Leonardo DiCaprio has fancy shoes

September 11th, 2006 // 54 Comments

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It must be nice being a celebrity because you can afford to buy fancy things us regular people could only dream about, like oversized novelty shoes. I can understand wanting to lounge around in some comfy slippers but these things don’t even fit. They look like he stole them from his giant-footed grandma and is showing them off with a little stroll around town. Like a little girl who got into her mom’s makeup bag, only less endearing and way more confusing.

Some more shots of Leonardo DiCaprio’s fancy footwear after the jump.


  1. When you’re Leo, all of L.A. is your living room.

  2. jrzmommy

    He’s trying to entice Giselle and her Amazonian feet back to him. “come back to me, Giselle, come back to me and these big motherfuckers are all yours baby….all yours.”

  3. HeyNow

    Dammit…Almost first. Had to register first.

  4. Superevil

    Those are the ugliest things I’ve ever seen.

  5. HeyNow

    “Leo caught stealing Hobo’s shoes.” Nice disguise..

  6. now now now.. we all know it’s the amazon girlfriend he’s dating.. he must be running to the store real quick to pick her up a king sized diaphragm for her king sized vajayjay..
    remember, he’s just a little squirt of a dude.. so really, anything bigger than the size 2T clothes he wears are going to look really BIG..

  7. aimatcha

    Your penis is still tiny, Leo. No matter how much you want us to believe you wear a size 30 shoe.

  8. They look really, really funny haha, rather like those Ugg boots but cut off at the ankles.

  9. “Hey Dad, I am going out, can I borrow the shoes?”

    “OK Leo, but be home by 11:00, and be sure to fill up the tank.”

    “Sweet, I scored the old man’s shoes!”

    King of the world, my ass….

  10. jrzmommy

    He wants us all to think of the old addage, “The bigger the guy’s foot the bigger the guy’s johnson” but he’s wearing backless shoes so we can tell how small his feet are. This is the equivalent of a chick stuffing her bra and the balled up kleenex peeks out. hee hee. stupid leo.

  11. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    It really doesn’t help his cause, that is if he wants to avoid looking like he lives in a hollow tree and makes cookies all day.

  12. vainandlovingit

    those are Gisele’s

  13. Onenewshoe

    Is this all the fuck you have to write about….Get real dude!!

  14. The Devil's Prom Date

    I’m not the kind of person who expects celebrities to run errands dressed to the nines, but this is just NOT okay.

    This bitch has Titanic money. Millions and millions of people spent $8.50 a throw to see it. Why show them disrespect by wearing $1.99 acrylic CVS slippers on your trip to the REAL shoe store?

    Doll-up a little for the people, ya fuckin’ jackass.

  15. Wait, so you guys mean you DON’T like my shoes? I’m devistated. Oh and #16, they’re K-Mart not CVS. :-p

    BTW, I can’t believe I got first. Whee for me.


  16. RichPort

    I think Leo, Jake Gyllenhaal, amd Colin Farrell all share the same fucking wardrobe. I sneering like Scrooge McDuck, jumping off a diving board into his pool of cash, laughing at the common folk who wear clean clothes daily. Those slippers are stupid for chicks, but practically a coming out party for a guy.

  17. RichPort

    Geez, that was supposed to say “I can imagine him sneering…”. Fucking hydroponic weed.

  18. commissioner

    No wonder Gisele dumped him. I wouldn’t want to be seen with that fucking slob either.

    He needs a good woman to throw out all of his ugly shit.

  19. combustion8

    leo has tiny feet, bet his wang is timy too… there is a god.

  20. Hopeless_…
    You out there man?
    It’s me, Suicidal.
    We miss you on the other sites.
    Tranny even wrote a heartfelt (as heartfelt as his stone heart can muster) apology.
    Post #86: Read it ya douche!


    P.S. My e-mail is still down.

  21. clarknova

    I’m sorry, superfsh, I know you hear this a thousand times a week but, IS THIS NEWS????????????

  22. clarknova

    I refuse to comment on such an unimportant post/subject.

  23. combustion8

    ps. his new movie looks retarded.

  24. Hopeless
    Give me some kind of (coded) sign.

    wink! wink!

  25. best regards

    I suspect his earnings from “Titanic” have run dry.

  26. bigponie

    that’s fucking beautiful, I only wish he finished it off by wearing his spongebob PJ’s and strut like John Travolta on Saturday Night Fever.

    hopeless, I read the spanks comments, sounds like some of em’ turned their back on you, but come on back nonetheless.

