Leonardo DiCaprio can’t get Bar Refaeli pregnant

April 12th, 2007 // 68 Comments

reported today that Bar Refaeli is pregnant with Leonardo DiCaprio’s baby, and friends of Bar say the two are “delighted” by the news. The pregnancy speculation began last month when Bar wore a loose-fitting top to a party at Jet Nightclub in Las Vegas and only drank mineral water all night. However, a rep for DiCaprio says the story is “totally BS” and “100 percent made up bollocks.”

You know, Leonardo DiCaprio went out with Gisele Bundchen and he didn’t get her pregnant either. Two supermodel girlfriends and neither of them pregnant? It’s starting to sound suspiciously like he doesn’t have a penis. Or if he does, I think he’s required by law to turn it in.

NOTE: It’s not the most spectacular outfit ever, but I don’t think it’s fair to call somebody pregnant just because they show up to a party wearing this. Blind maybe, but not pregnant. She’s dressed like she’s meeting somebody for a lunch at Arby’s, not heading to a Vegas nightclub.

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  1. FRIST!!!

    It was Growing Pains, which also had an episode with a young Brad Pitt as Carol Seaver’s love interest, well at least until he found out she wasn’t “popular”.

  2. shofaz

    Ugly outfit… and he’s prettier than her… that must be terrible, “my boy is cuter than me…”

  3. combustion8

    meh, shes a little above average but still not in the same ballpark as adriana.

    • JACLYN

      ok, she is the prettiest he has ever been with yes top ugly but i;d say since she is a model, thet prob. take every precaution, been with my man like million years n he has a hell of a penis………..DICAPRIO ROCKS, HES TALRNTED RESPECTS PLANET SO SEXY!!! it wouldn’t be fair on this planet for him to be HUNG too, but i;m sure he’s great in bed…….Have u seen him, i think THE MAN KNOWS HOW TO TOUCH A WOMEN….if she;s prego, congrats to them if they;re happy—and she’s crazy lucky…. MAN HE’S SEXY! LOL

  4. Charm

    so can just anybody be a supermodel now?

  5. StoneRose

    Well, I for one think she’s pretty, and natural-looking for once. She doesn’t look like the type of girl who’ll be flashing her kootch anytime soon, which is rather refreshing.

  6. jackspratling

    Silly rabbit, she’s pregnant with Tom Bradey’s baby. Take that Peyton Manning.

  7. Kristin

    I agree with #8.

  8. ifuckedjesus

    she is pretty fucking cute

  9. FRIST!!!

    I like her name….it’s also my favorite place

  10. Donkey

    A gay man isn’t supposed to get a woman prego. It goes against his natural.

  11. FRIST!!!

    You know what my problem is? I just can’t stop picturing him as a little kid!!! Even in that Aviator movie I’m like…he can’t design a plane, he’s a little kid!!! WTC!!!

  12. Leo is awesome.

  13. Shanipie

    Why would you wear clothes that make you look pregnant if your not? She either is really pregnant or is tryig to get attention.

    BTW ita pretty hard to get someone pregnant unless you have sex with them…but I’m pretty sure that toilet seat theory is true in this case.

  14. allyoops!

    how old is she? she looks like 15 or 16 years old…maybe she was drinking mineral water because she’s just not old enough to drink…

  15. shittylips

    oh yeah, she in the club!

  16. RunningWithCarsAndBoysWithScissors

    this must be the bitch that stole the upholstery off of my couch back in ’92

  17. Being a little harsh on them? Shes pretty, just bad outfit.

  18. iamsosmrt

    Dicaprio is douchebag fat faced loser.
    I remember being dragged to see Titanic with my stupid friends back in highschool and those sad little girls cried like babies when that bitch died on the raft with that chubby fat girls hero. I laughed my ass off at that when Leo died. Saddly my laughter was masked by the immense sound of ugly and fat zit covered teeny boppers crying their undevelopped asses off. Still it was a hilarious movie… comedic genius, too bad it was supposed to be funny.

    This chick is cute but boring, she’s the spitting image the typical pretty/plain girls you see 10 times a day, except most of them are not as tall as her.

    I think Leo is clearly OVERCOMPENSATING for something.

  19. iamsosmrt

    *wasn’t supposed to be funny.
    *of the typical

    fucking typos.

  20. schack

    she is hot as hell

  21. 1MILFhunter

    Leo is a neuter.

  22. TrimSpaBaby

    #24 He is not, he’s a Scorpio.

  23. LilRach

    She is cute – very natural – she must be gorgeous when she is done up. There is nothing wrong with what she is wearing. She is a supermodel and is required to wear pratically nothing most of the time so for her to cover up with loosely fitted clothing is probably a relief for her.

