Leonardo Dicaprio Dumped Blake Lively

As Plato once wisely said, “New vagina thou aren’t mightier than olden vagina,” Leonardo DiCaprio has already kicked Blake Lively to the curb, according to Digital Spy:

According to sources, Lively flew out to Italy to meet the Inception actor’s mom, who “couldn’t stand” the 23-year-old.
A close friend explained to Now magazine: “Blake’s a total mess. She tried hard to impress Leo’s mom when they met but Irmelin couldn’t stand her.
“She told Leo that Blake was far too up herself for him. Blake was nervous so she did talk a lot. But his mom says all she did was talk about Gossip Girl and how she’s a Chanel model.
“Leo listens to his mom and the fact that she didn’t like her has put him off.”

MOM: So, how we playing this? You still want to keep banging models and randoms, right? You’re not marrying this one?
LEO: Same as always.
MOM: Then I can’t stand her and my son listens to his mother. (That’ll be a new Benz.)
LEO: Love ya, ma.

Photo: INFdaily, Pacific Coast News, Splash News