Lenny Kravitz pissed he got dragged into A-Rod fiasco

Lenny Kravitz is pissed that he ended up tied into A-Rod’s divorce and blames his ex-manager Guy Oseary. Guy manages Madonna and A-Rod and was fired by Lenny two weeks ago when he learned Guy had a publicity stunt cooked up, according to Page Six:

Romero called Kravitz two weeks ago to tip him off that Oseary – who managed Kravitz, Madonna and A-Rod – was about to “pimp out Madonna and A-Rod,” said a source. But Kravitz didn’t approve and told Romero, “I’ll take care of this” – and fired Oseary…. Romero believes Oseary planted the story in retaliation for being dumped.
Kravitz, Cynthia Rodriguez and Romero were all in Kravitz’s tour bus when the reports broke in Paris. “Lenny looked like he was going to throw up,” Romero told the Post. “Lenny said, ‘I worked so hard to clean up my image and now I’m gonna get dragged into this.’ “

Oh, poor Lenny Kravitz. Now people are going to think he’s a cool rock star that gets laid. That’s gotta smarts and, believe me, I know. People think I’m this awesome blogger who’s constantly draped with nude supermodels and writes posts from a flying Lamborghini with a hot tub. Honestly, I don’t know where they get this stuff. It’s a Ferrari.