What Nobody Talks About When They Talk About Leonardo DiCaprio Vaping

Some people will try and tell you that vaping is the sport of the douches. And while I’m not here to confirm or deny those allegations, I am here to say Leonardo DiCaprio does it, so clearly it’s the coolest shit on the planet, amirite? Anyway, while the whole Internet is losing it over Leo vaping, nobody’s even mentioning the most insane part of this photo: Kate Winslet eating a French Fry! It’s like, oh my God, you guys, how is no one pointing out how crazy that is? It’s a French Fry in Oscar winner Kate Winslet’s mouth. Honestly, if I were a journalist, it’s the only thing I’d pay attention to. That’s how crazy it is.

leonardo dicaprio vaping sag awards kate winslet

Paid For By The Leo Committee To Get Leo An Oscar Because He’s The Best Friend In The Whole Wide World: A Not Jonah Hill Foundation (Unless Leo Asked, Did He Ask?!)

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