Is Lena Dunham A Fat-Shaming Cisgender?

Here’s Lena Dunham filming a scene for Girls where she hilariously mocks her own body by wearing Spandex and running in public. Which begs the question, what’s so hilarious about obesity, Lena Dunham? Why does a strong feminist such as yourself consider it funny to wear ill-fitting clothes that exposes your natural, womanly girth? Are you not just reaffirming the patriarchy’s expectations of the feminine body by using your own for comedic effect? I ask you again, why is it so funny that we see your stomach? Is not the comedy itself the fact that it’s something unsuitable for the light of the day in the eyes of cisgender white males? Even further, why is your proud, doughy belly purposefully absent from this Instagram photo of the same day? I’m sorry to say Lena Dunham, but I find this shame of your realistic womanly body to be problematic at best and hereby sentence you to three years in politically correct prison next to Hulk Hogan. Hail Caitlyn!

*whips around to crowd full of asshole #GamerGaters, Trump voters, and anyone stupid enough to equate Lena Dunham with Josh Duggar*


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Photos: AKM-GSI

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