Lena Dunham Thinks Artists Should Work For Free

Lena Dunham landed a $3.7 million advance for her upcoming book Not That Kind of Girl which she’ll promote with an 11-city tour at a cost of $38 per ticket. It will feature a variety of artists who won’t see a dime of that money because their art isn’t special like her writing art, so they can eat bags of (leftover) dicks. The New York Times reports via Gawker:

Last month, the writer, actor and producer Lena Dunham started an ambitious project. Nearly 600 people responded to an open call for video auditions on her website, including a sand artist, a ukulele player, a cappella singers, gymnasts, performance artists and stand-up comics, even some exceptionally charismatic babies.
The seven who made the final cut won’t be making cameos in “Girls,” Ms. Dunham’s HBO show about Brooklyn 20-somethings. Instead, they’ll be the warm-up acts — performing free of charge — on an elaborately produced, 11-city tour to promote Ms. Dunham’s new book, “Not That Kind of Girl.”

If there’s one thing millenials rightly complain about it, it’s being trapped in a cycle of unpaid internships and/or working for free with promises of “exposures.” So it only seems fitting that their voice would piss right in their faces because she was born rich and couldn’t give less fucks. Plus Lena Dunham needs that money to buy giant bow-tie.. things which is why you never trust anyone who wears the same twee shit as you. (Write that down.)

UPDATE: And look who’s suddenly concerned with compensating artists.

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