Leryn Franco: People like her

August 20th, 2008 // 147 Comments

I’ve gotten a ton of e-mails asking me to post about Paraguayan Olympic javelin thrower Leryn Franco. So, to honor the Olympic spirit of unity and sportsmanship, I’ve scrounged up some bikini pics of Leryn. I’m a beacon of inspiration. In the meantime, why do I get the feeling there’s a penis joke waiting to be made here? Let’s see, javelin, penis. Penis, javelin… Nope, don’t see it. False alarm, everybody.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Sports Fan

    Never licked a cunt, Deacon, but I do think that only women with not much else to offer would pose for pictures like this. I guess her being one of the worst at the Olympics explains a lot.

  2. greo

    She looks like every other younger maid getting off the bus in my neighborhood as I leave in the morning for real work. Get cleaning, mamacita, and stop using my long distance to call home. They sell cards for those at the 7-11

  3. Dracuula

    103 FUCKERS what up no biatches

  4. Dracuula

    103 FUCKERS what up now biatches

  5. Bob White

    Now thats a fine woman….lovely artistic photos.

    Richromances dude must have the night off….

  6. there is one litlle thing:

  7. you pizza faced losers

    Look at all of the pizza-faced losers pretending that she isn’t attractive, as if they had a chance of getting laid by anything other than a blowup doll

  8. Bigups for obtaining all these pics of the gorgeous Leryn Franco. Been a fan since the Olympics began. Doesn’t matter whether she medaled, Da Man as a rule cheers on whatever babe is the hottest athlete. It’s the only sound policy.

    PS: Para-guay! Para-guay!

  9. Boner

    She has nice feet you homos. That ass made my balls tingle.

  10. The Ghostlike One

    I am thinking she may be another Alotta Vagina (Salma Hayak) who may “gain a few” after stopping the two a days.

    I think she will be muffin toppin’ after her Maxim/Blender whirlwind US tour…

    Her feet are huge…but she’s 5’9″.

  11. TC

    She’s fat.

    Also, bring back foot binding. It stops the cunt becoming cavernous.

  12. Vineyard

    Enchanting is the word …..a beauty with depth …a rare find indeed….

  13. Jose

    Terrance!, Pleaseee!! grow up foul!! you are not going to buy anything in Paraguay for 189 bucks, not even bitches….FKU! anyway….She is beautifull!!!…don’t be hatersss!!!!

  14. David

    Those feet tell you her vag is big enough to smuggle every one of her cousins into the US.

  15. FootFreak

    Her feet are hot! Feet are the most erotic part of a good looking woman’s body. Lots of guys love sexy feet, girls. I’d give anything to lick and suck on hers!

  16. UK_Matt

    her hands and feet are gonna be kinda bad because of her sport people. Get over it or don’t. Perfection is only an airbrush away.

    She’s a good looking lithe little thing and I’d certainly love to get worked by her. I mean just look at the strength in arse and back, just sit back and enjoy the show.

  17. Alex

    Do all Paraguayans have ape feet? Maybe evolution gave her monster feet to really dig in when throwing spears at her dinner.

  18. guille

    funny gringo coments… this is why the rest of planet hates you…

    …love from PARAGUAY

  19. Get Real

    Bad feet? If she told you to get on your knees and lick her feet clean, 99% of you masterbatory twerps would do it in a minute.

  20. cristian quiroga

    buenas !!
    Ella estudiaba en la misma Universidad a la que fuí …
    y realmente tiene un excelente cuerpo …

    Espero que siga bien !! como asi también las hermosas paraguayas como Lourdes Arevalos, Yanina Gonzalez, etc.

  21. kRWLnG

    Leryn Franco: Apparently people hate her.

  22. Sympatico

    Just like a pretty girl with a crooked nose, you’ll never get past those monstrous feet.

    I’d have sex with her, but make sure the feet stay under the covers – and NEVER been seen walking in public with her.

  23. you pizza-faced losers

    As if any of you pizza-faced losers would have a chance to have sex with her ROFLMAO

  24. MSDD

    What a hot model!She looks like a member of richromances.com where some hollywood celebrities and supermodels are seeking for love. She is on her way to romances now?

  25. bh

    OMG I’ve been finding her everywhere in the net, she is so hot!!!! I need to add her to my site

  26. Hoser

    Is it any wonder the world knows America is on the way down! What a bunch of racist crap from the “trailer trash of the world”

  27. monty

    Well, hello there..
    Secretary! Call off ALL of my afternoon appointments!

  28. Boner

    Word up Hoser. I can’t wait for WW3 when the fat bastards are nuked to oblivion.

  29. Mngwelz

    she was ” Miss Paraguay” on 2007

  30. scooby

    wonderful ass. horrible feet. still fuck her.

  31. Scotty

    See? It wasn’t a hoax…they really did find bigfoot last week!

  32. you pizza-faced losers

    You pizza-faced pedophiles must be used to the tiny feet of little girls

  33. Bob White


    I checked out the pics of the Russian pole vaulter….dude looks like a lady. Oh never mind, it is a lady.

    Looks the transvestite, he/she being who frequents my gym.

  34. hugo

    you gringos “common ground” are more ignorant that all the ignorant on the planet! are disappointing to say when, I hope that common people are alone without culture and education are the ones who write these comments senseless!

  35. Li Xiaozhe

    usa sucks, CHINA RULES!!!!!

  36. debisis

    number 61 must be seriously virginated and highly unattractive ….with a small peen. i mean, ew.

  37. monkey man

    hey, when you bomb us remember that not all americans are white trash gringos. some of us hate those dumb-ass motherfuckers (with three brain cells and the xenophobic capacity of Hitler) as much as you all do. just remember, CHINA, INDIA, and the EU are the new superpowers…so these racist assholes (whose irish, pole, eastern european ancestors used to garden, do maid work, and get shit for it, btw) are just trying to hold on to the feeling that they’re still relevant.

  38. haha

    Fuck You haters if the us is so bad y so many people come to live here…and who won WWII and who invented the computer and the car and all that shit…AMERICANS!!! SO DONT BE SAYIN SHIT CUZ UR COUNTRYS AINT NUTHIN COMPARED TO AMERICA!!!

  39. Ghandi

    @137, you are very funny! India a super power LULZ

  40. On behalf of Camp Idiot’s sockfuckers I’d like to thank you for providing us with excellent TGIF sock substitutes.


  41. Camel Toe

    I think I spy camel toe.

  42. rach

    I’m with JC #66 on this one. I’m Latin and hot! and just started dating my first fellow Latin and he is PERFECTION compared to the many white guys I had before. 5’10″ and 160 lbs of pure muscle and the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. All you white losers suck. Have a great day!

  43. rach

    I’m with JC #66 on this one. I’m Latin and hot! and just started dating my first fellow Latin and he is PERFECTION compared to the many white guys I had before. 5’10″ and 160 lbs of pure muscle and the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. All you white losers suck. Have a great day!

  44. telo


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