Leonardo Dicaprio Dumped Blake Lively

July 20th, 2011 // 95 Comments

As Plato once wisely said, “New vagina thou aren’t mightier than olden vagina,” Leonardo DiCaprio has already kicked Blake Lively to the curb, according to Digital Spy:

According to sources, Lively flew out to Italy to meet the Inception actor’s mom, who “couldn’t stand” the 23-year-old.
A close friend explained to Now magazine: “Blake’s a total mess. She tried hard to impress Leo’s mom when they met but Irmelin couldn’t stand her.
“She told Leo that Blake was far too up herself for him. Blake was nervous so she did talk a lot. But his mom says all she did was talk about Gossip Girl and how she’s a Chanel model.
“Leo listens to his mom and the fact that she didn’t like her has put him off.”

MOM: So, how we playing this? You still want to keep banging models and randoms, right? You’re not marrying this one?
LEO: Same as always.
MOM: Then I can’t stand her and my son listens to his mother. (That’ll be a new Benz.)
LEO: Love ya, ma.

Photo: INFdaily, Pacific Coast News, Splash News


  1. Que

    Que who next?

  2. JC

    Is that a three-pronged dildo on her arm?

  3. Poison Ivy League

    I don’t get her appeal.

  4. wishbone

    He got what he wanted. Buh Bye dumb-dumb…

  5. Blake–(hint) it might have been those pants, pee-you

  6. Leonardo DiCaprio Blake Lively Break Up
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  7. DOucHe BaGELs

    I bet while he was breaking up with her over the phone his mom was going down on him.

  8. Vivian

    We all know Leo can’t stand a vagina with an attitude, ANY attitude, yet, women frock to him like moths to the light. Snap out if it girls! he’s just a dick, literally. I’d say use him as one and toss him, that’s the way he seems to like it anyways, everybody’s happy.

    • ironically that’s spoken like a woman after a man’s heart ;-)

      • Vivian

        Yeah, we’re funny like that, what can I say? nobody’s perfect

      • Gumption

        had to spin that one didnt you? what, the truth about how women sometimes roll when we know that thing attached to the penis is something we pretend to tolerate, and then have to plan our escape from, too much for you to handle cowboy?

    • General Disarray

      Yeah, way to sell the joys of dealing with women.
      “He can’t stand when a woman acts like a stuck-up bitch. What a dick!”
      Because, ya know, it’s our fault when we don’t want to tolerate someone who’s completely self-absorbed and lacks even a basic set of people skills.
      Now that I think about it…he IS an asshole.

  9. Beefarino

    I bet he is going to belly up to Bar.

  10. Cock Dr

    Hope dumb bimbo wasn’t dreaming of wedding dresses & matching china.

    • Dan

      It is true. What did she think was going to happen really? He bangs early twenties model types and then in about 6 months to a year is done with them. Some of them like Bar Refaeli, he goes to whenever he is bored.

      I cannot understand how women fall for this guy when his exploits of love ‘em and leave ‘em are IN THE F*CKING PAPER!

    • Dan

      Also, given that he won’t even be seen walking with her when they are in the same hotel room (assumed sex happening) would be a good indication that the “relationship” wouldn’t last too long.

  11. Burt

    “She told Leo that Blake was far too up herself for him.”

    It wouldn’t surprise me. My brother got to know quite a few celebrities through his work and Leo DiCaprio is one of only two he considers down-to-earth and well-grounded.

    • Sophia

      Who’s the second?

    • meh

      Ya that’s why he only dates dumb as shit models. If he was grounded he’d at least date dumb as shit actresses too (blake is the first “actress” he’s dated and she models anyway and her “acting” screams brainless model so she’s still pretty much a model). He seems to have some kind of hair color and height requirement for any girl he dates. Only tall blonde buttermanfaces with tiny IQ’s for him. Ya he sounds like a real mature guy. This guy probably wouldn’t be willing to date Mila Kunis because…gasp… she’s petite and has brown hair…eww.

      The guy is an effing turd. He’s ugly and would never get all that ass if he was poor so I guess you can add gold digger to his requirements of bed partners. He has shit taste and frankly if you’ve seen him in an interview he seems boring as hell and not too bright. The guy touts environmental causes and then owns multipel homes and flies around in jets. Phony doesn’t even begin to describe him so I guess he is smart enough to fool a lot of dumb girls including his own Mommy. Your bro was right on one count though, Hollywood is a town of worthless egotistical fucks, I paraphrased.

