Leighton Meester is Crafty

November 17th, 2010 // 65 Comments

With Blake Lively being universally panned for her “acting” in the just-released Green Lantern trailer, a sly Leighton Meester conveniently appeared at the Harry Winston event in New York last night wearing see-through pants – with no underwear. Now, I’m not saying this was a coordinated move to claim the title of “the hot one” on Gossip Girl, but I’m also not saying it isn’t working. Nor am I suggesting Leighton take a few pages from the Taylor Momsen playbook because that would totally make Blake look like a fatty everyone hates. I could never be a part of such a thing.

Oh, how’d this link get here? Clumsy me…

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  1. gogo


  2. Iz

    Now give me a piece of DAT AZZ!!!!

    Leighton is pretty.

  3. chupacabra

    the Rose McGowen playbook, but this time with lace. All it gets you is married to Robert Rodriguez.

    • Exactly, rose mcgowan at some arrival with mm a few ywars ago. Not bad tho for a chick who looks like the lovechild of depp and barrymore, at least in that first pic. Id throw her one

  4. She has flesh colored underpants on. Tease!

  5. Yer Mom

    Howcome in some pics this girl is soo hot, and then in others she looks like she has Down Syndrome? My penis keeps getting confused. But even when she’s lookn retarded, she’s still hotter than Blake.

  6. Outstanding tease job by Ms Meester. That dress looks as if it’s JUST about to let go into a million tiny lace scraps.

  7. Pic one is a dead ringer for a brunette Drew Barrymore. Or as Yer Mom put it, “down syndrome”.

  8. total loser

    I’d do Ms. Meester in the keister.

  9. FAIL

    First off, she gets an F for trying to up her whore game. You can’t see anything, which means she wore this thing to try to get attention but didn’t want to show off anything. And, she looks like she just woke up from a nap; that hair is hilariously shitty. Yup, I’m giving this an F…

  10. Leighton Meester See-Through
    Commented on this photo:

    her ass is dumpy.

  11. Leighton Meester See-Through
    Commented on this photo:

    i dont think she is that hot, boring brown eyes and brown hair, blech. average, dime a dozen.

  12. I just asked 4 people at my office (that’s right, I do actually have a job) “do you know who Leighton Meester is?”, and I got 4 responses “are you going to do any work today?”.

    but the point is, not only do I have no idea who Leighton Meester is, nobody around me does either. That, and everyone around me are pissy little bitches today.

  13. Fuckjudger

    You do realise that instead of drawing Leighton Meester, that you Drew Barrymore, right ?

  14. My one problem with this chick is her name always makes me think of ren and stimpy

  15. RoboZombie

    Fug, anyway you slice it…

  16. Leighton Meester See-Through
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    Looks like she figured out the fastest way through a TSA checkpoint….

  17. Leighton Meester See-Through
    Scott H of the Falls
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    Tha First!

  18. GravyLeg

    Finally… Someone figures out a fast way to get through a TSA checkpoint…

  19. Leighton Meester See-Through
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    Am I the only one that thinks she has gotten uglier?

  20. Rough! the kink of comedy

    I need a mountain goat to strangle…

  21. Leighton Meester See-Through
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    boo. she’s really pretty obviously wearing a bodysuit under the lace.

  22. dude

    “Do these pants make my ass look naked?”

  23. Leighton Meester See-Through
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    she looks like a goth wedding cake

  24. Leighton Meester See-Through
    Commented on this photo:

    Facial expression of a 70 year old and flesh colored granny pants.
    Unless she forgot to wear her ass crack, that is.
    All in all, huge turnoff.

  25. A drew Barrymore look a like. Never thought about it but now that ya mention it … Yeah, I can see that. Thanks a fucking Lot!!! I think Drew Barrymore looks like she should be the poster girl for Telethons ffs!!! Leighton Meester, when not looking like Mr Barrymore, looks alright. Hot even.

  26. PtC

    In several of the pics you can see she’s wearing thin black lace somethings, I dunno if they’re panties, but they’re something. You can especially see them from the front. It’s hard to tell they’re there cuz it’s a different pattern of lace, and not as heavy. But they are there. I think you can see them best in the 5th picture. You can see the faint lines on her ass, separate from the cheek line. Quite sneaky, though.

  27. Grace

    Her outfit is damn ugly and she is nowhere near the attractiveness of Blake Lively. Period.

  28. See Alice

    Rose McGowan wore it better .

    • Jillia

      Yea, at least Rose had the balls to actually go naked underneath. She’s wearing a body suit or something. Oh you’re soooooo edgy Leighton.

      Overall: FAIL
      Bad hair. Weird ugly outfit.
      Oh and she’s got about 10 pounds of shit in those 5 pound bags under her eyes.

      Not a huge fan, but I would take Blake Lively a la “Accepted” any day.

  29. Leighton Meester See-Through
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    Go see those pics from the set of Vera Wang ad taken last week and say that again

  30. Leighton Meester See-Through
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    thinkin’ the same

  31. JD

    Is it really see-through if you can’t see shit through it?

    I don’t think so.

  32. GingleJanglez

    How do women get away with this all the time? I throw out the mangina around the neighborhood when I’m blacked out and I’m the asshole.

  33. The Mantis

    Why do “celebrities” do this to themselves? This outfit is rediculous. It’s not “sexy” it’s not “outrageous”, it’s just stupid. And further seperates this person from the common-folk.

  34. lux

    She looks like a blow job robot from “A.I.”

  35. Leighton Meester See-Through
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    Couldn’t get a shot from the front?? Seriously…

    • Someone who pays attention.

      Ummm, there are 2 shots from the front.
      10 photos total… Guessin’ you missed that.

      And, yeah…. She nothing to write home about and that…. ummmm, curtain from a funeral home wrapped around her is just Ricockulous!!!

  36. Leighton Meester See-Through
    Lloyd Page
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    As I recall she did this last year at the MTV awards. Must just like showing her ass in see through clothing. Not that I’m against it of course!

  37. Leighton Meester See-Through
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    looks like her bum is furry – gross

  38. wim

    she hasn’t used a single word yet.

  39. Leighton Meester See-Through
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    bad choice of wardrobe… love the purse though! and the diamonds ofcourse

  40. Gando

    We didn’t move mountains, created non-existing keys for locked doors just for anyone to take place in a warm spread bed. And that’s why we have these tests. We’re very sorry if you failed some of the tests. Good luck!

  41. Leighton Meester See-Through
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    She’s not fat…but she’s flabby & shapeless. Pretty but totally the wrong outfit.

    Get a killer body before wearing something like this. It’s sad seeing someone with no figure in something revealing.

  42. Leighton Meester See-Through
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    I love lace – especially this kind of lace – but this is just a terrible waste of it. I’m a straight female & I can safely say that men aren’t the only ones who find baggy monstrosities like this unattractive.

    Plus…that dumpy ass in something this sheer? No freaking way.

  43. I’d so do Blake Lively over Meester. Everytime I read her name I think of a Mexican trying to say Mr. “Hey Meeeester, do you whant my Seeeester?”

  44. Toe

    Whoa, when did Disaster Girl grow up to be such a hottie?

  45. Leighton Meester See-Through
    Commented on this photo:

    this outfit is so ugly. it would be alot nicer if it were an above the knee dress.

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