photos: Playgirl

  1. Wilma Dikfit

    So very gay.

  2. stupidpeoplesuck


    I seriously can’t believe they put his sorry ass in Playgirl. I know Playboy no longer has any class, but I was hoping Playgirl at least did. Guess not.

  3. WTF


    Gay? How, exactly?

    He’s in a magazine designed for women, ya dipshit.

  4. Bobo

    Designed for women??? You can “design” it for women all you want, but I promise you 95% of the people who check out Playgirl are gay men.

  5. Tucker Jay


  6. Dingbat

    The poses are definitely those used in photos aimed at gay men. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that…) Levi is a tasty young thing, for sure, but in these pictures his expression ranges from nervous to shy. Where’s the sexy twinkle in his eyes? The self-confident swagger?

  7. WTF

    Thank U 1 and 4, I knew it wasn’t jus me. These pics jus scream ‘I LOVE PENIS’. Whether, he’s truly gay or not doesn’t matter, Personally I think him, bangin Palin’s slutty ass butterface daughter qualifies him as a gay in my book. lol

  8. naomi diaz

    im straight..but i really do not see this sexy @ all…

  9. tammyotool

    This is FAR from sexy lol….When I saw it I laughed actually lol

  10. Freber

    Hmmm…. He’s a moderately attractive kid who got a famous lady’s daughter knocked up. I’m not feeling it, personally. Not a fan of Palin, but I’m not sure he should be getting all this publicity for basically being a screw up either.

  11. wildelk27

    Freakin’ hilarious! So do you think he knows that this magazine primarily targets gay men?

  12. Token Straight Girl

    I am lovin’ the pix!! I really am going to have to subscribe to playgirl…for the uhh…articles…

  13. Yeah, uh huh. That's right.

    Media whole.

  14. Lila

    Those of you who are saying this ISN’T hot are the same people who think Megan Fox IS hot. You all fail.

    This boy… Is HOT! Great eyes, Great lips. Great body – not so muscular that you want to throw up…

    I’d TOTALLY Eff him!!

  15. Yeah, uh huh. That's right. II

    Correction: Media w-h-o-r-e.

  16. chick


  17. porchmonkey

    Only gay men look at playgirl

  18. Mandy

    This is retarded–I see hotter guys than this on the subway… Who the hell cares about Penis-face Johnston?

  19. Randommolecules


    Just come out and say it already. Lila, you are Levi Johnston himself! HA! I gotcha! Just kidding. Glad this boy works for you, you might be the first I heard.

  20. NL

    Damn, these are terrible!!!

    Where is the manly sexiness? Where is the masculine confidence? Hello, I don’t need to see a sissy boy in my Playgirl magazine! OUT!!!!

  21. Female

    I am totally going to pleasure myself to these later and I am a girl.

  22. Hank

    What a fag. Playgirl is for homos!

  23. NL

    I may consider to take his a-n-a-l virginity with a strap-on tho.

  24. Spungioli Fagotini

    First off, WHO is He? and why is He covering up his nips in that first pic??

  25. Liza

    I mean he isn’t bad obviously not perfect…but I do get turned on by men and he is no exception…I could totally picture myself doing naughty things to him

  26. Alex

    Women aren’t as visually turned on as men. And, also, men are really not much to look at compared to women. That’s why they have to be good intelligent and hard workers and good providers and such.

  27. Tell the truth

    You people can’t lie I know for a fact that if he asked you you would hit it without question..he is better then what any of you could ever dream of having

  28. Jen

    he definitely looks like he’s posing for a gay men’s magazine but, I’d still fuck the shit out of his country ass.

  29. Rina

    HOT!!! This is definitely going to generate A LOT of comments and page views for you fishy!!

  30. Jibbly Biggins

    Not hot at all. I think he looks shy and uncomfortable. No aura of sexiness.

    Why this media whore chose to put himself in a jack off magazine for gay men in order to scandalize the Palin family is beyond me. Even most rednecks aren’t that low.


  31. angryface

    Are you kidding with thess pics. You are going to have to make it up to the girls, with a real man. This kid is fugly. Thanks for nothing.

  32. George

    I want his cock inside me!! I wanna suck his dick like right now!!

  33. SO HOT.

    I wish I was bent over in that shower with Mr. Johnston behind me. Shiiiiiiit.

  34. Like peen almost as much as pussy but this is strictly “meh” at best. Too much back fat for a 19 year old. No self respecting queer is going to hit this without a bump and a few shots of Kettle one.

  35. edtatem


  36. edtatem




  38. we love beautiful men

    Men have the ability to look better then women, they look good naturally, no make up necessary…they just seem to not care and think that women don’t care. When men actually try WOW they look HOT I can drip instantly

    I want men to look good and so do most women, we obviously are more likely to fuck a better looking man

  39. Johnny

    I would POUND that six week to Sunday.

  40. the Fapper


  41. Greg

    Beautiful man…I really like him, there is just something about him, like we could totally be friends but I can also fuck him

  42. suzie

    I agree I want to see the cock

  43. Joan

    men like this are just for sex…men in general are just sex objects to me, little things to play with and to give me pleasure…I LOVE MEN!!

  44. apropo

    The out-takes with the Moose were better.

  45. tahnee

    who the fuck is this?

  46. froufrou

    Lol Fish you are a joker. Hilarious that this guy actually posed for Playgirl and to top it off the pics arent even sexy, at least in my persective, and a straight girl at that. Something about that towel that doesnt leave much to the imagination, bc it seems like not much is there. Hopefully though you can slide in little bits of man pieces here more often, whenever you are inspired with captions :)

  47. Sarah Palin


  48. Sarah Palin


  49. Sarah Palin


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