      • LJ

        Sounds like he turned you down when you tried your reach-around.

      • Dan

        No actually he would get girls even if he was poor because every girl wants to be the one that tames him or whatever.

        There are plenty of girls with daddy issues out there.

      • Gumption

        he dates models and not actresses because true fashion models are gorgeous and actresses are ugly shit piles with make-up strategically applied along with the use of fun house mirrors to reflect their image back to us so we do not cower in fear from their true appearance. Leo probably wants to look over at who he is with in the morning or when she gets out of the shower and be capable of getting it up so he can make Leo love at the drop of a hat. Geez, does everything have to be explained to you?

      • Gumption

        WRONG Dan, read Cosm mag a wee too much little laddie? He would still get girls if he was poor because he is hot with a giant wang that he knows how to wield.

      • meh

        Sorry LJ you couldn’t pay me to date Leo, he’s ugly and looks like a dead bloated version of his childhood self, he’s friends with Al Gore, he let Gisele Bundchen fuck him up the ass for three years with her fat brazillian she-shlong and he was once on Growing Pains. If you are capable of counting you’ll note that that is more than 3 strikes. On top of all that he likes brainless gold diggers who can’t even speak coherently and I don’t like vain wimpy masochits who don’t respect themselves.

      • Nobody gets ass when they’re poor. Unless it’s poor ass and really now, who wants to fuck that?

      • Burt

        Nah, he lives the good life and knows it. What’s different with him is that he’s really concerned with losing his grasp on reality.

    • kimmykimkim

      Well aren’t u gonna tell us who the 2nd one is?

  12. Venom

    If you are worth hundreds of millions of dollars and you let your mom dictate who you date, you have issues.

    More than likely it is a cover story so he can run back to Bar.

    • BE

      Hey, get real. BECAUSE your worth hundreds of millions of dollars, your mom is probably the ONLY person you can trust.

      And believe me, for marital harmony you want your mother-in-law to like you

      If Momma ain’t happy – ain’t no one happy.

      I love Leo – no pics Fish?

      • meh

        There are a lot of horrible Mom’s out there. Many of whom need not be listened to. Not every Mom is a wonderful and his might be a total cow. However Blake has no long term potential so it was a decent call whoever made it. Leo is a looser though and might want to try dating an actual pretty and smart girl for a change. I would suggest Mila Kusnis as I have many tiems,b ut she is far too good for him.

      • meh

        BE you seriously would let your Mom have a say in who you date? That is deeply unhealthy imo. Evey adult I know who depends on their parents input for major life choices is totally messed up and so are their lives. Why even move out then just live with Mommy forever and never live your own life. Who knows if the story is true, but if it is it kinda disgusts me that Leo is such a manbaby. Cut the cord dude.

      • kimmykimkim

        Meh: Do you even KNOW his mother? Anybody’s mother on this site for that matter? No, you don’t. People who have fucked up moms don’t always depend on everything they say. I agree with BE. When you’re a huge celebrity, the only people you CAN trust could possibly be your family (except in the case of the Lohans and whoever else) because everybody else will just tell you what you want to hear and hump the fuck out of your leg cuz you’re a celebrity. And if Leonard DiCaprio is a loser in your eyes, I’d love to see who you think is a winner.

    • Venom

      The point is he should not have to trust his mother or anyone else in these matters.
      He is a grown ass man, he should be able to determine who is good for him or not by now.
      If you are 36, worth hundreds of millions of dollars and have been negotiating contracts for the better part of your life, determining if a woman is right to date or not should be something you should be able to handle easily.
      Considering he dates the shallowest and most vapid women, he will never find a decent woman.

      Regardless as I said it is all probably horseshit and he either was tired of her and wanted someone else or he is running back to Bar.

    • Dan

      I dunno. If I listened to my mom when she has told me that I shouldn’t be dating some girl I would have saved myself a whole lot of trouble.

      The thing is moms aren’t thinking with your penis – but most of the time I am thinking with my penis. Ya know?

      • meh

        The truth is when you become rich and famous it’s often your own family who are the first to fuck you over. You can talk to your parents about your life all you want, but to rely on their input regarding who you date is messed. Mothers can be extremely controlling and while they may not be thinking with your dick(and I do appreciate that point Dan) they are often thnking with their “I know best” twisted ego’s.

