Leonardo DiCaprio Met Salt Bae While America Burns

To say there’s a lot of heavy shit going on in the world is a dramatic understatement. I don’t even have to get into politics for once to describe the bizzaro situation that we, as a culture, find ourselves in. Just the other night I watched English actor Jude Law playing an American pope who got dressed in a montage sequence set to Sexy and I Know It on an HBO show that is five episodes deep and hasn’t shown a single penis. WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK IS HAPPENING TO MY REALITY?! And since our most technologically advanced form of communication, the internet, has devolved into a dank meme through that we base electoral decisions on, we now have Salt Bae. (I swear to Christ I shuddered when I typed that.) He’s the chef who sprinkled salt on something in a particularly fabulous way, so now that’s a thing taking up space in our consciousness where the cure for cancer should be. And great news! Leonardo DiCaprio got to meet Salt Bae, which is double awesome because he’s internet famous for being a weird recluse who stops fucking models when they’re old enough to rent cars. It’s a great time to be alive, and by that I mean the brain tumors should kill us all before the tidal waves get here. *checks calculations, realizes I’m just looking at zoomed in pics of Jon Hamm’s dick* Yeah, we’re all fucked.

Anyway, you kids want memes? I’ve got your memes right here.

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Air steps, Salt Bae. Mother. Fucking. Air steps. BOOOOOOSH!

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Photo: Fame/Flynet, Instagram