Leonardo DiCaprio Met With Trump To Discuss Climate Change

In the beginning of the year, during happier times when Donald Trump winning the election was nothing more than a punchline – and still is even if he is the Nightmare King of our reality – Bill Maher used to joke that if he did win, all it would take is one dinner with Leonardo DiCaprio to change his position on climate change. Via The Hollywood Reporter:

The issue that bothers me the most with him is the environment. He’s on the standard Republican moron page of, “It’s a hoax, we don’t need to do anything about it.” But let’s face it — Trump is a starf—er. One White House dinner with Leonardo DiCaprio, the big celebrity environmentalist, is all it would take. Trump, Melania, Leo, whatever supermodel Leo’s with at the time. The two supermodel chicks can bond, and Melania will talk to Don that night. “Leo, he seem very smart, The Donald. Maybe you should listen to him.” And the next day, Trump will switch. He does it all the time, and no one seems to care.

Except now we already get to see if that theory holds up because America’s on a cocaine-fueled bullet train rocketing towards NaziTown. Esquire reports:

The actor asserted some political influence earlier this week when he gifted Ivanka Trump a copy of his climate change film, Before the Flood. But following the news of Trump appointing a climate change denier as head of the Environment Protection Agency (facepalm), The Independent reports that the actor met with the giant baby man to discuss how working to save the environment can both boost the economy and create jobs.
Terry Tamminen, CEO of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, confirmed the two had a 90-minute meeting at Trump Tower in New York. In a statement to the Associated Press, Tamminen said he and DiCaprio had given a presentation to Mr Trump, Ivanka, and other members of Trump’s team on how concentrating on renewable, clean energy could generate millions of jobs.

Why do I get the feeling this meeting was less about the environment and more about Leonardo DiCaprio keeping his dick away from Donald Trump’s woman? And, yes, I’m talking about Ivanka. Who the fuck else would it be? Fortunately, the silver lining is we can all rest peacefully knowing our president-elect is now getting the Jonah Hill treatment.

“As you can see, Mr. President, ISIS has started to mobilize towards… Mr. President? Mr. President, these briefings are important. Why is he just looking at his phone?”
“He’s waiting for Leo to call.”
“Goddammit. Well, at least he’s not tweeting. — And I shouldn’t have opened my face. He’s tweeting. He’s fucking tweeting.”

“Being friends with Leo is RIGGED. He never calls. We’d be together right now if it weren’t for ILLEGAL models and that lousy SPIDER-MAN!”

“There’s an underground bunker in this place, right?”
“Great, let’s just move there now. Get it over with.”

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