Leonardo DiCaprio is a freaking genius

October 19th, 2007 // 284 Comments

Feast your eyes on Leonardo DiCaprio’s current girlfriend Bar Rafaeli. She’s an Israeli model seen here at the Selmark Lingerie 2008 Spring-Summer show. Leo dumped Gisele Bundchen to start dating Bar and, I don’t want to say it’s the greatest accomplishment in the history of man, but when compared to the invention of the wheel or the printing press, I just have to ask these two so-called “revolutionary ideas,” where are the boobs?

Photos: Splash News

  1. AVIVA


  2. Israeli

    all you fucking nazis-go to hell.
    she’s a hot babe and your disgusting jealousy won’t change it!

  3. TS

    Hey, Andrew, #79. For future reference, if you see some joke even remotely as offensive as the one in #64, referring to incinerating Jews, it’s pretty safe to assume that about 75% of the time it’s not really that person telling the joke and rather a troll acting like that person (in the case opf #64, not the real TS). You will save yourself a lot of effort and frustration if you let the utterly ridiculous just slide right off.

    People who really do mean those sorts of things are too dense to get it, so don’t waste your time.

    Peace out, Fuckface.

  4. TS

    And that goes for you too, ana #56. FRIST is not a racist, that was a troll. You moron. SRestrict your comments to the topic and dont get so riled up at people you will never lay eyes on. Jesus, this is the last place to be preaching or taking things literally anyways. Get a grip. You Jew. Just kidding.

  5. TS

    Then again I am doing the exact thing I told ana not to do, I’ll shut up now.

  6. Conky

    She’s hot. I thought he was gay.

    What’s he doing with all these hot chicks anyway? Make-up tips?


  7. Hmm

    all of the political mysery we have today is just because of israel and it’s palestina supression.

    i don’t mind pretty jews like this, but all these hasidic jews in new york are so damn ugly, wearing the same uniforms all day and in 100f degree. fucking disgusting sweaty pigs. and they look like clones. i guess they do incest too.

  8. jericho34


    Hey WTF…lighten up. People are just trying to be funny on here.

    You’re giving Jews a bad name…wait. Scratch that…too late. Better to just keep your mouth shut before the SS comes for you.

  9. James

    I think she is a lot prettier than Gisele. Theoretically, she is very attractive to men because she has the face of a child, (this especially noticeable when she is photographed close up) and the body of a woman.

    I doubt Leo is gay, if he was he should have stayed with Gisele because she looks like a walking transvestite.

  10. jericho34


    I didn’t even notice her face…they’re called boobs, you moron.

    Curious where the hell you came up with that “theory”? We’re not all pedophiles, idiot.

  11. not the nicest lingerie i’ve seen, but she is purdy.

  12. lisa

    why the hell am i getting kim kardashian pop up in the corner

  13. Danny

    I’m an Israeli jew, and so is Bar. she is not Australian. you can see her here in an interview speaking her mother’s tongue Hebrew: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lnp2MCbE9cs
    anyway i find most the “racist” comments quite humorous. its stupid to argue with them.

    and i think Bar is hotter then Gisele but not as pretty.

  14. James

    Jericho 34

    You don’t read much do you? Her childlike face makes her photogenic. If you look at pictures of Linda Evangalista or Claudia Schiffer they also have those delicate features that make them very attractive.

    Of course she has boobs, moron yourself!!!! That is what I meant when I said she has a body of a woman.

    You have the manners and the intellect of a real loser.

  15. Inna from ISRAEL

    she and leonardo dicaprio split
    she brought kelly slater here.
    and for all the stupid racists here-
    israel is known for having many beautiful girls.
    natalie portman, alona tal (veronica mars) and sarai givati (olivie martinez’s gf) are israeli.

  16. Andrew C

    @103. Well’p then I owe you an apology. Replace what I said about “TS” with “the person impersonating TS”.

  17. Jewz are bankers and lawyers

    They do not like to cook and clean house. I knew lots of them. I and a buddy drove 40 miles to help a jew couple move and they never payed us, reimbursed us for gas PLUS they sat and ate in front of us!!!!!
    The richer the ethnic jew blood the uglier and more hook nosed and droop faced they are. It is not fair to call someone that is clearly largely white a jew. I mean like blacks, it is the white blood that gives them their looks.
    ALSO this biased propaganda about Hitler and the Aryan race, he was talking about keeping the Germans pure which means T E U T O N I C or Germanic.
    ya’know high incidence of blonde hair and blue eyes. Now we all know that these are the world’s most attractive people hands down and their quality of life or at least their government is superior to any other scum-bag nation’s.
    Please bring it losers. I am waiting…
    Oh and by the way. Heil Hitler.

  18. awwww

    It makes leonardo a fool to date a jew…. guess he has a deathwish

  19. TS

    There you go, I’ve made the same mistake before. You’ll realize it’s a waste of time chastizing racist ingrates anyways…

  20. okiimatsu

    what do you call a jewish girl’s waterbed?
    …the dead sea.

  21. js

    She’s dating Kelly Slater……………

  22. Jackson

    Looks like Kelly Slater is dicking her: http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/914904.html

    Wonder how many cocks she’ll suck by the end of the year.


    It’s hilarious, the racists on here crack me up. See, the thing is, I would maybe feel insulted by people making fun of Jews if they were INTELLIGENT, and actually had something witty or sensical to say, but evidently, in the general sense, racists seem to be made up of jealous cunty / low IQ / redneckians. Jews have big noses. OOOOOOOOOOOO good one. They fit into an ash tray. NICE REFERENCE TO THE HOLOCAUST LOLZ LOLZ. The ‘hasidim’ all somehow live ONLY in New York. Riiiiiight!!! HOW DID YOU KNOW LOLZ OMGZWTFBBQ? She’s AUSTRALIAN not JEWISH cuz like, you know, like, everyone knows Jews can’t be from anywhere but Israel! Duh!