  27. FashMags

    Shoes three sizes too big? CHECK.

    Small, yappy dog while shopping? CHECK.

    Biting fingernails like a girl? CHECK.

    = boyfrind’s slippers. It’s a simple formula people.

  28. jrzmommy

    Third picture—is that Sara Jean’s little chihuahua (or however the fuck you spell it)? SKIPPY??? Did Skippy escape Maine and find superstardom before his owner??? Am I going to be sued for speculating at such nonsense?

  29. commissioner

    I have the dog. Tini. Slippy. Whatever. She has a very important date with a Mastiff later today.

    Maybe she’ll give birth to something with the cajones to tell her owner she is not a sex toy or accessory.

  30. DancingQueen

    I think this picture sums up how fucking lazy this douche is. No time to do the hair? No problem, wear a hat. No time to tie your f-ing shoes? No problem, wear slip-ons. Can’t find your own slip-ons? Wear whatever guy’s you boned last night. What a gay fuck.

  31. commissioner

    Oh, and btw, jrz, you nailed the spelling.

    The chihauhau is gonna get nailed later.

  32. jrzmommy

    Commish–I didn’t even google the spelling either. party on~

    You’re gonna get orange paint splattered all over post #33 by Sara Jean the Lilac Queen’s PETA friends for that. hee hee.

  33. commissioner


    good. I’ll just slip into something a little more comfortable. Like my chihauhau slippers and yorkie robe. The beaver’s at the furrier’s.

    Bring it on, PETA. My mastiff friend has enough to go around.

  34. jrzmommy

    You have a Yorkie Robe?? Made out of real Duke and Dutchess of York skins? You fucking rock, commish!

  35. commissioner

    It rubs the lotion on it’s skin . . . . .


  36. jrzmommy

    Or it will get the hose again

  37. commissioner

    I hope I get the hose tonight.

  38. thesarahficial

    he used to be cute..

  39. jrzmommy

    39–so does Leo

  40. Spunkbubble on J. Alba's chest

    Why do I get the impression that this guy should not be walking around alone? I mean seriously, he looks like a 17 year old punk. There are plenty of assholes out there who would punch him in his shit just to say, ” I punch Leo in his shit and he started to cry!!!”

    And they wouldn’t be lying.

  41. S.P.F.R.S.

    If the Clown Shoes Fit …wear them Leo, you has been.

  42. InstantAsshat-AddFame

    Is he alone, Spunkbubble? Looks like he’s got old King Kong the Bodyguard with him. How do those guys get bodyguard jobs anyway? He looks like a burnt Pillsbury Dough Boy! Not fit to fight, but stick your finger in his belly and he’ll giggle, then sit on you, smashing you flatter than a microwavable pancake.

    Imagine…getting paid to stay fat and look slightly intimidating, all the while being graced with the presence of a true movie idol…who looks like a homeless man. Fun.

  43. I know, we all expect celebs to be at their best at all times, but ya know what…. screw that.

    I love that he is wearing slippers… it says to the world, I simply don’t care what you think of me… I am doing this for me.

    More people should not worry so much about what others think and do what is right for them via fashion. Let freedom ring!


  44. GLORYA

    blah, this one is boring… he looks like a hobo.
    like everyone else wearing those goddamn ugly shoes outside of their bedroooms.

    he reminds me of those girls in highschool that are lazy fucks, and wear their pajamas with white sneakers to school…


  45. Jeremy1Esq

    This dude has banged more hot women then the rest of us can imagine. He could wear bozo the clown shoes and we still couldnt make fun of him for being the asshat he is. We need to pick on that tattooed retard from Blink 182 who hooked up with London Hilton

  46. Now that’s what I call a slipper-y situation! Hey-yo! Lame.

  47. Those are some nice fucking assclown shoes.

  48. personally, i find the slept-in jeans, week-old shirt, and Grandpa’s slippies rather endearing on DiCaprio. i always had a sneaking suspicion he was a tad more human than most Authentic Celebrities (‘authentic’ as opposed to ‘faux celebrities’ made famous by reality tv, obnoxious behavior, debutante tendencies, and the ability to hunt photographers while wrapped in sheer bolts of fabric).

    he’s one of the last true Hollywood Stars, and i respect how he so carefully avoids tabloid attention.

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