Leonardo DiCaprio Might Be Banging This Elf Now

Leonardo DiCaprio, AKA Lord Hogbody, might be dating this woman, Lorena Rae. According to PageSix, the two were first spotted together in Monaco right after Leo’s split with Danish model Nina Agdal in May. Leo was surrounded by his pussy posse and Lorena was surrounded by… more models because Leo and his boys rely on the blood of models under 25 to stay alive. Yesterday the two were spotted coming out of lunch and then at MOMA PS1 (with one of Leo’s wingmen). A ‘source’ claimed that they looked like an item, while a spokesperson for DiCaprio said that they were “just friends”…

Even if they aren’t dating, the idea that a 23-year-old German model is hanging out with a near 50-year-old man because they share a mutual appreciation for modern art is a little unbelievable. One of these dudes is taking the strikingly elvish-looking Lorena Rae to hog town and I doubt it’s David Blane.

There’s also this gallery from a couple weeks back in St. Tropez where Lord Hogbody and Ms. Lorena Rae were slamming rosé and talking about their favorite Incubus albums if you’re still not convinced she’s seen his penis.