Remember When I Said Leelee Sobieski Looked Hot? About That…

The Superficial | September 27, 2011 - 11:09 am

Back in July, Leelee Sobieski was spotted on the streets of New York looking, for a lack of a better term, chestalicious prompting me to post photos of her looking as such. Since then the national attention that clearly I alone generated – “For whomever controls the Internet boobs, controls the masses.” – Jesus of Nazareth – apparently caused her to retreat into a closet and starve herself to death because here’s Leelee at the MET Opera Fall Season Opener looking like I should order her from Russian website with a side of heroin. And before someone says I don’t understand high fashion, I already tried to jam my credit card into my CD tray, so maybe a little faster next time.

Photo: Splash News