    Funny thing is, these vermin from the lowest dregs of the human genetic pool don’t realize that in the movies they watch, a disproportionately large number of the actors and acresses, directors, producers, etc. are Jewish, that a large number of the music they listen to is sung by Jewish singers, that much of the technology they use that makes their life easier was invented or produced by Jews, and that Jewish people have a far bigger (positive) impact on society than they realize.

    But if any of them can actually get through this post without the help of someone who can actually read, or without using hooked-on-redneckian phonics, I’ll be astonished.

    So just laugh them and their comments off; I find them quite hilarious actually, and just chuckle as they seethe with jealousy because they are sitting in their crappy mother’s basement wacking off to a maxim they found in their dumpster, while some Jews have attained a level of success or fulfllment that they can only dream of dreaming of.


  24. steve

    Bar and Leonardo brolke up months ago..she is dating a professional surfer……

  25. Sara Plain & Tall

    Actually, I was just reading that Bar and Leo broke up… she was photographed with Kelly Slater (Cameron Diaz’s ex) in Isreal. ;)

  26. life is a shithole

    Look folks this chick is very plain and boring in the face, squinty eyes and thin. Most of all the nose is definitely not the nose of a thoroughbred premium hottie. Now onto the obvious exposed pleasure pillows; the tats aren’t even very big, google her and you’ll see the boobage seen here is the miracle of foam and wire, not genetics.

    Now lots of hotties have small boobies and small cupcakes can be very very delicious but, when a girls main claim to standing out is her boobs that is sad, especially if it’s thanks to a bra.

    Verdict: Not clean up worthy

  27. Victoria

    they’re not even dating anymore she’s dating some world surfer champ, they used to date earlier this year, not anymore…can you say LATE!!

  28. Kelly

    That Slater is such a loser. Seems like he’s all about recycling leo’s girlfriends. First Gisele now this jew Bar.

  29. JIZZelle

    Has anyone ever serious looked at Jizzelle’s face? She is really not that attactive. I’m sure she can milked many a load out of your cock with wrinkled puckered brown grommet, but Bar is much prettier.

  30. Bar’s gr8!

    But I’m still having a few probs with the ‘Dancing Israelis ‘

    I guess Leo knew when it was time to bail !

  31. Cornwalis


  32. jjoae

    #123 Sounds like a JEW

  33. Like this , ” Our purpose was to record the event”. ETC.
    It’s a couple of concerns about this that I still have questions about.

  34. #123

    @ 132

    LOL see, this is exactly what I meant by retarted, low IQ, redneck posters. I am a Jew you fucktard. Now keep munching those cheetos while you think of something intelligent to say.

  35. Retarded*
    But gr8 – any comments on the ‘Dancing Israelis’ and 9-11 #134 ?
    Inquiring minds want to know…etc…

  36. Binky

    Well ok. I was stranded with a remote problem and ended up catching a few minutes of this ‘TMZ show’.
    This is what happened – to the best of my recollection -
    There’s some guy who looks like Joe Rogan barking out crap to some sort of minions and he has this board thingy. He takes questions? lame ideas? whatever.

    JERKY : Like I’m hoping we’ll move out of this sidewalk journalism. Do something a bit more meaningful.
    JOE : Look ‘car to building’ is our bread and butter here. If you don’t like it – move to Russia. And get that gum out of your mouth. Next.
    PERKY : Well. I was wondering what exactly our theme noise was. Is that some sort of drum ?
    JOE: It’s actually a clip from a 4 minute opera. Off topic. Next.
    LURKY: Well – I know we cover people on TV. And now WE’RE on TV. So I took a few pix of me having breakfast.
    JOE : Finally some initiative. We’ll lead with that.
    Then I reached the ‘Off’ button.

  37. Jess

    leo isn’t dating her anymore, she’s dating Kelyl Slater the surf pro. They just got into trouble with the press in Israel…Slaters bodyguards roughe up a photographeaor something

  38. Thank for that Jess -
    but where did all these other ‘intellectual’ newbies go – who complained the Fish commenters were all racists ?
    They seemed to have cleared out. … Wonder why….

  39. Well ok. I’ll fess up.
    It wasn’t just “the Dancing”
    The “three arrested with van full of explosives” sort of had me questioning a few things as well.

  40. Binky

    Public at LARGE : Sing it Binky !
    Binky : Wake up . Wake up – it’s Saturday Night.
    Could be New York.
    Could be Hollywood and Vine.
    London. Paris. Maybe Tokyo….
    Wake up. Wake up !
    Public at LARGE : Wow, 2007. Che = Hillary Duff.
    Binky : Well, OK. I didn’t spregin’ all of Motorcycle Diaries in espanole thing – but who’d a thunk it ?

  41. Anatasia Beaverhousen

    She’s pretty but nothing special compared to other models. But have to admit, as far as Jews go, she’s probably the best looking one ever.

  42. Nadav

    So many Nazis and radical muslim
    so many hate hate comments only cuz she is Jewish

  43. (Oh shit – I screwed up the Rich Gage link)
    So – Blow me. 9-11 was an inside job etc…

  44. #142 – Any comments on the ‘Dancing Israelis’ ?

  45. (I beginning to see a pattern here – Perry Mason)

  46. scooby

    there’s something about her being a jew that makes her sexier.

  47. Sure. #146. Sure…

  48. Any comments on 9-11 #146 ?

  49. (This is like swatting flies -
    9-11 was an Inside Job)

  50. jill

    she’s got a pretty face too.

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