Leighton Meester Looked Better Than Blake Lively

November 21st, 2011 // 57 Comments

Apparently Gossip Girl has been around for 100 episodes without me ever watching one, so here’s Blake Lively and Leighton Meester celebrating that achievement Saturday night while planning their mutual escapes even if it takes leaking naked photos on the Internet for a random example. Anyway… despite the fact Blake’s outfit is essentially see-through and awesome, Photo Boy has managed to convince me that Leighton Meester wins here. Maybe it’s because I can’t say “no” to his piercing blue Photo-eyes I put vagina in my coffee every morning like a man, a straight, straight man, but this is one of the few times where I have to admit face trumps body. I guess you could say I’m growing up. Maturing and poop.

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  1. Fester

    Is Blake bulking up to sumo wrestle? Fatty.

  2. dani

    She always looks better than Blake Lively.

  3. Karen

    Whenever I see Blake Lively, I wish I had a sugar cube to give her..maybe a carrot..

  4. charlie

    Blake Lively has a 100% better face than Leighton. Granted it’s post serious nose-job, but there’s really no contest. And normally I find brunettes much more attractive.

  5. nadweeb

    Blake has got a truly fanstastic arse!
    And with skinny arms!
    Me like.

  6. cc

    That’s a good look for Leighton…a better look would be looking up at me.

    As for Blake, no sense teasing, we’ve already seen your naked ass.

  7. I still think Blake beats Minka’s little sister everyday of the week.

  8. Meester could crawl out of the gutter smelling like who knows what and she’d still be better looking than Lively!

  9. Jack Ketch

    Exactly, she always did look better, and her tits are real, and she hasn’t had 3 nose jobs … Blake still needs another one.

  10. tom

    I’ll take Blake. Meester looks like a kid and does not seem she even legal yet.

  11. jojo

    Blakes got a far better svelte figure
    Oh pls the 3 nose job lies again
    Its a fail as her nose is still big
    Why do Leighton stans have to fudge about Blake
    Loving their Leighton aint enough

  12. JC

    Lively’s a year younger than Meester, but looks WAY harder. You know it’s a bad sign when you play a Southie cokewhore, and part of the believability comes from the fact that you really do look that rough.

    Not that I wouldn’t hit it, of course. It’s just that Lively is the rough and dirty chick to Meester’s succulent and dirty chick.

  13. Supa

    If Leighton grew out those bangs and went with long layers, she’d be smokin’. No, I’m not a hair stylist – just a connoisseur.

  14. samara

    leighton wins because she’s naturally beautiful. without getting a nose job & boob job like blake.

  15. Blake’s dress reminds me of this one Cheryl Cole wore like 5 years ago (not that I am a Cheryl Cole fan). Here’s a link to the only photo I could find of it. http://www.catwalkqueen.tv/2009/07/star_style_cher.html

  16. The joaker

    Just goes to show you, it doesn’t matter how nice the tits, don’t bring attention to the chola eyebrows

  17. Glassman

    Team Blake here….no contest. Hotter, thinner, better actress. Don’t like fakies, but then again, as I’m never gonna touch ‘em, that doesn’t really come into play……..

    • julie

      HAHAHAHA to the acting thing. You can’t be serious.

    • D

      As I said above
      And obvious from the reactions
      Anyone who says anything nice about Blake apparently should be horsewhipped
      Now DRINK the Leighton coolaid and say ur Prayers

      • Archies_Leach

        Look whatever “enhancements” that Lively has done, no average heto male would turn down tapping that shit but come on Green Lantern! You can’t just blame the shitty script either.

  18. Archies_Leach

    I’d tap that ass.

    I’d tear that ass up!

    Leighton Meester that is…..

  19. julie

    To whoever said Blake is a better actress: are you FUCKING kidding? Watching her try to act is as painful as listening to rebecca black sing. Plastic surgery has made her at best, a but-her-face. Hot body, but that face is a deal breaker. Leighton is beautiful, natural and very sexy. Yes, Blake, you can be sexy without being a slut, you might learn something.

    • Archies_Leach

      I thought fucking your way thru producers, directors and actors was known as “career advancement” in Hollywood?

    • Gorry

      Leighton is many lovely things. Sexy aint one of them.
      How does ereyone know Leighton’s an innocent. I hear diff

    • CranAppleSnapple

      Yep, Blake is insufferable. Her mouth barely moves but is always open because it’s the only way she can breathe. I want to kick her in the chest. A Chuck Norris spinning back kick.

  20. Danara

    Leighton is so pretty it makes me sick. Someone always seemed off with Blake’s face. I think it’s the beady eyes and the heavy smile lines. Without all the cosmetic surgery and brigade of stylists, I don’t think she would even be considered average pretty. Bitch is skinny though if just being skinny counts as beautiful.

  21. anonym

    leighton meester looks more lively than Blake Lively.

    blake looks so boring

  22. David

    Blake’s always beautiful than Leighton

  23. jeneral

    Leighton wins hands down. No comparison.

    Blake looks like a young Sarah Jessica Parker. SJP was cute when she was young. We all know what SJP looks like now?

  24. Morgan

    I could never decide which one of them I preferred. They’re both so phucking hot.

  25. 557-Clutchlow

    Comparison Rating,
    Blake Lively = 54% of complaining about her boring role model, which is such a opinion for others. To me, she quite the beauty for a women that brings quite a sexy passion. overall = 92%

    Leighton = She looks different with her hair style, but looking extremely beautiful. Overall = 97%

  26. Kelley

    Is it just me, or….Blake always looks to fake in her pictures, very posed, unnatural. She is a cute girl, but way to affected to be a natural in front of the cameras. However, Leighton has ugly legs and will be fat in a few years when youth takes that disappearing act…..just saying.

  27. Joshua

    Blake doesn’t hit me like a slut in real life (perhaps on GG, idk). Leighton looks too kidlike/princessy for me. I prefer Lively’s realness/girl next door-ness (I read something about a nose job but I still keep my preference)

  28. shawn

    Blake Lively’s face is too ugly, she should wear glasses or smth

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