    Nothing is wrong with Leo – he just seems like a normal guy who happens to live a luxurious lifestyle and has never let it go to his head.
    I thought most guys would be envious of him since he has shitloads of cash, always seems to have supermodels as girlfriends and was once referred to as a “sex symbol”. The hate must be jealousy.

  24. kitty_kat

    She’s waaaay too young for him. And damn! Remember when models used to be beautiful? What happened to those days? This chick’s so plain looking.

  25. HollyJ

    She’s cute!

    I thought single rich men were trying NOT to knock up their young girlfriends. When did this whole scenerio change???

  26. PeptoBismolPrincess

    Bar is actually really gorgeous..she’s an Israeli supermodel and is probably 21 years old (used to be my cousin’s friend, so I am assuming they are the same age)..and for all those who say she’s ugly- I doubt you can get this piece of ass any day: http://www.barrefaeli.net/pictures.html also try googling her name, frocking gorgeous.

    She married some old dude a couple of years ago (I don’t know if she’s still married) to get out of serving the mandatory army service Israelis are required to serve.

  27. kitty_kat

    #29- Still pretty plain-looking to me. But anyway, everyone has their tastes I guess…

  28. Hemlock Queen

    This is a fucking stupid post. Who is the real fish-dude?

    Granted hot news is slow… But this is it? Come on celebs, do something ridiculous so we the public can have some real entertainment. Isn’t that why your famous?

  29. GG1000

    She’s cute, but do they call anyone who gets paid to pose in pictures “supermodel” these days? She’s like the cutest girl on the cheerleading squad.

  30. cate

    I think shes REALLY pretty… i like the natural look alot… come on guys, not many models today can look as good as her without all the eyeliner. her face is practically naked and she’s still pretty.

    and i dont why everyone’s bashing the outfit… i mean, i personally wouldnt wear it to a nightclub, but it’s a cute outfit.

  31. Uh…..maybe it’s because Leo is a HOMO?


  32. StoneRose

    non-believers, do yourselves a favour and check out #29′s link. A sight for your sore eyes, chumps.

  33. BarbadoSlim

    What would Zoolander call her look?

    Yugo or Kia?

  34. Liverpool FC

    This woman better not ruin her body by getting up the duff.

  35. DrPhowstus

    If she stopped swallowing and he stopped jerking off to Lemon Party porn so much, his swimmers might have a fighting chance.

  36. DrPhowstus

    @29 & 35 — She looks like any other low life on Laguna Beach. And I thought Israeli model was technically an oxymoron. I mean she’s ok I guess, and the freckles do provide a great splooge target, but other than that, meh.

  37. jrzmommy♠

    could not care less.

  38. danielle

    This chick looks a lot better than that manbeast Gisele Bundchen. At least this Bar chick looks like an actual women!

  39. What a step up for Leo – she’s a cutie. One glance at Giselle’s face and my children would begin to weep.

  40. idahopoop

    Is that Jennifer Garner’s younger sister?

  41. Unable to ejaculate. Secondary to being turned on by guys. Easy enough.

  42. clairargent

    Actually, Leonardo DiCaprio is Sharon Stone’s ugly little sister. Mystery solved.

  43. What? Awww…that sucks, dog.

  44. Wow Just Wow

    Here we go again with the 80s silk jaquard blousy blouse.

    Haven’t we learned anything from history, people?

  45. Lizzle

    Supermodel HOW? She looks like the fresh-faced addition to the new Bath and Body Works campaign where she should be decked out in gingham, frolicking in a meadow or milking a cow or something like that. Natural is always better than made up like Pam Anderson, but she just looks like an average pretty face, nothing special. Goes to show that the main requirements for ‘supermodel’ are to stand at least 7 feet tall, then you’re good to go even if you’re a butterface.

  46. chaunceygardner

    DiCaprio dates broads who seem hot – until you look at them for more than a few seconds. Keep your eyes on them and they start to look plain, and ultimately sorta ugly. You’d figure that guy could pull better tail than that.

    • JACLYN


  47. doodlehead

    This girl is gorgeous! She’s far more attractive than Gisele. I don’t know what ya’ll are talking about.

  48. whitegold

    Note to Leo: Keep her far the fuck away from Tom Brady!!! He’ll get her pregnant just from looking at her. Heck, he could probably get her pregnant just by looking at her picture on this site!

  49. HughJorganthethird

    Hey Superfish guy. Next time you do something on Bar why not use her SI swimsuit pics? They are ver nice as Borat would say.

  50. Truthseeker013

    Well, I can understand why. Woman that hot would daunt me, too.

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