It’s Leighton Meester’s Butt In A Bikini

April 15th, 2012 // 197 Comments

It’s been three years since Leighton Meester‘s been on The Superficial in a bikini, so to commemorate this momentous occasion, I took the liberty of slapping all the butt shots into one gallery. It’s what Leighton would’ve wanted. “Please help perverts find us on the Internet,” her cheeks are practically saying through a complex system of clenches and crack shots. Also, something about me being the legendary StarChild who mustn’t let anything stop me from plunging his sword between two pale, jiggling magical boulders for the sake of the universe and how that will completely stand up in court. I should probably hear them out.



  1. Leighton Meester Butt Bikini
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  2. Leighton Meester Butt Bikini
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  3. Leighton Meester Butt Bikini
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    she has a nice curvy body and soft skin

  4. Leighton Meester Butt Bikini
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    Jumped-up Jesus, this pic made me cry a little. Yeah, tears, that’s where this moisture is coming from.

  5. Om

    Waiting for the first idiot to come and say how “she better not get any tattoos” lol

  6. Awkward Girl Comment

    Is this an appropriate time to say I think she’s a really talented actress? Why better than an actress on Gossip Girl has any right to be. And yes, I suppose she has a shapely behind.

    • Obviously A Female

      I know! I feel so sorry for her that Blake Lively gets so much attention when Leighton is actually dynamic and talented.

  7. Leighton Meester Butt Bikini
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    “This looks so familiar to me…”

  8. Leighton Meester Butt Bikini
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    Eeeeeeeeew. Blergh.

  9. Leighton Meester Butt Bikini
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    Dear god almighty, Leighton Meester you are an image of perfection.

  10. Leighton Meester Butt Bikini
    Master Cherry Plucker
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    I’d do some deep-sea muff-diving into that! ASS cheeks I dream about!

  11. Neal

    I finally get that plumber’s crack thing because boy would I like to plumb the depths of that crack

  12. Leighton Meester Butt Bikini
    Master Cherry Plucker
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    I’d die for my country, stuffing my face in that WONDER-ASS!

  13. Leighton Meester Butt Bikini
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    Now that is a gorgeous woman,

  14. Leighton Meester Butt Bikini
    Master Cherry Plucker
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    Is that an invitation? Those small dimbles above her WONDER-ASS drive me and my WHOPPER, crazy!

  15. Leighton Meester Butt Bikini
    Master Cherry Plucker
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    You ever wonder what causes ocean waves? Her magnificent ASS does it!!!

  16. Leighton Meester Butt Bikini
    Dr. Ike
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    I’d love to slide my tongue in that butt. She’s amazing.

  17. Leighton Meester Butt Bikini
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  18. Leighton Meester Butt Bikini
    Master Cherry Plucker
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    I’d grease my head and be catapulted out of a cannon, @500mph, and go into that FABULOUS ASS, head first! Shit, damn, fuck… her ASS is only 1/20 size of HIPPO Kim Kardashian’s…

    Seeing this, tonight, my trowsers are soaking wet, AND I’M PROUD OF IT!

  19. Leighton Meester Butt Bikini
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    I bet her ass tastes like delicious homemade blueberry pancakes.

  20. Leighton Meester Butt Bikini
    Cavallari's Taint
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    If you don’t like this turd-cutter, you, my friend, don’t like women

  21. Asui

    Her face is also very beautiful. Just had to throw that out there.

  22. I will soon be founding a new religion based on this lady’s lovely butt. Instead of LDS (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) it will be called LMA (The Church of Jeebus Cripes of Leighton Meester’s Ass).

    Watch your emails for the announcement. Can I get a “hallelujah”?

  23. Leighton Meester Butt Bikini
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    Agree with you, CT. I wish they had pix of her actual butthole too. I wonder if she bleaches her butthole?

  24. Leighton Meester Butt Bikini
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    I’d love to scrub her a-hole with my tongue.

  25. Leighton Meester Butt Bikini
    Grand Poobah
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    fill here!

  26. Leighton Meester Butt Bikini
    Grand Poobah
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    I think she is only a couple of years away from cellulite ass, looks well on the way there. Only saving grace, no stupid tattoos or coverups from previous bad decisions.

  27. Jonas Grumby

    Just who are you calling an ‘Internet pervert’? I mean . . . oh, right. Nevermind.

  28. SeeAlice

    Leighton is super hot .Kelly Brook is way hotter

  29. Leighton Meester Butt Bikini
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    There’s nothing like Meester kiester just after Easter.

  30. Leighton Meester Butt Bikini
    White Bull
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    No tramp stamp. Can I draw one on her? I have just the right tool to poke her.

  31. Leighton Meester Butt Bikini
    Deacon Jones
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    And where has this been hiding?!

    I feel like I’m in the Smithsonian in the Renaissance section, sweet Jesus!

    • Frank Burns

      Yeah, right. The closest you’ve been to a museum is the 20 years of traffic tickets for parking in the handicapped space outside the Korean massage parlor that have accumulated under the passenger seat of your car.

  32. Leighton Meester Butt Bikini
    Kurt Barlow
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    Meester’s Keister

  33. Leighton Meester Butt Bikini
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    Good Game!

  34. Leighton Meester Butt Bikini
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    I would tap that vanilla temple of goodness into oblivion…

  35. Leighton Meester Butt Bikini
    AAPL made me rich!
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    white girl booty

  36. Leighton Meester Butt Bikini
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    First time in my life I have ever been attracted to another woman.
    True story.

  37. Leighton Meester Butt Bikini
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    She does look a lot better from behind.

  38. Schmidtler

    eh, she looks ok, if you’re into pale, doughy, retarded looking broads.

  39. Leighton Meester Butt Bikini
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    I’ve seen this gallery three times today. Her ass is hypnotic.

  40. Leighton Meester Butt Bikini
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    her ass is swallowing up that bikini. i had no idea her ass was that nice

  41. Leighton Meester Butt Bikini
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    Gotta love the glistening wetness between the cheeks.

  42. Leighton Meester Butt Bikini
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    I’d give her fart box a strong workout!

  43. Leighton Meester Butt Bikini
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    Yep, that is one god-damned amazing ass.
    Seriously, it upsets me to think I’ll never be intimate with such a nice ass IRL.

  44. Hugh Jazz

    I believe it’s called a Buttkini®, made by the same fine company to bring you the MuffinMan® and NuttSock® male swimwear lines.

  45. Leighton Meester Butt Bikini
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    I give her 3 thumbs up.

  46. I already have a boner

  47. Leighton Meester Butt Bikini
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    Almost as good as Kelly Brook’s backside. And that’s a lot to say already.

  48. Leighton Meester Butt Bikini
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    thank you very much for this gallery.
    this is what penises everywhere dream about.
    i will enjoy fapping to this very much.

  49. Leighton Meester Butt Bikini
    That was a lob
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    I wouldn’t ____ her ___ after I ___ it from ______.

  50. Leighton Meester Butt Bikini
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    I initially thought this was going to be another post of pancakes masquerading as a butt; glad to see people actually know what a butt worth looking at is.

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