Levi Johnston poses shirtless for GQ

May 31st, 2009 // 80 Comments

Here’s Levi Johnston, the kid who knocked up Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol just in time for her vice-presidential nomination, posing shirtless for GQ with baby Tripp. While the article was an interesting read, I don’t know what to make of these photos except I’m pretty sure allowing your infant son to appear naked in a widely-circulated men’s magazine probably won’t ease the Palin’s visitation restrictions. Then again, he did pose with a gun, so we’ll call this one a wash.

Photos: GQ

  1. Shoe

    Looks awfully Kennedy esque if you ask me. Are they grooming these two?

  2. Shoe

    Looks awfully Kennedy esque if you ask me. Are they grooming these two?

  3. It's Me Fuckers

    why the fuck would they take full frontal nude pictures of the baby? Jesus Christ these people are fucking idiots.

  4. Alli Watermelon

    Oh no, a naked baby *gasp*. Let me guess, someone will eventually contact child protection services.

  5. ToRiMiLi

    if people are going to post the stupid “first” comment, at least spell it correctly!

  6. observant

    Golly, from the bulge at his tummy, it appears that Levi just had a baby. hmmm

  7. Gerald

    Exactly. Who are these idiots anyway? They probably spend hours refreshing their browsers to comment first. Nice life, losers!

  8. chainsaww

    @ 6: Maybe the #1 is sending a message to former Tennessee Senator Bill Frist.

  9. @8, @9: how did you know ?

  10. Danklin24

    Why would you post this or think anyone gives a shit?

  11. Shawn

    Slow day, huh?

    I do suppose the ladies need some eye candy, too, every now and then.

  12. Otto Matic

    He knocks out 3 amendments in one: Right to bear arms, right to be bare & the right to hunt bear. Awesome!

  13. amy

    How sick. If I was bristol palin id beat the shit out of this douche…its kiddie porn. Sick.

  14. amy

    How sick. If I was bristol palin id beat the shit out of this douche…its kiddie porn. Sick.

  15. Kathleen

    Well, he’s not ugly

  16. Shawn

    Strange how people who visit a website full of nipple and ass are freaked out by a baby’s dick.

  17. lina

    If this were a shitless mom with a naked baby this would be pornography!

    Why is it OK to post a pic of a baby penis?

  18. Ananana

    I wish it was the daddy with the full frontal pics…

  19. Cash

    What is with you fruitcakes in the lower 48, and your fascination with this fucking moron and his baby mama? Palin is a moron who won’t be getting a second term as Governor here, so would you please get over her and anything related to her, so we can stop being embarrassed?

  20. Heather

    Do you retards really think Levi Johnson came up with the idea for the photo shoot? If anyone is the perv, it’s the photographer. I’m surprised they’re not both naked together.

  21. YOU IDIOT!!
    (ever heard of paedophilia?)

  22. This is a very angelic pic of a father and son, people who are bringing other than innocence into this should have their heads examine…

  23. Alli Watermelon

    How is this KIDDIE PORN? Have you guys never seen a child’s penis before? He’s changing the baby’s diaper for Christ’s sakes. If some of YOU are uncomfortable by these pictures, maybe it’s because YOU are the one with the sick mind. There is nothing sexual about this picture to consider it fucking kiddie porn. People like you are the reasons mothers can’t even take pictures of their children playing in the bathtub anymore without being contacted by child protection services. GROW UP!!!

  24. victoria

    #15 and #18- Death by firing squad would be an appropriate punishment for posting such moronic comments.

  25. Danklin

    A naked baby isnt kiddy porn you stupid fuck

  26. Danklin

    I do have to wonder though, do the people calling this kiddie porn get all offended when your sister’s or cousins 2 year old runs around the house without any clothes on? I have a 3 year old cousin that is constantly just stripping off her cothes because she doesnt know any better and she want to put a new outfit on. Should i call child protection services on my cousin?

  27. fart

    haha it’s like a pea. probably just like his daddys

  28. cherry

    Its a baby having its nappy (daiper to Americans) changed. How is that sick?

  29. Darth

    Awww! Isn’t that cute?

  30. Sauron

    This baby could become a real warrior! Does it eat enough raw meat and blood-soup?

  31. Galtacticus

    I remember when i shot my first deer when i was 2 years old! When i was three i killed bare-handed my first Siberian tiger!

  32. SoTe

    Jesus America!! What a bunch of idiots! It’s just a naked baby, he was born naked and there’s nothing sexual about it. You make it that way. Ugh.
    @21 it would be completely natural for both of them to be naked together, you should teach your kids not to feel uncomfortable with the human body, is the most natural thing there is. Americans are so funny, they rate a movie PG17 because it shows a tit but a 13 year old can easily have access to tons of violence. Oh yeah.. that’s the way to go… then u are outraged when a kid shoots his school mates, maybe he wouldn’t do that if he wasn’t sexually frustrated and had been able to see a boob!

  33. His Huge Greatness Himself

    @32 He killed one of the three left! Thanks,we’re really proud on you!

  34. Tiff

    HAHAHA @ 33 .

  35. oh noez

    LOL at the kiddie porn comments.

    oooo yah. Thank God the supposed Europeans are in the thread to give the whole U.S. self righteous advice!!!!!!

    What, do the same 15 people just comment over and over?

    The whole First/Frist thing is just a stupid joke. it’s just something to do when you see you’ve actually got the 1′st comment. It’s meant to annoy the shit out of you.

  36. Fruit Snack

    Some people are into bestiality #22, does that mean you writhe every time you see a picture of a dog’s ass?

    It’s a naked baby it’s completely natural and there’s nothing disgusting or horrifying about it. Those pictures aren’t sexual, they are NOT pornographic, suggestive, or exploitative. Grow UP.

    # 33, get off your fucking high horse and quit pretending there aren’t murderers perverts and prudes where ever the fuck YOU live too. Way to fit into the whole Stereo-type spewing self-righteous Euro trash cliche, man.

    If i were a teenager in Wasilla, i’d have fucked him too, dude’s pretty sexy…. when his mouth is shut.

  37. damn

    he is hotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!! do more male posts…it will keep the ladies coming……

  38. ToRiMiLi

    @ #9, then I stand corrected :). (“First” comments are still stupid)

  39. mikeock

    he’d be a redneck if the sun ever shone in fucking Alaska. What do they call them up there? Whitenecks?

  40. cheezy_poof

    HAHAA how is that kiddie porn? Did you pop up or something? It is a BABY and he is getting his diaper changed. Yes I suppose for the Christian right he could have put a cloth over the babies genitals but umm it is a BABY. Grow up and stop making everything dirty. Kids are not allowed to be kids and now babies can’t be naked? What next a burqua?

  41. duncan

    Its not child porn. babies are naked all the time in situations like that and it doesnt make it porn just because its photographed.
    fuck you americans are retarded

  42. fff

    I’d let him impregnate me, too.
    Rawr. ;)

  43. Derp

    Oh great, kiddie porn. I hope I don’t get vanned because of this, Superfish.

  44. Is the girl in the truck the one he’s fucking this week?

  45. Sherry

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  46. lexxxxo

    what assclown really thinks a naked baby is sexual? maybe you should get your head examined seeing as how you even think the word sexual about a baby penis. have you ever been in public?

  47. Jenna

    He’s pretty hot. For someone who is probably dumb as bricks.

  48. beep beep

    If it had been Jenna Jameson in the pictures, she’d be sucking the baby’s dick.

  49. aprilstp

    Too bad Bristol and Levi won’t get back together. They make a such good looking couple, like her parents. But mostly it’s a shame for little Tripp. God bless him.

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