Leighton Meester has a sex tape

June 19th, 2009 // 121 Comments

A sex tape featuring Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester is apparently available online. According to TMZ, the tape is a few years old and was picked up by CelebHotline.com after being shopped around this week. Had I known, I probably would’ve forked over my entire life savings for it which may or may not be an unopened Chewbacca figure and half a bottle of Jack. I’m prepared for the future.

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW versions of maybe-Leighton Meester.

Photos: CelebHotline, Getty

  1. F*ckRandal

    dude…I sent my assistant to get me coffee so I can wank it – and there is a big fucking star in my way!!!!!!!!!

  2. Deacon Jones

    Fuck! Remove those stars, and yes, I’m double-clicking!

  3. vanessa

    That being said I’d still like to see it.
    She’s so hott is not fair =p

  4. anony

    the stars are still there!!!!

  5. liz

    i hope the tape doesnt have stars all over it

  6. me

    Well now she’ll get some more press.

  7. mikeock01

    pixilated ass shots? are you fucking kidding me?

  8. *Fameeeee Leighton Meister gonna live 4ever, rough daddy gonna fab to this*

  9. kingofbeer


  10. F*ckRandal

    Dude I need to see pic #3…like right now…

  11. pirhan

    You guys don’t get out much.

  12. JustJess

    Good Lord, what is next?? You know – there really is no point of return with this celebutards… she has a tape, somebody else has a tape…and it looks like – well what we all do… which is FUCK!

    No one is extra special in this department – really – for every simulated rape, SM, fisting video you see, there are hundreds more. It’s all about what is and is not willing to do – tapes come and go – nothing special.

    Nothing lasts, does it?

    And – I call FAKE! Chick looks fat…

  13. F*ckRandal

    god I hate you for the pixelated ass shot – just ruined my god damn day.

  14. Bitch needs a tan… badly…

  15. devilsrain

    Dont be such a tease with that ass shot. At least photoshop a girls asshole over the pixels

  16. Gary B

    Sex tapes are just SOO old, can we instead get a video of Leighton or some celeb hottie riding the sybian orgasm machine.

  17. me

    Why does this make some people so mad? You’re on a fucking celebrity gossip site!!! What the fuck are you expecting?

  18. Poor girls, be aware people… but where can we download it?

  19. Sid

    “Dont be such a tease with that ass shot. At least photoshop a girls asshole over the pixels”

    No, it should be a tiny picture of Heidi Montag’s face with her trademark open-mouth expression.

  20. sperminator

    me thinks this is ok but nothing special, just another woman doing her job. I hope at the end of the video they show her going in the kitchen and cook something for her man.

  21. Parker

    I want to bury my weiner in her ass and just hold it there.

  22. too funny


    lol, too funny. another dumb girl who doesn’t realize this shit always comes out when you get famous. lmfao, welcome to hollywood you bug lookalike.

    fucking kids.

  23. fearsarewishes

    I enjoy celebrity sex tapes.

  24. pete

    Stop moaning about the pixelated Leighton Keester shot. I just looked at the NON-FREE version and let’s just say whoever this girl is, she might not have been anticipating being on video and she’s definitely not an expert wiper.

  25. Hank

    This is a fake. It is Roby from Roby and Harry at sellyoursextape.com

  26. jake

    nothing like a blurred butthole to ruin a perfectly good friday

  27. Surprised??

    Why is this news shocking to so many people?

    Every young and barely-legal girl dying for fame takes her clothes off and bends over for the camera these days. “Look at me!! Look at me!! I have girlie parts now!!” I bet most of them still sleep with teddy bears.

    Pathetic and lame.

  28. I'm so Vapid

    What happened to the Old Superficial writer? Half the posts on here are funnier than the actual commentary! WTF? Bring back the Comedy!!!!!!!!!!

  29. RobertNorthwon

    Anyone else notice the caption they gave it? “Back to Entry”

  30. Clarification

    Just wanted to let everyone know that although Hank has a good idea…I checked out the Roby and Harry tape (or what was free and screencaps). Roby does not wear the necklaces that are featured on this girl…I believe this is an authentic tape. Can’t WAIT! until its free!

  31. Clarification


    For further clarification she appears to be wearing the exact same black necklace in the above linked 2004 appearance. So we can guess this is her circa 2004…Hope this helps out!

  32. Clarification


    The above link 100% confirms this is leighton meester from 2004. She is wearing both necklaces at this appearance! WOOHOO

  33. the blue flame

    Best part of the butt scene is right after this picture, when the guy holds a lit match close and she…well, you know.

  34. Bob

    Probably BS, but a man can dream.

  35. Chick has such a round face. What a fatty.

    Face looks like that lardass pieface from “Traffic”, the daughter of Michael Douglas (check link in my name)

  36. Vivi

    I mean, I don’t blame her. I don’t think she would be desperate enough to leak a sex tape of herself for fame….she’s fairly famous already. Besides, everyone has sex tapes laying around somewhere and it’s probably easy to leak with computers nowadays. It just sucks when you’re a celeb and greedy buttholes try to make money off of your embarrassment.

  37. fearsarewishes

    @33 and 34

    Please be careful, Mr. Clarification. The adhesive tape that you’ve wrapped around the bridge of your broken eyeglasses will only hold so long.

    Please take some of the money you have so responsibly saved from your paper route wages and purchase some new frames. They will cost more than a new pocket protector, but it’s worth it!

    Have a great day!

  38. Amy

    Who gives a shit? Honestly. What famous chick doesn’t have a sex tape? It’s old. If I want to watch porn, I’ll go to fantasi cc (or one of the other million websites) and not waste my time looking at poorly filmed crap with someone who’s too stupid to realize that videos with your boyfriend don’t remain secret when you break up.

  39. So what – she has a sex tape, she has sex – that is normal isn’t it people?! At least she looks great not like Britney Spears or Paris Hilton…

  40. @lyrics
    Really? She looks better than either of them during their sex tape? She looked great on the red carpet but doesnt do much for me in those tape shots. The lesson learned long ago here is..make a sex tape, leak to public, gain stardom. ABC.
    The Rake

  41. SydVicious

    #21– BRILLIANT call.

  42. Delgo

    Dude-totally real.
    Oh &I give fuck, too.

  43. Newcastle

    LMAO at #21, that’s some good shit right there. These pics are serious fail btw.

  44. this is the moment ive been waiting for the last six months..every cute girl in Hollywood ends up nude on the internet eventually

  45. this is the moment ive been waiting for the last six months..every cute girl in Hollywood ends up nude on the internet eventually

  46. Stinky

    I can’t believe it, and gossip girls is such a classy show, too!

    A perfect Hollywood sleazebag FAIL first class with oak leaf clusters…

  47. Initial_G

    Gotta love a girl who will bend over and show the camera her chocolate starfish in all its full glory.

  48. BoJackson

    Does anyone see the humor as to where ‘BACK TO ENTRY’ is so perfectly displayed?

    (I dunno – - maybe it’s just me; been a long week, bored, etc…)

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