Leighton Meester wearing who the hell knows and other news

December 30th, 2009 // 48 Comments

- Chris Brown Jet-skis after beating Rihanna, yet becomes a hermit when nobody likes his music. Nice. [Lainey Gossip]

- Denise Richards is ready to detonate. Knew she wouldn’t let me down. [PopEater]

- Christina Aguilera is really glad she activated that clone so she can take some time off. [DrunkenStepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Leighton Meester hosts the opening of Klutch. [Just Jared]

- The Year in AHHHHHHHHH! [Celebslam]

- George Clooney apparently likes his women bikini-clad 24/7. And they say there’s no more role-models in Hollywood. [PopSugar]

- Jon Gosselin abuses women now. Where does the sexy end? [The Blemish]

- Tiger Woods probably won’t be getting birthday sex tonight. From Elin anyway. [Socialite Life]

- Lindsay Lohan is going to launch an entire clothing line. Who is stupid enough to invest in- Wait. Now I get where Jon Gosselin’s money went. Never mind. [ICYDK]

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  1. ijole


  2. JiggaJay



  3. ijole

    Si. I would flood her uterus with millions of tiny farm workers!

  4. Keith

    #3 , my penis will yell “immigracion” , causing your farm workers to flee, while I plow her field anew.

  5. who is she again?

  6. gen

    Uh, too pretty. Love her.

  7. who dat

    @ 2

    I wish one of you hot guys would tornado MY asshole. I love a really righteous drilling and then a solid blast into waiting yap. I would clean you after with my velvety tongue.

    Don’t hate. I am a proud, flamboyant gay man. Get used to it.

    Happy New Year!

  8. Donnie Brassballs

    I know it is not original sounding…

    but I so want to pop it into her Keester.

  9. Dan

    I would put my penis in her vagina and move it around a bit!

  10. Diggery

    I would offer to take her to a movie, and cook dinner for her.

  11. Her dress looks like an all black anime cosplay outfit.

  12. Leighton: It’s a short skirt but it could be better.

    Clooney: Appears he likes his trannies bikini-clad, too.

    Christina Aguilera: Those pics are okay. The boots neutralize the Peg Bundy pants.

  13. Valerie

    Whoa! M. Fox thumbs!

  14. Del

    Seriously, what is that she is wearing?

  15. I have no idea who this is, or what she is wearing.

    But I’d love to impregnate her.

  16. Seriously, is she like a sow with six small breasts?

  17. That is a strange outfit.

  18. more sexy pictures click my name directly~~~
    Wow! If you stare at her crotch long enough (please don’t judge me) it looks like they sponge painted a pube shadow on the fabric covering her privates. Maybe this is her way of shouting, “I am not Blair. I’m a spandex wearing bedazzled boot nightmare from 1987.”

  19. It’s outfits like these that make me think some stylists have a very evil sense of humor. It’s like they have a bet going on between them all to see who can get away with putting their celeb in the most hideous outfit and passing it off as “fashion”

  20. lola

    She looks cute here and the dress looks fine

  21. She is heart beat of many boys,including me.she look very cute and beautiful in this black dress.i want to make her my GF.

  22. Extremely overrated. Sorry…

  23. Fammi sapere come leggere questo articolo, un sacco di cose che prima non sapevo

  24. Fammi sapere come leggere questo articolo, un sacco di cose che prima non sapevo

  25. Gary

    The outfit looks sexy and cool, as others have said like something a Japanese RPG character would wear, maybe Square Enix designed it for her? The skirt is far too long, obviously.

    I’d like to turn her into my personal oil platform, and drill her repeatedly.

  26. Ronald McDouchebag

    who cares what leighton wears, dat bow legged biiiach be hot!!!!

  27. God she’s sexy! But the poor thing desperately – DESPERATELY – needs a stylist.

  28. Fat Foot



  29. Hi Guy’s,
    I wish one of you hot guys would tornado MY asshole. I love a really righteous drilling and then a solid blast into waiting yap. I would clean you after with my velvety tongue.

  30. She is looking nice in these clothes!!

  31. Jackson Wallace

    yo gay guys, we got the message. No straight guy wants to tornado your asshole. Stop doing what makes the right-wing yokels hate you – stop trolling for partners among the straight set – trust me, we ain’t interested. Also, not all men are into aholes. I’ll take my vagina tight, thanks, with a side order of perfect tits, ass, nice hari, deep throat, and a non-american greedy attitude. Dont wanna see anymore blown out assholes in porn thanks. That’s lifetime diaper territory, ladies. Have some self-respect.

  32. thank you admin
    very nice

  33. She looks so beautiful as if she were a queen.

  34. TopCat

    No mames, esta re buena, si le empujaba sus frijoles

  35. This is something that reveals her beaty, lolzzz frankly speaking looking her in all weird dresses…I find her better in this. She looks really hot.

  36. she is looking good though

  37. great dress i really like it

  38. Well, the dress is really strange but it’s not as horrible as you say. I wouldn’t wear anything like that, but everybody has their own taste.

  39. but everybody has their own taste.

  40. Thank you. It is nice to hear about the updates. It has been some months since we last deal with the possible outcomes.

  41. Oh cooome on, she’s cute! :)

  42. Oh cooome on, she’s cute! :)

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