Leonardo DiCaprio and Kirstin Dunst Together?

kirsten_dunst_thumb1.jpgLeonard DiCaprio is obviously unfamiliar with the term succubus, because he and Kirsten Dunst have sparked romance rumors after they were spotted canoodling in public at the Los Angeles nightspot Privilege earlier this week. A witness is quoted by Britain’s Daily Star magazine as saying: “You could feel the chemistry between the two. It looked hard for them to take their eyes off one another.”

Leonardo DiCaprio has dated a lot of jaw-droppingly beautiful girls. He has a good eye for the ladies. Therefore I can only assume that one of the following has occured. Either 1) these stories are lies, 2) Leo’s high as a kite, 3) Leo’s gone gay and naturally thinks Kirsten is hiding something in her pants. Maybe there are other explanations, involving black magic and testicles kept in jars of ether, but I just don’t want to know.