Let’s Focus on One Good Thing About The Baywatch Movie

People are losing their goddamn minds because Kathy Griffin did a photoshoot where she holds up Donald Trump’s severed head. Personally, I think they could have spent a little more on making the head not look like a six year old’s paper mache project. [TMZ]

Tiger Woods may have gotten busted taking a Vicodin nap this past weekend, but Lindsey Vonn is reminding everyone how much of an idiot he was in the first place for cheating on the most gorgeous woman on the planet. [US Weekly]

FACT: You can get rich off of having Shia LeBeouf call you a “racist bitch” in a bowling alley. [Dlisted]

Jerry O’Connell doesn’t want to talk to his twin daughters about sex… obviously. [PageSix]

Miranda Kerr got married to a super rich dude and sang to him at their wedding because he can afford that kind of stuff. [TMZ]

This is cool, Rooney Mara and Juaquin Phoenix are dating now and unless Casey Affleck is hanging around filming them constantly, I think it’s for real. [CeleBitchy]

I’m not sure if I’m behind the Jagged Little Pill musical… Wouldn’t it be cool to just like, expose the original work to a new generation and maybe come up with some new artistic concepts to make money? Idk. [LaineyGossip]