Leighton Meester in a bikini

May 11th, 2009 // 78 Comments

Here’s Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester at a Los Angeles beach, and I’d like to personally thank the paparazzo responsible for these photos. Kudos to you, sir. Your keen skills deftly adapted to Leighton’s retarded boob curtain by going straight for a plethora of butt shots. Otherwise, this shoot would’ve rapidly become, dare I say, Lauren Conrad-esque? Then may God have mercy on us all….


  1. Sam

    Best part is the “Back To Entry” button when you’re looking at the all-fours picture.

  2. havoc

    I’ll take photo #7 for rear entry Alex……


  3. groan

    Leighton Meester has a loose keister.

  4. Tony Bravado

    Very nice Ass. Very nice indeed.

  5. The gorgeous one

    something’s missing . . . i think it’s her ass

  6. tim

    She’s self conscious about her boobs. But her ass – she’s apparently proud of that!

  7. Matt

    Way too young for the cheekcheese.

  8. Newcastle

    Very hot! I’d break out the Show Stopper on that ass.

  9. dag

    i hope this silly bitch doesn’t get any tattoos. tattoo-less chicks are getting as rare as virgins these days. fucking disgusting.

  10. Mr. Bation

    I’ll bet she’s Euro cause the suit bottom screams “SPEEDO”!

  11. Bob

    What a nice ass on a little thing!

  12. Fryshlock

    Big ole black girl booty…..now all she needs is the TAN!!!!

  13. #7 = moron

    best booty! you’re a retard who knows nothing about anything, Matt!

  14. RtSS

    Image #7 catching the infamous Jessica Alba pose. Man would I love to be on that beach directly behind her. Just a little slip of that bikini bottom, and I am “in” heaven.

  15. IKE

    Wow, she’s a little light in the britches.

  16. This butt is relevant to my interests…

  17. a nice ass pic is worth a billion stupid fake boob pics.

  18. dirk

    Leighton Meester has a flabby keester. I’d still wreck that pooper.

  19. Leonardo DaNimo

    Do you think she’ll be open to ass fingering while I bang her silly?

  20. Galtacticus

    No boobs this time but generously she shows some other meaty parts.

  21. Nero

    She goes eagerly on all fours.Maybe the sand is too hot?

  22. Guest

    She’s got such a fabulous body!!
    I think she looked better with dark
    hair, tho.

  23. eagle-eye

    #9 – look at the pic 7 on her left wrist. She’s already got a tattoo

  24. Petra

    She has THE PERFECT body!

    That’s what all girls should look like.

  25. dirk

    #24 You do realize that the girl has no tits, right?

  26. Parker

    @25 who cares if she has tits? If you find her bent over holding her ankles the only thing you should care about is what to do for lunch after buttfucking her. Do you send her out to get you a sandwich or do you tell her to make you a sandwich herself. On the one hand if you send her out you can leave before she comes back but you don’t get a sandwich. On the other hand you have to wait for her to make the sandwich before you can leave but she might start talking while she’s slicing the bread. You could be trapped for hours.

  27. Drundel

    Little flabby for a girl as young as her. She needs to spend a little time at the gym.

  28. Thats a lovely bod, I think its the wedgie that makes it look like she had a melted ice cream or at least starting to have one! but i would certainly, I repeat certainly crack her jack!!!

  29. WTF 27


    WTF are you on? Flabby? Are you fucking serious? You must be a fucking tooth pick then. That’s a great ass to have. We don’t like little no ass girls. I guess you like to fuck bones don’t you?

  30. Ralph

    She has the Noassatoll disease.

  31. vito

    AAACCKKKKK…a TATTOO on her left wrist! What a trollop…a skank…a total whore…a disreputable slut and a nasty-ass cunt!

    You guys all save yourselves and run like hell. I’ll sacrifice myself and engage her in a match of Slap-and-Tickle while you all get away…

    Don’t worry about me. I’ll get away somehow. Eventually.

  32. Funeral Guy

    Bottom heavy, cottage cheese ass in two years and no tits…next.

  33. freddo

    no no no no, there’s definitely something wrong with her ass, it just don’t look right, Jimbob.

  34. Beastman AIDS

    I used to have a girlfriend and now all I have is some elusive creature that lurks in the bedroom whoring the internet ON MY COMPUTER to watch this rubbish for more hours than I can occupy myself with xbox.

  35. gil

    nice ass but WHO IN THE BLUE HELL IS SHE?

  36. She looks a little skinny to me?

  37. Kimberly

    I think I saw testicles!

  38. The lard asses cover up the ass fat with a bed sheet while on the beech.
    Now we have no tits butter face covering up nothing with a tee shirt.
    Got confidence much?

  39. live and let live

    Wow, I see a beautiful young lady and then I read all the comments and I’m truly disgusted….”no ass”, “no tits”, “big booty”, “flabby”, “too thin”, etc…etc…

    WHAT THE FUCK!? You guys are all over the place – she’s a pretty young actress and you all tear her apart?

    I realize this site is called The Superficial” but Christ on a cracker, NO ONE IS PERFECT to you bunch because you’re all saying she’s the complete opposite of everything….I’d love to know, how the fuck girls/woman are supposed to feel when a person like this is ripped to shreds?

    This takes the ever loving cake…un-fucking-believable!

  40. the gal in bikini in nice looking.
    she has nice body
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  41. alison

    she has an ass alright. but it ain’t perky. that’s what is wrong.


  43. She is hottest girl in the world now
    I think

  44. sala white

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  45. Savvy

    Shiny butt

  46. Rhialto


  47. ARealMan

    Here’s the truth.
    Leighton has a gorgeous but very girl next door face. Looks better filmed than photographed.
    Her breasts are perfectly sized unless you prefer implants. Which I and most real men don’t. We like em real.
    Her ass is sweet. Not too big. Not too small. Very feminine. Which means it’s soft. Could she use a workout at the gym? Maybe. But not if it means she loses her bounce.
    Judgment. Leighton Meester is a damn fine looking woman with a fine ass.
    Real men agree. The truth.

  48. Galtacticus

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  50. mikeock

    Ok, I have no idea who this girl is. Admit it … you’re just taking pictures of random girls in bikinis and claiming they’re on some show on the WB – which nobody watches anyway.

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