Leighton Meester For Vera Wang

I post a lot of Blake Lively on the site because she’s an angel sent from above to show me her spectacular rack and should be heralded as such. However, in the spirit of the unity, here’s a little something for the Leighton Meester fans out there. This is her looking undoubtedly attractive on a photo shoot for Vera Wang over the weekend and there’s really nothing negative I can say about these photos. If this is your cup of tea, I’m not about to slight you for it. Some people prefer golden breasts of awesome, while others prefer.. whatever’s happening up there. Sorry, my brain started making that sound your car makes when it won’t start after I typed “golden breasts of awesome.” And there it is again. *looks at keyboard* I can haz word buttons?

EDIT: Because I’m feeling benevolent, here are two pieces of evidence for anyone attempting to advance the Leighton > Blake agenda:

Leighton Meester Poses for GQ – 11.18.2009
Leighton Meester’s Ass Might Be Awesome – 6.1.2009

Photos: Pacific Coast News