Lena Dunham Is Sorry About Her Stupid Abortion ‘Joke’

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Lena Dunham said people took it the wrong way when she injected herself into a controversial area and said dumb shit about something she had no business talking about. This time it was Lena Dunham’s regret over never getting an abortion, which managed to piss off everyone from every political stripe because speaking as Lena Dunham, the self-appointed voice of a generation of women, Lena Dunham must filter everyone else’s life experience through Lena Dunham’s vapid lens. Via The Daily Beast:

On her podcast “Women of the Hour” last week, Lena Dunham informed her audience that while she’s never had an abortion personally, she wishes she had so she could do her part to reduce stigma around the issue. The story goes that when she was asked to share her abortion story, she didn’t have an abortion story to share, which she found, somehow, stigmatizing to women who had them. “Now I can say that I still haven’t had an abortion, but I wish I had,” she said, for some reason.

Naturally, Twitter flipped out and went right to “Your mom should have aborted you,” which is always helpful, so Lena apologized on Instagram by basically saying “Sorry you didn’t get what I was trying to do with my brilliant satire.” Then the Earth continued to rotate, we all had some food, and thought about how shitty this season feels this year, because Lena Dunham could say all of the dumb things and we could feel good calling her the dumbest dummy in Hollywood, and yet, the crushing inertia of life will still push us inevitably to our deaths. Happy Holidays!

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