Leonardo DiCaprio has new super hottie

April 20th, 2006 // 77 Comments

leo-bar-refaeli.jpgLeonardo DiCaprio has been dating Israeli swimsuit model Bar Refaeli and they met in Paris over the weekend. According to witnesses they held hands while strolling along the Champs-Elys


  1. scovy

    What does she have? not a brazilian!

  2. ESQ

    This dude always gets the hottest chicks..lucky bastard. Go Leo!

  3. Doc

    any girl he gets after Gisele is going to be a major downgrade… no matter how you look at it… isnt his “fame” wearing off yet???

  4. ESQ

    Oh and BTW THIRD!

  5. ESQ

    Fuck! Make it 4th.

    Tom Cruise is a crazy bastard for wanting to eat the baby’s afterbirth.

  6. dirtypiratehooker

    His dick must be chocolate flavored or something….

  7. CamberMS

    Did Aviator do that well that Leonardo DiCaprio is still famous enough to bang a model?

  8. TaiTai

    I guess he’s hot by default, now that Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise have removed themselves from the Wish Lists. On second thought, there is nothing Leonardo can do that could make him hot. He looks like a little boy with glued-on facial hair. How does he get those supermodels anyway?

  9. mamacita

    I thought he looked the best when playing Luke in Growing Pains. He made me forget all about Kirk Cameron.

  10. Star Maker Machinery

    Kirk Cameron laid more chicks than Mother Goose.

  11. Chrystal03

    She looks like she’s been doing coke..not that I would know…heh! ;)

  12. Trotter

    Isn’t Kirk Cameron into crazy Hyper Christian movies now? Like Bible Man or something?

  13. CamberMS

    Kirk Cameron never laid anyone. That’s what happens when you endorse shitty Christian books like “Left Behind”.

  14. mamacita


    Check your email, you lesbian.

  15. Marina

    What is that thing that he is with? There are no better pix of this broad? She DOES look like she’s been partaking in some, shall we say, “white lady.” And she’s pretty fug. He’s been looking rather bloated though, no?

  16. Trotter

    @14 – empty mamasexpot, I’ll check again after my rolfing in a few minutes.

  17. seraphym

    neighhhh………kind of a horseface.

  18. CruisingForCock

    Near..Far.. wherever hot models are
    I believe that Leo’s got a huge hard-on
    Once more, he’ll get in her drawers.

    I’m a little embarrassed for myself….

  19. Pez_D_Spencer

    Shouldn’t the 28th Amendment to the Constitution be the right to crack DiCaprio across the back of the head with a pool cue once a year?

    He’s kind of hit-or-miss as an actor, but damn, he’s annoying. Not pebble-in-the-shoe annoying, but more zit-between-the-shoulder-blades annoying.

  20. Chrystal03

    #14, whats your e-mail addy?

  21. St.Minutia

    Leo is not aging well. This picture gave me a severe case of vaginal dryness. Could anyone help me out whith that.

    And don’t say windex.

  22. Chrystal03

    Can yall believe this, what a way to get the attention off the baby..

  23. Yeah, looks like I should accepted my offer for Titanic 2 – Old Ass Joke.

  24. katlady12

    Remind me again what he’s famous for? I tend to confuse him with Johnny Dep.

  25. Star Maker Machinery


    Check out “Left Behind II: Tribulation Force”.

  26. Trotter


    Normally, I’d be the first to jump in on that game. But I’m intimidated by your name. Afraid I might hurt you.

  27. Meghann

    #7 – Well enough that he got the Golden Globe and an Oscar nod.

  28. chanel_bear

    i still think he’s kinda cute….

  29. Evangelia

    #8 – supermodels like small penises because they do not stretch out their vaginas; ergo, they do not widen their hips or pooch their tummies by even a miniscule amount.
    this is why supermodels like leonardo dicaprio.

  30. Evangelia

    and st. minutia, if you’re a lesbian i can send you a pic of myself. that might solve your dryness prob.

  31. Land-Man

    Bingo, Evangelia. The last thing a supermodel wants to see is my big ol’ swingin’ 13″ coming their way.

  32. #7 and 27 – Those are probably not the Golden Globes a model would be interested in.

  33. Leonardo DiCaprio sure knows how to bag hot women that is a fact.

    Here are some pictures of Leonardo DiCaprio’s new girl since the picture they posted was a little small


    Other than that, she is much hotter than Gisele Bundchen and I am thankful that he didn’t stick around with Lindsay Cokehan.

  34. Adrian

    Take a look at his new girlfriend:


    way hotter than Gisele

  35. (Ready for the avalanche)

    I made out with Leonardo Dicaprio in 2002, in Miami Beach. I was 18.

  36. Code58

    Taking an ISRAELI model to a LEBANESE restaurant? How ironic…

  37. sid

    I love it when faggy, 98lb actors get hot women.

    No, not my funniest work, but then again, I’ve never charted this high before, either. Competition is fierce ’round here.

    Tom loves the cock.

    Damn…wish I had more time……

  38. MissAppropriated


    I made out with Leonardo DiCaprio in 2005, in the underwear section at Walmart, Whitefish, Montana. I was 45.

    Man, that Leo cat sure does swing in some strange directions.

  39. MonkeyBrain

    This chick is a definite upgrade. Why, you ask? For the simple fact that her nose is HALF the size of Gisele’s. And I mean it, HALF.

    Oh yeah, also.. to all the folks bitching and moaning that Kelly Clarkson is a “cute and normal looking girl” and that Scarlett Johansson is “gorgeous and healthy”, feast your eyes on THIS!:

    (Got this from #33′s link)

    Now THAT, my friends, is what a woman in a bathing suit should fucking look like. Not too skinny, not too fleshy, but jussssst right.. Goldilocks would eat this bitch up.

  40. CheekyChops

    He’ll always belong to Rose.

    #35 – crack kills.

  41. Sheva

    Damn you Leo, damn you. She is lovely even if those breasts are imported.

  42. JP

    I made out with Leonardo DiCrapio behind a dumpster in DC, next to a homeless guy that just pissed on the side of his cardboard box. I’m 38 and I’m a dude.

  43. Dr.Rokter

    Gabriel Byrne and Jeremy Irons made a manwich out of Leonardo DiCaprio while they were filming “The Man in the Iron Mask”. Leo was awesome in that. He played two people. In the same movie!

  44. biatcho

    Is it bad that I am jealous of her name? I know I have issues with booze (or so my husband tells me, but what does he know?) but damn it, I want Bar as my first name. Fuck.

  45. amazed

    He’s not aging very well, kind of Brad Pitt-ish looking. But still better than TC.

  46. Italian Stallion

    I never made out with Leonardo, but I used to braid his ball hair before each big date…….

    MeganHarris finally said something funny #35

  47. Fisher55

    Leonardo DiCaprio looks like a twelve-year old lesbian: not very sexy

  48. Plantain


  49. biatcho

    Holy Shit #48! I once “faked” having a raging case of herpes to get out of having sex with my babysitter when I was a kid. Guess we’re soulmates or something?

  50. Fisher55

    why would the Isreali army require women to enlist? the soldiers should do their OWN cooking and laundry, for God’s sake!

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