Lena Dunham Cancels Book Tour Dates

“Ohmygod, she reminds me of my sister!” — Is Hell hot?

Yesterday, the Internet exploded over whether or not passages in Lena Dunham’s book about early sexual curiosity (that were more than likely exaggerated) could somehow make a seven-year-old girl a child molester which is goddamn ridiculous on its face. Except now it’s resulted in Lena Dunham cancelling dates on her book tour, according to ABC News, so now you bastards have me wondering if the ends justify the means and I’ve already put way more thought into Lena Dunham than any person ever should. So let’s call this one a wash because who fucking cares anymore? As long as this doesn’t expedite Laurel becoming the Black Canary on Arrow, I don’t have a dog in this race. (Not a Lena Dunham joke. I think.) Because if Laurel does become Black Canary, I will unleash a series of calculated attacks so fierce your children will- This isn’t my private journal, isn’t it? And by mine I mean Photo Boy’s. I’ll wear a wire. He needs to be stopped. *tosses hard drive into lake*

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