Leighton Meester Beat Her Mom With a Bottle, If You Believe An Ex-Con

July 26th, 2011 // 44 Comments

Before we get into the various lawsuits Leighton Meester and her mom Constance are firing back and forth at each other, just a little background: When Constance was pregnant with Leighton, she was in prison for working with a drug ring to smuggle dope into the United States from Jamaica, and birthed Leighton in a hospital before handing her over to her grandmother and returning to prison. Now that I’ve effectively dirtied the jury pool, here’s where we’re at: Constance is suing Leighton for refusing to pay her money, of course, and also claiming she beat her with a bottle because otherwise this would just look like another parent leeching off their Hollywood kid. Via Reuters:

In a suit filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court Monday, Constance L. Meester also says that her estranged daughter had promised her a one-time payment of $30,000 and then $10,000 a month.
Constance Meester says that because her daughter didn’t pay, the older Meester can’t afford proper care for Leighton’s brother.
… Constance Meester’s lawsuit claims that “at 2:00 a.m. on December 11, 2010, Leighton intentionally assaulted Constance by throwing her to the ground and repeatedly hitting her with a bottle. Leighton had to be pulled off of Constance by her brother Alexander.”
She asks for damages from the alleged beating, for breach of contract, fraud, intentional infliction of emotional distress and other charges.

Leighton has since countersued and, well, let’s just say it all sounds about right:

In the actress’s lawsuit, filed July 22, she claims that she sent money for her brother, but that “Constance has been using the money … to pay for cosmetic procedures for herself, including plastic surgery on her face and stomach, Botox injections for her face, fillers for her hands and hair extensions.
The lawsuit continues, “sadly, Leighton is also informed and believes … that Constance has an alcohol and substance abuse problem that is clouding her judgment. Leighton was recently informed that Constance has been taking pain medication prescribed to Lex following his recent brain surgery.
The suit says that Leighton stopped sending money to Constance but “will continue to pay for Lex’s medical insurance and school tuition.”
… The actress’s lawsuit claims that “although she is healthy and physically able to work, Constance refuses to do so. Instead, Constance expects her daughter to support her financially.” That lawsuit says that while Leighton Meester is willing to pay for her brother’s insurance and other care, she doesn’t owe her mother anything. It asks a judge to declare that she’s not obliged to pay Constance Meester anything.

So, basically, Constance Meester is Dina Lohan if Dina Lohan ever did time and birthed Lindsay in a prison. Which apparently seems to be what she did wrong because people actually hire Leighton Meester and make casting decisions with her in mind. Also, she doesn’t crash into babies with a moving vehicle, but that could just be a fluke. Anyway, because this site is called The Superficial I added a few pics of Leighton Meester at Comic-Con where she somehow looked way hotter than usual. Not quite sure what the difference is, but using my extensive knowledge of women, I’ll just say she’s not retaining water. That’s probably it.

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  1. Leighton Meester
    Commented on this photo:

    A joke stops being ammusing when it has to be explained to half of the audience. Damnit dumbasses, keep up

  2. duck

    that’s minka kelly in the comic con photos

  3. LJ

    Very thoughtful of this 25 year old woman to take care of her brother’s medical issues (brain tumor/cancer).

    If she found out that Mom was stealing her brother’s pain medication (needed because he had the tumor cut out of his head in May) she should have tossed Mom down a flight of stairs and then beat her with a bottle.

    The court should award custody of Leighton’s 15 yr old brother to her, and let the mother fend for herself.

  4. Arzach

    She can beat me any time she wants… yes I’m a pervert that enjoys the beating from a smoking hot brunette

  5. Leighton Meester
    Commented on this photo:

    thats not Leighton Meester–

    thats the other chick that looks exactly alike her…

  6. the one

    when attention isn’t enough some people do strange things!!

  7. Ed

    As far as I know you can’t enforce a promise to pay, only a contract. And face it this cunt couldn’t take care of a kid even with ten grand a month.

  8. Leighton Meester
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    That’s not Leighton, though. And I think Leighton’s hotter. Maybe not in those pics, but in general.

  9. Leighton Meester
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    Droopy eyes apart… she’s smoking!

  10. Leighton Meester
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  11. Jinxy

    It’s not like her mom doesn’t have the mad skills to make big bucks – may I suggest to Connie the Con she investigate cocaine smuggling with the lovely Mexican Cartels, either Sinaloa or Gulf, who both have excellent affirmative action programs especially for women *Ole!* with a lot of very specific *guns and machetes provided* experience and who can cut a bitch if things go wrong. Lovely resort like working conditions with the occasional beheading and gang rape in a wondrous tropical setting. The perfect place for predatory psychopathic mothers who need to reenter the workforce quickly and best of all no pesky tumor filled kids who whine about pain when you take a few/all of their pain meds.

  12. Leighton Meester
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    i love her face , her face is flawless

  13. Leighton Meester
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    I’d beat her mom too, if she asks me to…

  14. Leighton Meester
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    the last three pictures are of minka kelly, not leighton meester.

  15. Leighton Meester
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    last four, sorry.

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