Hey, let’s whore out Miley Cyrus for Sex and the City. Because that’s not at all f-cked up.

October 18th, 2009 // 92 Comments

Nice to see Warner Bros. finally figured out how to entice 10-year-old girls into watching four cougars drunkenly bang their way through Manhattan. I mean, let’s face it, those kids would’ve just spent that ticket money on candy, so clearly this was the logical move provided you ignore the fact we don’t live in a Bizarro Pedophile Wonderland where rednecks dictate social mores. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go console the Baby Jesus because that kid is wailing. “Shh… shh… You can’t go to jail for looking, little man.. shh… shh.. it’s alright…”

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  1. lisa

    love it hahaha

  2. elena

    those gloves are killing me..
    although her boobs look pretty nice

  3. noodle

    what a fucking dog! really! i dont get the appeal.

  4. Stupid necklace

    That is the stupidest necklace I’ve ever seen.

  5. Dave

    How long before this one actually becomes semi attractive?

  6. rita

    her teeth freak me out

  7. name it for christ sake

    picture 12, that is the face expression when Gaston pop her cherry. and that Necklace is retarded.

  8. Ariella

    kim cattral’s definitely hotter

  9. Aerialgreen

    @8: *high fives*

    Well, at least it’s not her daily Disney CEO pearl necklace on her…

  10. Someone.else

    spiked necklace..its sex and the city not an episode at an S&M shop.. she must have used this an excuse to whore out..cleavge spilling spiked necklace leather clad gloves.. i wonder when her life becomes less news worthy..by this rate if she popped a baby by tomorrow i will not b shocked at all

  11. Superfluous

    The contrast between young and old: poignant bordering on horrifying. I am very nearly crying as I type this. This should be a good week.

  12. Nameless


  13. AMO

    I thought Miley Cyrus was a singer… When did she become a hooker?

  14. clpierced

    Miley is pretty cool i must say. She is making bank while still fuckin around. i love it :) buttt wtf miley? what the hell is up with the necklace? gross. and the sex and the city ladies are cool, but too old. hang out with brit :)

  15. the assman would hit it

  16. topher

    those are seriously the ugliest dresses

  17. titsonsnack

    Hannah Montana has a fat round face and gross teeth. And her dad sang Achey Breaky Heart. And I just saw a commercial with vacuums shaped like people.

  18. Gerald_Tarrant

    That’s what I love about high school girls, I keep getting older and they stay the same age.

  19. PeteandRepeat

    16 or not i’d fuck the shit out of that chick.

  20. renee

    papa billy ray is still gets the checks im guessing……..so this is “a good move” ugh…….years to come should be a hoot with this whole train wreak in the making………the downward spiral….jon and kate had their moment………someone has to take the spotlight now…….LOL

  21. PeteandRepeat

    I dont see whats so wrong with her teeth. She’s hot.

  22. Sport

    Shit she looks pretty hot here. I would fuck her during recess.

  23. Turd the third

    That should really help her Disney career…..I think 40 years down the road (if she makes it that far) she will look back with lots of regrets, right now she is just too caught up in it all to realize how much of a dumb cunt she is becoming..

  24. she is not even semi attractive

    one word: FUG

  25. Calm down Yanks, how is what she’s doing even slightly sexually suggestive or wrong? Fucking uptight cunts.

  26. Willie Dixon


    In America, we like to think we have this thing against putting children in sexually suggestive situations (look to children beauty pageants to counter this). A minor is below the age of 18 here. For example, having a pop-star such as Cyrus (who is still considered a minor for another month by law) promote an adult program called “Sex in the City” – especially with her supposed Christian, wholesome PR campaign which is a huge a deciding factor for parents to buy her shitty music , DVDs, and concert tickets – is considered inappropriate and sexualizing a minor which you seem to be cool with. To add to the irony, this is the same family that blamed Annie Liebowitz for “suggesting” to take off her top for a magazine cover even though it’s obvious that her father, a self-proclaimed good ol’ boy God lovin’ mother fucker has “allowed” her to do much worse (see stripper pole performance some where on this site).

