Leryn Franco: People like her

August 20th, 2008 // 147 Comments

I’ve gotten a ton of e-mails asking me to post about Paraguayan Olympic javelin thrower Leryn Franco. So, to honor the Olympic spirit of unity and sportsmanship, I’ve scrounged up some bikini pics of Leryn. I’m a beacon of inspiration. In the meantime, why do I get the feeling there’s a penis joke waiting to be made here? Let’s see, javelin, penis. Penis, javelin… Nope, don’t see it. False alarm, everybody.

Photos: Splash News

  1. rayyman

    Those are some big fuckin feet

  2. Deacon Jones


    Shut up, you feminist cunt-licker

  3. Tommy

    MY GOD.


  4. Hatey McWrathenstein

    Methinks the big feet complainers are threatened that her penis is bigger than theirs… and can chuck it 75 yards through them in a line.

  5. rough daddy

    yea i know,,,so she has her own swimming paddles,,,ill bet she can give that kid with the medals a run for his money..

  6. Clamato

    Nice cooter meats!

  7. marge

    What’s the big thing about her feet? She looks pretty thin to me, so probably that’s what’s making her feet look larger.
    And feet aren’t exactly a beautiful asset… I mean, you can take care of them and all… but esentially they’re the most ape-like feature we have. Look at fashion ads… feet are always shown from a side or almost hidden, never clenched like hers.
    Get over it!

  8. wow weeeee

    hottest most beautiful perfect woman ever to grace the superficial.

  9. Confused again

    OK, let’s clear this up – I made the first ‘feet’ reference… as a JOKE! My God, this woman is stunning!

    I know how the regular readers here like to complain about gorgeous women being too fat, or tall, or, I don’t know.. perfect, and out of their league.. so I thought I’d jump start that for you. I was kidding… I’d lick her feet, on my way up.. and then again back down.

    As far as the feminist complaint about why she would bother to pose for pictures when she’s an Olympic athlete… she’s also a MODEL. That’s how she pays the bills. Do you think there’s a lot of MONEY in being a female South American javelin thrower? Just ’cause you’re good at something doesn’t mean it brings revenue. The Good Lord occasionally bestows multiple gifts on special people, and if you’re fortunate enough to make money on one, that’s a bonus. She’s athletically talented AND gorgeous… and she’s making money from one, and gaining notoriety from the other.

    I can relate. I’m a Gold-Medal calibre masturbation artist… but thank God I have my cunnilingus skills to pay the mortgage.

  10. rough daddy

    i just check out her pics on yahoo, shes stunning! how long till she lands in the states, with hair product endorsement…and whos the star going to spear her first….

  11. Sammy

    Nice body, from the ankles up.

    Ape-like face, however. Certainly dumb as a rock.

    But I’d play in her booty for a week, for sure.

    Not much shelf life in her.

  12. Hmmm, is the Superficial writer an O&A fan?

  13. Thunky


    Perfect for a Univision game show where she stands around in a bikini while the contestant rides a donkey while trying to hit pinatas for points.

    When that career plays itself out in 18 months, back to picking coffee beans in Paraguay.

  14. Deacon Jones


    I missed the reference, where was it?

  15. Frederick

    Third world cooter:

    Fun to exploit.
    Fun to ravage.
    Then hit the road….

  16. JC

    All you racist motherfuckers can kiss my latin ass. You pussies wouldnt dare say any of that shit in public… so you vent your frustrations of inadequacy on some website. If your brave enough to post your ignorant, jealous rantings on this website… lets see if you have the balls to post who you really are… name, phone number and address. Pussssieesssss I dare you. Racist motherfuckers bring it on:

    Frederick -65
    Clamato -56
    Dieter -37
    Rush Limbaugh-26
    Alice -1

  17. Tina

    #66. I hope you didn’t take a break from edging my lawn to post that.

  18. NY Ted

    Hey Fish…never mind the javelin babe…try to round up some pics of the Russian babe who broke the woman’s pole vault record….SHE HAS ONE OF THE NICEST BUCKETS I’VE EVER SEEN…!!! Not to mention the long lean muscular legs that she could wrap around your neck like a python….


  19. Ted from LA

    I’d like to see her throw a javelin through Fish’s penis.

  20. Ted from LA

    I heard her feet won silver when her countrymen used them for the rowing competition.

  21. Cynizen

    Nastia and Leryn have great figures, but their faces are definitely below average and outside the golden ratio.

    As far as being horrible and in the Olympics. I am thinking there are not tons of women in Paraguay to compete against. Big fish, little pond.

  22. the truth

    Their faces are below average compared to who? Definitely not the fat ugly American women or the plastic surgery crowd in LA, NY and Miami

  23. Tina

    Here’s the Russian Pole Vaulter for your viewing pleasure.


    I have to agree that Leryn’s face is off – she looks mildly retarded.

  24. RJ

    I love it how losers on this have to resort to commenting on this chick’s feet. Great she has big feet. She’s still find and hotter than any of you.

  25. Keith

    Here feet look like they belong to a platypus.

    She must have some jumbled up chromosomes. Let’s pray she is sterilized.

  26. CIndy Capshaw

    Sad about those FEET. Ruins it, really.

  27. bootlips

    She’s not so great.

  28. Lukester


    Cheap and easy. I’d go a round with her , then kick her to the curb for some high grade white meat with more to offer than a pouty look and 18 family members looking for support.