        A truly good mother would tell you it’s YOUR CHOICE and wouldn’t meddle in your life even if you asked her to, in fact she would have raised you to be strong and smart enough to lead your own life and make healthy choices for yourself all by yourself. Unless Blake was beating Leo Mommy needs to mind her own business. It’s probably all a croc of shit anyway, the manboy does not need Mommy to tell him he was bored of fucking Lively, I’m bored of looking at her and I haven’t even touched her. Fuck I can’t even sit through 1 minute of one of her shows or interviews so I can’t imagine having to listen to her dinner convo just to get on Hollywoods newest matress, she looks like she fucks like a dead fish too, the only thing she probably does in bed is whine that you’re on her hair.

        Famous people are NEVER winners Kimmy. You have some pretty low standards if this asswipe is a winner to you. Hollywood is full of uneducated sociopath adicts. It is beyond me why people worship celebs and refuse to see the ugly ass naked emperors behind all the hype.

        My life doctor who is 70, has saved countless lives, refuses to retire because his patients need him, who has been with the same woman (who is Helen Mirren gorgeous) for 50 years, put himsefl through school working 3 jobs, speaks 17 languages no joke, has travelled the world to improve medicine, donates most of his money to disease research and is litterally one of the niecest and funniest people (he has the crudest humour) I have ever known is a fucking winner.

        Now pardonnez my ass if that’s too detailed an answer for you, but you clealry have no fucking clue what constitutes an admirable human being and could benefit from a little perspective.

        This bimbo banging bloated spoiled mama’s boy is a complete and utter loser and I say that with 100% confidence.

      • BE

        The problem MEH – is that your experience and Leo’s experiences are different. And, thank you kimmykimkim – one of the first things that happens when you become a celebrity like Leo is that you’re surrounded by a bunch of people you simply cannot trust.

        My personal read on that situation: The red dot was already on Blake forehead because she was rebound anyway. Leo merely got support from his mom to pull the trigger. Why else would he take her to meet his mom so early – they were dating for all of two months.

        If it had been 6 months or more, I might agree with some of what you said. (But mostly I think you don’t trust your own mother much.)

        I think Blake was just a rebound that got out of control. I’ve been there. You decide you want someone different from who you were with but actually you’re just picking someone there’s no future with because it feels safe. Then you get tired of all the differences and end up back with the type of person you really find attractive.

  13. zomgbie

    blake who?

  14. That Guy

    This is probably due to Green Lantern’s Box Office performance. :P

  15. El Chunior

    23 year-old? She must be a heavy drinker and smoker. She looks 30.

  16. Kuli

    Good for him. She’s ugly.
    He should get back with Bar

  17. Anon


  18. Vivian

    I despise spammers to no end, get the &%#$ out and go back to your &&%$$ing hole where you &%$came from and never come back here!!! you worhtles &&%$ piece of s….t!!!

    (aaah that feels better)

  19. NTT

    Blake is quickly becoming Hollywood’s pass around girl. In a few years, Fish might even have a chance.

  20. (R)obvious

    Or she saw Green Lantern

  21. Ben

    Translation: Leo is a gay mama’s boy. Gee, didn’t see that one coming.

  22. Leonardo DiCaprio Blake Lively Break Up
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    One too many bracelets… And what is that big black schlong-y thing??!

  23. misterfister

    I bet he dumped her because he already had ass sex with her..

  24. Leonardo DiCaprio Blake Lively Break Up
    Commented on this photo:

    “Yes, I can blow you right over the phone……I’m ready.”

  25. Leonardo DiCaprio Blake Lively Break Up
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    This chick is ugly with a big nose & mole. What’s all the fuss about?

  26. Mitch

    Leo is a douche and his mom is an overbearing bitch.

  27. Leonardo DiCaprio Blake Lively Break Up
    Commented on this photo:

    Maybe if she opened that wide in the first place, she wouldn’t have gotten that call.

  28. kimmykimkim

    Hey Cary! Fuck you!

  29. Gemma

    Oh well, another one bites the dust, and they were so cute together. He should stop dating all of these stupid models and starlets, and find a girl that’s finished college or at least high school.

  30. puhleez

    Leo’s not gay. Problem is, mothers can always spot a skank. Good boys listen to their mothers and save themselves lots of bullshit and “unplanned” pregnancies.

