Leonardo DiCaprio Is Banging Nina Agdal This Week

Nina Agdal doesn’t turn 25 until March 2017, which is practically three whole lifetimes in Leonardo DiCaprio time, so that’s more than enough time to bang her. Which he is. Page Six reports:

Leo DiCaprio was spotted looking close with yet another blond Victoria’s Secret model, Nina Agdal, 24, last weekend in Montauk.
The pair were seen at Goldberg’s Famous Bagels and at the Montauk Point Lighthouse.

As for what happened to that other model he was banging, probably this. I’m guessing this stuff.

“Hey, Jonah. Guess what time it is.”
“Ooh! Does this one’s skin still smell like you?”
“You know it.”
“Aw, she’ll make a swell coat, Mr. DiCaprio. Thank you, Mr. DiCaprio.”
“What are friends for? I was never here.

(R.I.P Nina)

Cant find my pants.

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