Being Judd Apatow’s Wife Doesn’t Look Awkward At All

July 21st, 2011 // 42 Comments

“No, really. He said, ‘Jason, stare directly into my wife’s camel toe,’ and, well, he’s the director…”

Here’s Jason Segel and Leslie Mann, Judd Apatow‘s wife for those of you wondering why she’s in all his movies, filming This is 40, the sequel to Knocked Up featuring the married couple who bitched at each other through the entire movie because I guess people wanted more of that. Anyway, Megan Fox is also apparently in it, so let’s assume she’s Paul Rudd’s character’s love interest while Leslie’s character pines over Jason Segel because this time there are two unrealistic romances which even if you combine them together, doesn’t equal the uncanny valley of Seth Rogen banging Katherine Heigl. I had an easier time believing Green Lantern was real. “Did you see that magic ring? Totally science-based.”

Photo: Bauer-Griffn, Fame, Flynet


  1. what?

    who are these people?

  2. Leslie Mann Jason Segel This Is 40
    Richard McBeef
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  3. Leslie Mann Jason Segel This Is 40
    Richard McBeef
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    new yoga style: dog pissing on fire hydrant

  4. thundercatsHO-OH

    Let’s get some fuckin Frrreeench toast!

  5. It’s the Kama Sutra of comedy! I’m laughing. I’m masturbating. I’m laughing. I’m giving myself an accidental open-mouthed facial from guffawing so heartily. That Judd Apatow!

  6. wonder how many people megan fox will fuck on the set this time

  7. Is she exercising on the lid of a Weber grill? That *is* awkward.

    • Vivian

      I had to look up the webber grill images and then I was like oooooh now I get it.
      Now, if you seriously think that’s a webber grill lid, look up Bosu Ball images.

  8. Leslie Mann Jason Segel This Is 40
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  9. Leslie Mann Jason Segel This Is 40
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    I knew girls can do other things while having sex. interesting to see her giving oral sex while she is about to pee.

  10. Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann the new JLo and Mark Anthony in 3…2…

    • Brooke

      What? No way. She needs him, he puts her in all his movies. He needs her because she’s hot AND funny, which is a rare quality in women but it makes this a mutually beneficial relationship.

      Marc Anthony needed JLo because she’s hot and gives good spankings. She.. needed to give good spankings? That relationship never made too much sense.

  11. Deacon Jones

    So a bunch of Jews nitpicking over something?

    Well shit, I’ll save my $11 dollars and go to the supermarket.

  12. DrunkRussian

    Leslie Mann is hot as hell. I’d bust a nut in that tiny ass any chance I got.

  13. horny man

    I would eat out her asshole all day long.

  14. cc

    Word to the wise (woman)…one of the trainers at my gym wears exactly these kinds of pants. When you see her walking around the gym, several things are immediately apparent; she doesn’t wear underwear when she works out, she shaves her vagina, her inner labia protrude distinctively beyond her exterior labia.

    In short, unless you want people to know A LOT about your personal grooming and anatomy, wear something underneath these.

  15. ktulu

    so thats why this screeching bitch is all his movies fuck

  16. blah

    Paul Rudd is WAY too hot and awesome for that plastic skank Megan Fox. So yes, that is a very unrealistic couple.

    • Brooke

      I would be sad if she got him, too : ( I’m hoping she’s the babysitter and tries to get with him but he in the end chooses his wife because it’s love and bubbles and happy things that monogamy and babies bring.

      Megan Fox needs to go away, get acting lessons, lay off the plastic surgery, and let us forget about her before she tries again in another five years.

  17. Hugh Gentry

    want some fucking french toast.

  18. Leslie Mann Jason Segel This Is 40
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    She’d come in first in a “Hot Body/Grandma Face” contest.

  19. the captain

    these women look european.
    in the same place?

  20. Leslie Mann Jason Segel This Is 40
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    i would DEFINITELY want to do that with jason segel. he is unbelievable.

  21. Brooke

    I fucking love Knocked Up. I don’t care if there’s no way a hot chick would hook up with Seth Rogen, I love that movie, and actually it’s Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann that I enjoy the most. I wanted to have Paul Rudd’s babies after that movie. Too bad most of his movies are pretty awful ;_; I’m all for this movie, I think he and Leslie Mann had a nice on-screen comic chemistry together.

    The only thing that bothers me about some of Judd Apatow’s movies is how it is clear some scenes just don’t have scripts, and the actors and director are all friends and can’t tell each other “that’s not actually funny”, or it’s only funny to them BECAUSE they are friends. Steve Carell was NOT funny in 40-Year-Old Virgin, but everyone else was.

  22. jaygee

    Okay, so everyone on earth has noticed that Judd Apatow movies are unrealistic. Katherine Heigl would never get with Seth Rogen, Jason Segel would never get with Leslie Mann, Paul Rudd would never get with Leslie Mann, so on, so forth. Here’s the thing: I would fuck everyone in Judd Apatow’s posse, especially Jason Segel (excluding Jonah Hill… maybe now that he’s lost weight, but I’d say Superbad was by far the most unrealistic of Judd’s movies. That’s not to say it’s bad, by any stretch of the imagination). Plus, it takes a LOT to win over a good chunk of America AND people like Roger Ebert and David Denby (the film critic for the New Yorker). Sure, maybe you guys can’t get past the fact that it’s a fantasy in a lot of ways. But Apatow movies are funny as fuck and they’re actually pretty well written. And Judd Apatow married Leslie Mann after casting her in “Freaks and Geeks,” so he liked her as an actress before he started doing her, and she liked him before he started putting her in all his movies. He writes about unrealistic shit like that because that’s his LIFE.

  23. Leslie Mann Jason Segel This Is 40
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    Leslie is the hottest milf i’ve seen in my life

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