Leryn Franco: People like her

August 20th, 2008 // 147 Comments

I’ve gotten a ton of e-mails asking me to post about Paraguayan Olympic javelin thrower Leryn Franco. So, to honor the Olympic spirit of unity and sportsmanship, I’ve scrounged up some bikini pics of Leryn. I’m a beacon of inspiration. In the meantime, why do I get the feeling there’s a penis joke waiting to be made here? Let’s see, javelin, penis. Penis, javelin… Nope, don’t see it. False alarm, everybody.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Alice

    Best looking hotel maid pictures you posted this week. Thanks!

  2. a

    First fuckers! What up Max?

  3. a

    First fuckers! What up Max?

  4. juls

    she’s stunning I can’t believe she’s a javlin thrower

  5. Jonny S

    God she’s beautiful

  6. Terrence


    I’d like to buy her and all of her sisters for $189 dollars, please.

  7. She does javelin, but apperantly she is near-terrible at it. She scored second to last at Athens and she got 42nd/52ish in Beijing. Good thing she’s beautiful.

  8. Biff

    Hey Terrence, It sucks that I could buy her and her sisters for $189 and I can only buy one of your moms for that much.

  9. Harry

    Female athletes generally have the best bods and the fugliest faces. She and Nastia Liukin are exceptions.

  10. confused

    Did you see the size of those feet?! (pic #5)

    i bet her dick is huge…

  11. Spanky

    She can handle my javelin anytime she wants. I bet she is tasty. I bet she is a dirty, dirty girl who is more than willing to earn her green card the good old fashioned way.

  12. morons

    #1, Alice

    Shut the fuck up you ignorant pig.

  13. dogonabone

    her beauty stops at her ankles …. christ, those are ugly feet.

  14. Spanky

    #14 – Are you kidding me? Picture them like this: Pulled all the way back by her ears. Don’t they look better know??

  15. typical superficial loser

    She looks retarded and is ugly as a pimple on a pig’s ass. Look at the size of her navel. The only thing I’d hit that with is a baseball bat.

  16. 21st century digital boy

    Anyone who gives a fuck about what her feet look like is either A) not a dude or B) not a hetero dude or C) insane.

  17. here it is

    Is this the website where fat white trash cows and skinny dickless nerds insult people who look 100 times better than them? It sure looks like it

  18. Ted Mosby

    So hot. I’d give her the gold if she gave me a blowjob.

  19. sarah

    what? her feet? they like arent even ugly? speaking as a girl whose feet are her worst feature… these are not even ugly feet. my feet are so much uglier. being tall means u have big feet. hers arent even that big, and certainly not ugly. ill post a pic of my feet to show yall what REAL ugly feet look like

  20. sarah

    what? her feet? they like arent even ugly? speaking as a girl whose feet are her worst feature… these are not even ugly feet. my feet are so much uglier. being tall means u have big feet. hers arent even that big, and certainly not ugly. ill post a pic of my feet to show yall what REAL ugly feet look like

  21. gotmilk?

    she certainly likes to sit with her legs spread eagle.

  22. rough daddy

    yea, shes like another anna kornikova hot as hell, but no skills,,,pic # 5 feet a little too big,,,pic # 7 superb rear!!!

  23. Spanky

    #22 – All real women like to sit that way. That way you can see what you are never going to get without a Porsche and a ring.

  24. gobats

    OMG is she gorgeous

  25. Rush Limbuagh

    Was pic #6 taken at the INS holding cell?

  26. Mike

    She’s a hotty. I think trying out for the Olympics while she knew she was going to do horribly was a good move for her career. Pretty soon she’ll be in Maxim. Mark my words.

    How about some pics of Nastia Luikin? She’s uber hot…and flexible!

  27. 180 feet for a personal best in the jav is pretty good, even if it’s near the bottom in the Olympics. And regarding the Anna Kournikova comment, I’d agree, except that this chick is probably better looking than Anna and grunts a lot better than Anna to boot. Ever hear jav throwers? I sounded like I was dropping a growler after a meal at Taco Bell every time I threw the javelin.

  28. will.i.am.

    #8. you cant be in the olympics and be “near terrible” …she’s just not as good as the other olympians.

  29. sasha

    Paraguay is in Sudamerica(IGNORANT PEOPLE)!. she´s beautiful!. who cares the size of her feet!!

  30. Deacon Jones

    My buddy gave me this link this morning of her in action at the Games, smoking


    I guess that’s pretty good when the most people can come up with for insults are her feet. Shit, Id lick her fucking feet

  31. Tim Touch

    I’d like to see her and Allison Stokke fight over who better at handling my pole:


  32. wellsley snipers

    Any guys complaining about her feet are homos, so go ahead and castrate yourselves

  33. jim

    all chinese love her
    i am crazy

  34. Sports Fan

    Oh, please. I can see why Jessica Simpson and Britney Spears and all those stupid bimbos with nothing but fake boobs to offer the world pose for pictures like this, but why this girl? She’s an Olympic athlete. She doesn’t need to flash her ass in panties, she’s got a skill! Maybe she’s not THE BEST javelin thrower, but she’s a heck of a lot better than me, you know? Why take off your clothes for the camera if you’ve got something else to offer? Sad.

  35. Dieter

    I think she sell woven rugs by the roadside resorts when she’s not throwing the javelin.

  36. sasha


  37. rough daddy

    the feet may not be a problem now,,,but after a couple of years,,,thats the only thing youll see and be annoy by…

  38. Oveta


  39. rough daddy

    those asswipes thats making the obvious jokes are clearly lame…come up with something original…

  40. Drunkman

    I bet if there were doubles’ javelins then she’d have some titles.

  41. Blah

    Spread eagle much???

  42. Dieter

    Does she shoot the javelin out of her vag??

    Now, *that* would deserve a Gold medal.

  43. Melissa

    Damn… she’s beautiful! And feet are ugly regardless…

  44. wellsley snipers

    Faggots and Al Bundy would be looking at her feet. A real man would be looking at the rest of her body

  45. Um, it's SCHOOL

    Wow, she’s beautiful. I love when people sit on their asses on their computers and talk about how Olympic athletes (or professional athletes) are “terrible.” Can’t really be “terrible” at something and be in the Olympics, slick.

    #38 – Am I the only one who finds it hilarious that, while attempting to call someone else stupid, you misspelled the word “school”?

  46. Brett

    The feet ruin it.

    Big Feet = Loose, Large pleasure cave.

  47. Bigheadmike


  48. gobats

    Sports Fan are you gay?

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