Hey, let’s whore out Miley Cyrus for Sex and the City. Because that’s not at all f-cked up.

October 18th, 2009 // 92 Comments

Nice to see Warner Bros. finally figured out how to entice 10-year-old girls into watching four cougars drunkenly bang their way through Manhattan. I mean, let’s face it, those kids would’ve just spent that ticket money on candy, so clearly this was the logical move provided you ignore the fact we don’t live in a Bizarro Pedophile Wonderland where rednecks dictate social mores. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go console the Baby Jesus because that kid is wailing. “Shh… shh… You can’t go to jail for looking, little man.. shh… shh.. it’s alright…”

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  1. omg

    this hillbilly is going to turn out so much worse than britney spears & i personally cannot wait to watch the trainwreck.

  2. Rhialto

    To be honest i haven’t seen ‘Sex and the City’ for years.But Calista Flockhart on the right seems to be aging nicely.

  3. Darth

    Those few pounds extra looks a lot better on ‘Ally McBeal’!

  4. So Right

    OMG, you are funniest person on the planet! Sick, but funny ;)

  5. Kim Katrall is infinitely hotter than Cyrus. Proof Daddy can’t buy sex appeal…

  6. AC

    I can guarantee the losers hating on Miley are much fatter and uglier than she is.

  7. Mercan

    I don’t which is worse, America’s hyperventilating insanity regarding “protecting” physically mature young adults from themselves, or America’s obsessive lust over hypersexualized kids. Which is it guys? Do we want to keep them kids forever or fuck them? I’m confused.

  8. Aerialgreen

    @57: as opposed to the fitness heroes and healthy pedos that support her? ha!

    Can’t hate or cheer for her, she is just Disney’s designated cock-holder of the current teen/pre-teen generation, she might have everything in a silver platter now, but in exchange she is also being fed all kinds of BS and given a false sense of entitlement, she is nothing without a media empire backing her up…. she can fade with a resemblance of dignity in a few, so there.

  9. Turkey Waddle

    She’s a pretty girl but what’s up with her teeth? She’s has that Steve Buscemi thing going on…

    I could also go the rest of my life without having to hear “Party in the USA” again lol.

  10. LordAtama

    You can take the slut out of Appalachia, but you can’t take Appalachia out of the slut.

  11. @57. Nope, I am 100% hotter, taller, and more refined than Miley, and yes, I have proof. I am 100% less rich, however.

  12. negative creep

    you guys crack me up, always saying this one’s too ugly or that one’s too fat or the other is too flat. if any of the chicks on this site was on her hands and knees on your bed, you’d hit it. don’t kid yourself.

  13. LordAtama

    Are you insane? Not Sarah Jessica Parker. Well, maybe I’d try to frighten her away with a pillow. So I guess that counts as “hitting.”

  14. dontlooknow

    Holy shit! The kid’s jugs are bigger than Kim’s!!

  15. Change

    I guess Miley would be hot if not for her pumpkinhead, weird eyes, messed up nose and truly deformed mouth.

  16. Mickey

    Miley has nice legs, nice ass, a fantastic figure, gorgeous smile, beautiful eyes, smells like a freshly-cut lawn and has skin as smooth as a peach with only half the amount of fuzz. What’s not to like? Especially if you’re deaf and don’t have to listen to her whiny little voice singing those fucking stupid songs

  17. Mama Pinkus

    Not a Miley fan but she appears to simply be having some campy fun

  18. missywissy

    41- right on.

    Everything seems to be going to hell in a handbasket. Miley Cyrus’ career seems like a metaphor of everything else that’s fucked up around us that’s created by government, media, and hollywood. Superficial puts a little bowtie on it by using “baby jesus”. Sometimes I think the writer of this site is the reincarnated Roman soldier that stuck the spear in Jesus while he was already dead on the cross.

  19. Mia

    Her smile is extremely scary, and what’s with the necklace?

  20. poor miley…. :(

  21. Donovan

    i know one thing for sure.

    i would love to fuck the hell out of this sexy bitch. I want to fuck her tight wet pussy all night long

  22. She is sexy too ready for sex stuffs.
    Well its a great appeal for sex.

  23. Barbara Sanabria

    She does not look like a whore so stop it! She looks very beautiful and besides she’s not a baby anymore so come on.

  24. Lisa

    She doesn’t look any different than any of the other scantily-clad, heavily made up, and egocentric 16 year-olds in America.

  25. Gen

    She looks like a hooker in those clothes :/

  26. ang

    I can’t believe she’s only 16. She acts too slutty for her age.

  27. poop

    Miley told me she wants to trick or treat with me this year. i said i was afraid she was going to rape me…what should i do?

  28. mileylover

    I LOVE MILEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F U. btw- im a les

  29. mileylover

    I LOVE MILEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F U. btw- im a les

  30. mileylover

    I LOVE MILEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F U. btw- im a les

  31. mileylover

    I LOVE MILEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F U. btw- im a les

  32. mileylover

    I LOVE MILEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F U. btw- im a les

  33. dallas-ray

    ….wow….she’s making her shorts shorter, having sujestive dance moves on stage and in her video…and now she’s going to be in sex and the city… just lovely… she’s acting like a cat in heat. Its like she’s trying to prove that she can appeal to an older audience.

  34. Jen

    Isn’t she a little young for that show? and movie?

  35. Michael Jackson

    “to 78. comment”

    tell her no u wont go trick or treat with her. and if she tries to attack you ‘do the following……’

    -reach in pocket
    -pull pepper-spray out
    -get a farely well stance

    trust me! it works…i did the same thing with Spears

  36. Gg

    Miley Cyrus is definitely a hit it and quit it case. She’s pretty hot (in that hill billy in denial sort of way,) but shhheeeeeet her voice and over all personality makes me wanna hold a plastic bag over her face!

  37. You would think she’d do this movie when she’s 18…but she’s not 18 yet. i guess she’s trying to shift out of kid mode early. maybe so she can secure a role in sex and the city 3 by making a cameo in this one.

  38. tracy
    Commented on this photo:

    eeemmmm another lesbian encounter for miley? i hope so

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