    So that, my sway-toothed, limey friend, is why some in our country has it’s pants in a bunch over this. Well, actually, we inherited our “morals” from the Quakers (aka Religious nut jobs from Britain) who first settled this country.

  27. lola

    Completely inappropriate. She does look really cute though

  28. McLovin

    Didn’t Cattrall whore herself out about the same age in “Porky”s” the movie?

  29. anna

    Inappropriate or appropriate be damned, I’m watching someone jump a shark with a jet ski right now. Wow, look at it go……

  30. Naomi

    this makes me so angry that she’s in the movie… its like she;s gotta be everywhere… do they think the movie will not be succesful without her? omg they mine as well make a reference to twilight too. Thanks for ruining the movie miley… ughhh

  31. M

    Miley is the fugliest person alive.

  32. Amber

    She looks like she wants to eat you in picture #1, LOL! Her mommy or her daddy need to lock her up, too bad they are more concerened about the money she is making for them.

  33. Surrealcirce

    Well I certainly won’t be getting any sleep tonight thinking SJP and Miley might be in a sex scene together on the big screen. Also, I wouldn’t share a toilet with this lil’ Christian Belle for love or money. I’m quite certain her STD’s will eventually make Paris Hilton’s seem mild by comparison. That fucked-up piece of Hillbilly shit father of hers should be castrated, too, for a) bringing her into the world and/or b) doing the Good Lord only knows what to her at night. Does this person even have a mother? Where the fuck is the dumb cunt? I can certainly image what she must look like: “Aging Siliconed Hillbilly White Trash . . . at the Ritz”!

  34. SuGarDadKiss

    Seeking your sexy partner ON ===SuGarBaByMeeT.CoM==

  35. SBK

    I think the far more disturbing thing than Miley Cyrus, a 16 year old acting like a 20 year old, is Kim Catrall, a 50+ year old acting like a 16 year old school chum of Miley Cyrus.

  36. haha

    LMAO at all the jealous people in this thread…wow get over your jealously. That girl looks pretty good for a 16 year old. When she turns 18 and then 21 look out. Funny that 98% of the people saying she isn’t good looking at ugly as hell. You wouldn’t have to bother making a post about this if you weren’t. Sad people…sad.

  37. shimmy

    Now that’s one fug face that only daddy would love.

  38. O'Roughly factor

    lol @ KC in awe of those vigorous collagen being wasted on MC…

  39. I believe it

    Yeah blame it all on the christians Fish. Always something idiotic to say about Baby Jesus. Who runs the fucking perverted media? The ugly fucks who love to corrupt for a buck. Like their protoge Howard Stern, they know that shock value will sell. Make FIAT!!!!! Capitalism is all about legalizing crime for profit. War, prostitution, you name it.
    Someone don’t forget to flush the fucking toilet please.

  40. No Return

    #38 It has less to do with jealousy, and more to do with inappropriateness…she is a minor and promoting Sex and the City? Clearly you don’t have enough brain cells to read posts properly.

  41. Oh dear.

    Row 4 of photos; I am blinded by the awkward.

  42. Raped

    As a white man I am offended that the crooks can stoop this low. This is almost rape of a minor.

  43. loverkater

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  44. THe King

    lol @ 17

  45. gdj

    damn i’d hate to be a parent now. it’s either this shit for a girl or emo-crap-rock for boys.

  46. PRM

    Kim is a pile of irrelevant surgery. Oh–and she’s ugly.

  47. freebie

    Well, that’s one movie my tweens aren’t going to go see. Neither am I and I love Sex in the City, but its not appropriate for minors. Come on parents, if we let our kids watch this tween celebrity, we’re just fueling the fires. What’s happening with this country?

  48. dxmanners

    The skank of skanks. Nice parenting.

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