  29. WTF????

    Okay, who looks at this chick and even notices her feet.? “Oh, I wouldn’t do her, look at her feet”: come one!

    If this chick was in the same room as you clowns (your mommy’s basement)you would probably shudder, shoot your load through your spiderman undies and pass out in a pool of your own drool.

    Yeah, her feet wreck the whole damn package…. PLEASE!

  30. Guay Cur

    #80, I resent that. I moved up to the main house YEARS ago.

    There’s no point commenting on this girl. She’s a cute Australopithecus. We’ll have forgotten her tomorrow. I’m sure she drives all the local boys crazy on her chicken ranch in Paraguay and that she’ll play them all off each other until she tricks one of them into knocking her up, after which she’ll rapidly increase in diameter. Meanwhile she doesn’t even have self-respect to fall back on. The pictures are even cruder than usual by today’s standards — why do we need to see an athlete’s labia majora?

  31. Athletes have the best bodies! She looks amazing

  32. I just bought a queen sized bed, and i think she and I are good on it.

  33. Shut d fuck up u piece of shits!

  34. she is hot! and she is pole pumper!

  35. #14. I’ll take your rejects any day, unless, as I strongly suspect, you’re a complete homo. Every part of Leryn Franco is absolutely smokin’.

    #30. That’s South America, Sasha, my little cheese eating surrender monkey. While it may be “Sud” in French, that language clearly isn’t recognized or respected on this site. That said, you’re right, and keep bashing the cretins. They deserve it, and it’s fun.

    #48. Your suggestion that a woman’s foot size correlates with the diameter of her vagina is potentially offensive, and certainly disputable. I’d like to offer a more probable theory, as the terms “large” and “loose” are relative, perhaps you simply have an incredibly small schlong.

    61. “Ape-like face” and “certainly dumb as a rock”? Leryn Franco’s face is gorgeous. I suspect strongly that eye contact with her would be the highlight of your pathetic existence. As I am “certain” that you have never met her, and equally certain that you don’t speak Spanish, Sammy, there is absolutely no basis for your classification of her intelligence.

    81. “… why do we need to see an athlete’s labia majora?” Well, Gay, I think that I can safely speak for all of the heterosexual males on this site when I say, “Fuck off, fudge packer!” Thank you ‘Fish guy!

  36. Kimberly

    Didn’t this chick place second-to-last at the Olympics?

    Nevertheless, I applaud her for going after a masculine, unpopular sport like javelin-throwing.

  37. Donna

    Ok, her feet are a bit freakishly out of proportion and frightening, but any man should seriously be able to look past her feet to her hotness. I mean, any dude that would let her feet stop them from hittin it, is totally gay.

  38. Scoring CoOmmittee

    #81 for the win.

  39. swenhold

    I’d have to concur with the ape-like face comment. She’s looks like some of the girls on the short yellow bus.

  40. cinnamon

    Um, dipwads who are calling her feet “huge”, what the fvck do you expect on a tall woman? Of course taller women have bigger feet. What would be freakish is having a size 5 foot on a 5″10 woman. WHat is more common is a big ass foot on a smaller woman. I am 5’9″ and wear a size 8 shoe. I know LOTS of women who are 5’4″ who wear a size 8 foot also. And yeah, the foot from the angle is not very flattering for anyone. I don’t have ugly feet but I never let my foot be seen from that angle and I am sure a lot of other women are aware of this too. A man who cares about the foot though has issues, imo. There are a lot of other, far more relevant body parts to be concerned about.

    And NO, big feet don’t equal loose vaginas. What a dumb twat for thinking that. From what I’ve heard, being overweight will stretch out a woman’s vag, so ladies, keep trim and keep tight!

  41. Big Foot

    The BigFoot discovery wasn’t a hoax after all – she just escaped and joined the Paraguayan javelin team!

  42. ginger

    #91 has a loose vagina. Someone touched a nerve.

  43. Her nickname in the Olympic Village?


  44. And your nickname in your village?


  45. WTF?

    You have the funniest ability to post pictures of unnatractive women (or women who aren’t all that really) in ‘seductive’ photoshots or bikinis claiming they’re some sort of big hotties, and I’m like, WTF?
    And then when you post about the hottest, most gorgeous chicks, you make fun of them and don’t call them hot. Wether you have no fucking taste, or these chicks pay you to post these pictures and throw them compliments or you simply are gay.

  46. monkeyman

    wow. i never knew…so many pitifully ignorant souls trolled the same websites i do. JC, add Tina (66) and Guay Cur (81) to your list of pathetic (white trash? just incredibly asinine and missing too many brain cells?) losers.
    she’s hot. talented. you’re not. deal with it.

  47. B

    Oh god, i love the 3rd picture of her on the couch with a tank top and panties.
    i’m VERY excited right now!!!

  48. Mike Hawk

    her face looks like Elvis after a stellar rail, I vote nope

  49. born2expire

    @ #28 “#8. you cant be in the olympics and be “near terrible” …she’s just not as good as the other olympians.”

    actually you can, you just have to be the “best” from your country, Eddie the Eagle is a prefect example.

    opps edit me, since 1990 there has been a “eddie the eagle rule” which states Olympic hopefuls to compete in international events and place in the top 30 percent or the top 50 competitors, whichever is the lesser.

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