Leonardo DiCaprio just broke up with this

Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Rafaeli are “taking a break.” According to People, the actor was already spotted in New York over the weekend picking up chicks:

“He was standing at the bar in front of everyone talking to a girl the entire night – and it wasn’t Bar,” says one onlooker. “It was in no way behavior for a guy who has a serious girlfriend.”
According to a Refaeli source, the model’s desire to get serious may have caused the actor to have doubts about their relationship. “She wanted to move faster than he did, she wanted to move in together,” the source says, “so he broke it off.”
A source in Refaeli’s circle says DiCaprio “didn’t treat her very well, almost like a second-hand girlfriend.”

It must be tough leading a life in which your backup booty call is Bar Rafaeli. That’s why I credit Leonardo DiCaprio for going out there and trying to score better tail while most of us would simply have sex with Bar over and over again until she suggests we go “some place fancy for once.” That said, I’m free tonight should a certain single swimsuit model like what she just read. Or, God willing, had somebody read it to her.

Photo: WENN
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