Leonardo DiCaprio is a freaking genius

October 19th, 2007 // 284 Comments

Feast your eyes on Leonardo DiCaprio’s current girlfriend Bar Rafaeli. She’s an Israeli model seen here at the Selmark Lingerie 2008 Spring-Summer show. Leo dumped Gisele Bundchen to start dating Bar and, I don’t want to say it’s the greatest accomplishment in the history of man, but when compared to the invention of the wheel or the printing press, I just have to ask these two so-called “revolutionary ideas,” where are the boobs?

Photos: Splash News

  1. Jazy

    like I said get your panties out of your ass.

  2. Jazy


  3. after...

    …you get your anus off my dick.
    Jazy, are you retarded? hahahahaha

  4. Jazy

    here today, gone tommorow!LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL, unlike u I dont let people piss me off to the point where I act like a 10 year old child and call them names like 10 year olds do….you got alot of growing up to do.

  5. Jazy

    your nobody and Im glad its gonna stay that way cause I ‘ll never meet you. words from nobodies never hurt anyone so I invite you to call me every name under the sun…..I will just laugh at the sheer joy of knowing that my opinion destroys your ability to be a rational adult person.

  6. alf oldland

    the comments on this post are really amazingly disturbing.

    as far as bar goes, i don’t think she’s very attractive.


  7. Jazy is stupid bitch

    my comments turn you into a seething lunatic that says vulgar and grotessque things, god that makes me happy!

  8. Jazy is stupid bitch

    keep it comming dude I love it ! say sothing else I’m dying to hear what I am now! the excitement is too much to bear!

  9. Jazy is stupid bitch

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  10. Jazy is stupid bitch

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  11. Jazy is stupid bitch

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  12. Jazy is stupid bitch

    lifes lot fair get the fuck over it.

  13. Is it possible for anyone that dumb to still be alive?


    Dude… What’s your IQ?

  14. cara

    someone has a link to britney’s blackout already at hiphopupdate.blogspot.com….downloaded it and its not bad! I’ll be buying it regardless!

  15. Can't you see it?

    Doesn’t anyone else notice that she LOOKS LIKE HIS MOM.

    Odeipus complex…!

  16. mimang

    some people here have to look to the internet to find enemies. and obsess about someone’s breasts and looks. so american…

  17. cockson

    i would SOOOOO let her touch my penis

  18. Jazy is stupid bitch

    If your not smart enough to understand what I wrote your the one with the low IQ…..get your panties out of your ass and stop whinning like a little bitch all the time.

  19. Jazy is stupid bitch

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  20. Jazy has a low IQ cause some faggot redneck say so! cause you know hes right about EVERYTHING

    I’m still laughing at you, your life is a joke.

  21. #32 – When you said “horse,” I thought you were talking about Leo’s old girlfriend. Rafaeli’s hot, but then again just about anything would’ve been a step up.

  22. Jazy gay

    wow you are creative

  23. 12oh

    jew rockk!
    she is a jew.
    i’m a jew and i lovebeing one!!
    you are thr reason to the hate in the world.
    what do you have against us???


  24. Jazy is done with this post....hopefully

    no Im just blissfully ignorant to the world around me and I have a low intelligence cause I love the Steelers and Im proud of it. And im a mud baby!

  25. Jazy is done with this post....hopefully

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  26. jazy should get lost...

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  27. sswak

    FUcking Israeli jews

  28. Master races and chosen ones and rulers and infectious microbes and pathological stuff, oh my!

    I think this is a wonderful realm ( is that what we should call it?) we are existing (metastasizing/adapting mutagenically to) within. I trust the New World Order and the Holy Bible as all was fortold by wise Jews of old as is ascertained by Jewish wise guys. They mapped it all out for us from Genesis to horrible Apocalypse. Yep. They sure did. Bible said nothing of fossil evidence of earlier types of men and their historic struggles with the ancient earth and her influence on man’s abilities to perform mental functions as a development concomitant to biomorphic synchrony.
    Yes, the times of Brontosaurs and Australopithecines matters not in the Zionist sceme. Hell even Jesus was a delusional asshole or village idiot. Hell Jehovah is God, not Wotan. Stupid fucking Krauts. And Jigs. And Gooks. Shut up injun and go back to your boozing casino.
    This is their world we get to play in.

  29. Ash

    Ooookaaayyyy, Im stunned by this thread.
    Incredibly hot chick and all a bunch of miscreants care about is that she is a Jew.
    Scarlett and Gywneth are part Jewish too, why don’t I see threads castigating them ?
    Actually this makes me just want to marry a jewish guy so there are more little Jews to run around and tick off you racists !

    Jealous losers.

  30. Ash anally

    Whore, you could marry a black slave for all I care. You traitors just don’t get it do you? this country is dominated by a clan of filthy, non-American pigs. Yeah watch all your little Jews on tv. Nasty and perversion have superceded virtue and morality.
    I saw sarah silverman last night. What a mindless vulgar show “about nothing”. Dirty and gross. Good tv hollywood.

  31. Gloria

    gorgeous girl, but someone said that she has a account on a dating site called sugarcupid.com, do you believe it.

  32. That girl is very hot and she is no more with Leo.

  33. anonymous

    Tiny eyes, weird stoned/retarded expression, awkward stance, long nose, teen age boy body with implants, just like Gisselle bundchen, NOT PRETTY!

    Models haven’t been pretty since the ’90s.

    Stop letting gay men pick out models!

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