Leonardo DiCaprio can’t get Bar Refaeli pregnant

reported today that Bar Refaeli is pregnant with Leonardo DiCaprio’s baby, and friends of Bar say the two are “delighted” by the news. The pregnancy speculation began last month when Bar wore a loose-fitting top to a party at Jet Nightclub in Las Vegas and only drank mineral water all night. However, a rep for DiCaprio says the story is “totally BS” and “100 percent made up bollocks.”

You know, Leonardo DiCaprio went out with Gisele Bundchen and he didn’t get her pregnant either. Two supermodel girlfriends and neither of them pregnant? It’s starting to sound suspiciously like he doesn’t have a penis. Or if he does, I think he’s required by law to turn it in.

NOTE: It’s not the most spectacular outfit ever, but I don’t think it’s fair to call somebody pregnant just because they show up to a party wearing this. Blind maybe, but not pregnant. She’s dressed like she’s meeting somebody for a lunch at Arby’s, not heading to a Vegas nightclub.

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