    • CranAppleSnapple

      Are you JoJo’s mother from that Momma’s Boys reality show, who wanted to bang her own son? She was all “Good boys listen to their mothers”.

  31. Shockandawe

    Mama DiCaprio knows what she is talking about. I am so sick of these no talent gossip girl people and hills rejects. There is no standard in Hollywood now for who can claim to be a celebrity. The constant self promotion on no credentials is ridiculous. This girl needs to take some lessons and find someone shallow her own age. No relationship is going to last if all she can talk about is modeling and a dumb tv show.

  32. Leonardo DiCaprio Blake Lively Break Up
    Stewie Griffin
    Commented on this photo:

    Leo hits it and quits it! Who will be the next girl who thinks they have the magic hooch that can change him?

  33. AL

    if he is so down to Earth, why does he have to date such big shot women? Why can’t he date a nice business woman?

  34. terry

    BS!!!! This was a PR stunt to help that shitfest Green Lantern get some traction. It ain’t work.
    Remember when a 2nd crop of naked pixs of Vanessa Hudgens were on the net( I couldn’t find them. And god knows I tried. Damn!)
    C’mon yall, we know how this tried and true game is played:

    *Stars hook up: New project by both or one is in play
    *Stars get photographed all over the place together
    *Stars are then seen apart:Like on different continents and playing with a new “PLAY THANG”
    *The movie mags/tabloids(really, what is the difference?) declares Stars have broken up and moved on.
    Give me a fucking break.

  35. cc

    Hey, what an awesome idea. Up until recently, I just threw my cat’s hairballs into the toilet. Blake turns them into jewellry!

  36. Leonardo DiCaprio Blake Lively Break Up
    Audrey Jo
    Commented on this photo:

    … so she got some black-power dongs?

  37. Gumption

    Atta boy Leo, I was starting to lose faith in ya. Blake L. has a very trailer park-esque look to her. He must have been feeling depressed and self punishing after he dumped his last gf to mess with ol’ Ms. Bordering the Rode Too Hard and Put Up But Hope Plastic Surgery Can Take Me Another 3 Years Unttil I Trick Someone Into Marrying Me Lively. He needs to kick it back up to Gisele caliber. Give that Adrianna Lima gal a call or perhaps that blonde chick in the first post of the day. Stay strong Leo, stay strong.

  38. Leonardo DiCaprio Blake Lively Break Up
    Commented on this photo:

    “What the frapp? You’re dumping me? Now who’s going to use my double dildo purse with me?”

  39. You know, believe it or not, it kind of sucks to be in your mid to late 30′s and not be married. Even if you are an international movie star playboy. All of the chicks you really want to fuck are 22 and retarded. All the chicks in your age group that are cool/fun/fuckable/someone to hold on to are either already married and popping out kids or completely insane.

    It really does suck in a way.

  40. MrsWrong

    “See other people? Nuh, unh!”

  41. Buddy

    Dude, stop acting like the sunshine comes out of Blake Lively’s bunghole. We all know you got the hots for her. We don’t read this blog for that. Sure you can’t believe she’s a self-absorbed Hollywood bitch? Lol I get it, you think you’re being funny but for frequent readers it’s getting a little old.

  42. Carolyn

    What the hell. Why doesn’t he try dating someone his own age once in a while?
    When I was 23 I had absolutely nothing in common with someone who was 36 except sex and that wears off.

  43. gigi

    Well since Plato didn’t even want anything to do with a vaj – he probably wouldn’t have much to say about them of consequence….

  44. kristen

    I cannot understand how women fall for this guy when his exploits of love ‘em and leave ‘em are IN THE F*CKING PAPER!

    That explains why his “girlfriends” are always so effing dumb!

  45. Yellow

    Yeah, I broke up with Leo. But it’s okay, i know three black guys who can tide me over.

  46. Jacob

    Blake, I’ve seen you naked. You’re no longer relevant.

  47. Curt

    Is that why she’s carrying what looks like a black leather dildo?

  48. kat

    Right about now if this story is true I hope blake didn’t sleep with him. That’s why you wait a whole 3-6 months before u have sex with someone, cause if you don’t they will just drop you like a penny on the street.

  49. Martina

    for the time being, this “couple” makes sense – they can afford each other

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