Leonardo DiCaprio dumped over Sienna?

gisele_leo_thumb1.jpgIn what I can only assume resulted from a serious case of the beergoggles, Leonardo DiCaprio was reportedly dumped by Gisele Bundchen for flirting with Sienna Miller. The actor was caught getting cosy with Ms. Miller in a Los Angeles nightclub several weeks ago. A source said that

She was tired of Leo’s flirting. The straw that broke the camel’s back was none other than Sienna.”

Now there’s nothing wrong with Sienna Miller. I mean, she does call an awful lot, and for some reason hates it when I stick a pillow over her head during sex, but she’s generally not a bad day’s work. But to lose Gisele Bundchen over her? That’s like trading in a Ferrari for a warm cup of vomit. From a homeless man. Who lives in an abandoned circus tent. Naked. Not a good idea there Leo.