Lena Dunham Forever Bound to the Phrase ‘Hipster Racism’

A writer for Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner’s Lenny Letter announced she was quitting the newsletter over the weekend in a strongly worded statement that encouraged other writers, especially those of color, to follow suit. This comes after Dunham decided to defend Murray Miller, a Girls writer accused of rape. If the fact that Dunham — who has been vocal about smashing the patriarchy of sexual misconduct — chose to side with her friend Murray over a woman accusing him of rape doesn’t strike you as questionable behavior then you probably think Paul Ryan’s tax plan is the tits.

Zinzi Clemmons accused Dunham and her friends of fostering a creative environment that allowed what she calls “hipster racism” and I doubt we’ll be seeing many women of color writing for the Lenny Letter anytime soon. Here’s Zinzi’s resignation:

How the tables have turned on Lena Dunham. Turns out she’s (unsurprisingly) just as guilty of using her privilege as the men she’s always so quick to publicly skewer. Honestly, I don’t expect much less from the same woman who blamed an animal shelter for the fact that she sucks at taking care of her dog.

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