Leonardo DiCaprio is a freaking genius

October 19th, 2007 // 284 Comments

Feast your eyes on Leonardo DiCaprio’s current girlfriend Bar Rafaeli. She’s an Israeli model seen here at the Selmark Lingerie 2008 Spring-Summer show. Leo dumped Gisele Bundchen to start dating Bar and, I don’t want to say it’s the greatest accomplishment in the history of man, but when compared to the invention of the wheel or the printing press, I just have to ask these two so-called “revolutionary ideas,” where are the boobs?

Photos: Splash News

  1. FIRST

    Damn pretty jew.


    Because usually jews are ugly.


    And responsible for 9/11 and other world-problems.

    • ?

      how come?!
      you dick, it’s the arab terrorist incharge of the 9/11.
      go fuck yourself racist.
      you are really stupid if you think tht.
      jews were killed that day too along!.

  4. bint

    Israelis are terrorists

  5. Danklin24

    Is it me or does Phish’s comments on this make no sense at all? I just have to ask these two so-called “revolutionary ideas,” where are the boobs?

  6. TS

    what a kook…

  7. Mandy

    She wears underwear well. Doesn’t make up for killing our Savior.

  8. Donkey Ass

    Motorboats anyone?

  9. Danklin24

    Apparently Leo loves dating manly models.

  10. Adolf

    Beautiful! Juicy! Ready for the oven!

  11. T. Cruise

    Dammit, Leo, you’ve got the best taste in beards.

  12. Diff betw jew & canoe? canoe tips

    I wonder if she makes those hock-spit sounds while sucking.

  13. Sorry bout the nail holes

    So a jewish dad’s son comes up to him and asks for $30 because he has a big date tonight. The dad says “Twenty bucks?! For what do you need ten bucks tonight?”

  14. Leo

    She’ll make a lovely lampshade.

  15. Bob Dog

    “She wears underwear well. Doesn’t make up for killing our Savior.”

    No, actually, I think it might.

  16. martino


    If the inventors of the wheel and the printing press had made them with boobs, then maybe the Phish would be impressed.

    Speaking of not being impressed… while she is pretty, she’s nothing too spectacular on a world-wide level.

  17. Ript1&0

    Stop focusing on her ethnicity and look at her fucking tits you homos.

  18. combustion8

    welcome to 6 months ago fish.

  19. this is a nice looking couple!!

  20. rafi

    lol u suck comments 1,2,3 guy

  21. swine

    Not hot. Not ugly. Just average with a nice rack. Leo is a closet homo anyway.

  22. trinity

    #4…you took the words out of my mouth

  23. Poor Leo. Caught in the eternal struggle to find women prettier than he is. Sigh. How does he bear up.

  24. ack

    thank you 18. i mean, what the fuck is this? filler?

    leo’s too pretty for her.

  25. jcmjr

    I doubt if Gisele is crying over Leo, with Tom Brady as her new man….and though Gisele is no Adriana Lima…or even Alessandra Ambrosio…she is still hotter than this “Bar”……

  26. Nice tits.

    That was a joke to #17

    Anywho, I’ve decided that I must have that outfit (whatever you call it), actually either one. Someone buy them for me!!!!!

  27. ummm

    umm… they just broke up


    What a fine lookin’ jew.

    Danklin…what’s not to get? DUH

  29. spam lips


    gisele may be ” hot” to you but that’s cause you’ve never banged her. and besides, she’s just going to get a 20lb waterhead baby out of the brady deal. he’s not settling for some hand me down model.

    my god, leo dug out gisele’s hole for what…..five years? it was beyond boring at tht point. bar is younger, has less mileage and is “newer” as in ……..she still has that “new vag” smell. see the appeal? plus she doesn’t have the conceited bitchy model ‘tude.

  30. aw!

    Just one question: Does she swallow?

    I’m sure with Tom Brady, Giselle doesn’t give a shit about wienie boy Leo. They don’t even compare. (And Bar & Giselle don’t even compare, either. Giselle is much sexier & prettier.

  31. kitty_kat

    Remember when models used to be… hot?
    What happened?

  32. RK

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    MAN – OH – MANOCHEVITZ !!!!!!

  34. justtheobvious

    What a hot chick! So, he isn’t gay?

  35. Bob Johnson

    Nice tits and all, but doesn’t her head look a little big for her body…even if her tits almost even things out?

  36. boris


  37. roughdaddy

    yep thats a step up to gisselle leo!!!! congrats….

  38. roughdaddy

    wow,,, this chick got boobs,,,booty and a face to finish on…

  39. SerialShitter

    Id hit it.
    While she like most models has the clueless and hollow look in her eyes, she has a smokin body.
    Any of you who are worried about her being a jew, or otherwise are fucking fags.
    Bottom line: Nice Body.

  40. yukadoozer

    Funny stuff today-Jews bring out the party on everyone.

  41. Andrew C

    All of you who say she’s average are homos. Or you’re liars. She’s fucking hot and you would probably crawl over broken glass just to smell her farts. And all of you who act like she’s Jewish makes any difference… wow, how’s 1939 treating you? You will die alone and sad.

  42. Andrew C


    Ron Paul doesn’t have tits. Fuck off. This thread’s about tits.

  43. jcmjr

    I Actually DON’T think Gisele is very hot, banging her or not….especially compared to any of the other top VS models….but only standing next to Bar, is she kinda hot….although I do get the whole “fresh meat” philosophy…..as most guys just naturally want something “new” after a while….

  44. bjorn

    Umm, you faggots who are saying she’s ok or whatever or she’s not hot, you people could never even talk to a chick who is literally 1/1,000,000th as hot as Bar. Also, you all have micropenises and the only girls youve ever banged are fat ugly pigs you met on Match.com, fucking faggots

  45. Andrew C

    35. “Nice tits and all, but doesn’t her head look a little big for her body…”

    Well, that pretty much confirms that Bob Johnson is gay.

  46. Andrew C

    44 speaks the truth. A lot of these social misfits like Bob Johnson talking about her left arm being a big longer than her right arm or her head being too big, would probably agree to cut off their penises if they could just stick it into Bar first.

  47. jcmjr

    Hey Bjorn and Andrew…..what kind of rejects are you? Have neither of you ever had a truly hot girl?….I assure you, I have….and even if they weren’t super models by trade, some were hotter than many of them….Bar is not hot to me…super model or not….

  48. Andrew C

    “Have neither of you ever had a truly hot girl?….I assure you, I have….and even if they weren’t super models by trade, some were hotter than many of them….”

    jcmjr, prostitutes don’t count. Sorry.

  49. jcmjr

    poor Andrew……..never knew that there are women who will sleep with you without paying them….well…..hmm…maybe YOU’LL never know that………also, just because you drool over any celebrity actress/model, doesn’t change the reality that many girls at the store or mall are actually hotter than most of them……keep your fantasies though dude….at least you have those….

  50. STeve

    What ignorant comments 1 through 4 are….why do you assholes read this page anyway?

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