Lee Tamahori is a drag queen prostitute

February 3rd, 2006 // 24 Comments

ltamahori-drag.jpgLee Tamahori, director of Die Another Day, was arrested on January 8 when he allegedly solicited sex with an undercover policeman while wearing women’s clothes.

“Mr Tamahori was arrested for soliciting. I can confirm he was dressed in women’s clothing at the time of the arrest,” Los Angeles Police Department Officer Jason Lee told AFP. Entertainment website TMZ.com reported the director was free on a $US2000 bail.

There’s really no logical explanation for this except that Tamahori is insane. If he wanted to engage in some wild drag queen sex, he could have just used his millions of dollars to get things rolling. You don’t see Steven Spielberg walking up and down the streets of Vegas looking for a dominatrix midget to spank him to pleasureville. He could if he wanted, but he has the good sense to pay people to do that sort of thing for him.



  1. fame is funny

    eddie murphy would be proud…you GO girlfriend *z-snaps*

    have fun explaining THAT to the world…

  2. Seriously, this makes no sense. He must have wanted to be found out… like Eddie and Hugh. I know there are people who hook-up this sorta thing… as I reall they’re called pimps – lol

    The Mad Dater,
    “Because there’s a Bastard in all of us”

  3. lol sucks to be him

  4. mikeski

    Well, you puts Madge in yer movie, you takes yer chances.

  5. Poor guy, can’t a man/woman get some action without having the whole world know about it. I feel for ya brotha.

  6. Binky

    Guess he maybe took my ‘Elton for the next Bond girl’ comments from a month or so back to heart.’Live and Let Cross-dress’ etc
    Researching a role is the ususal out..

  7. playahater101

    I think it’s friggin hysterical that this man who directs movies for a living and probably makes millions goes to Vegas, dresses in drag, and solicites people to pay him for sex. You know this wasn’t his first time either. To each his own, right? The scary thing is imagining him dressed as a woman (shudder).

  8. Darby

    Well it is LA what do we expect??

  9. ESQ

    He looks like a grandfather and a creepy one at that. I guess whatever works for ya.

  10. hafaball

    I’d hit that…but he;d have to call me John Boy

    But seriously…the guy has a fetish, who are we to judge? I like rolling around in honey inside a batman costume. We all have our strange fantasies.

  11. Ok, can you IMAGINE what an ugly drag prostitute this guywould make?! LOL!!! It would be like having the “I’ve Fallen and I can’t Get Up” woman come up to your car and offer you a hummer.


    Ok, what happen was,, lol

  13. Whatup

    The cop had to be laughing at this ugly fucker in a dress. Probably thought his buddies were playing a joke on him.

  14. LoneWolf

    Some people have a need to f@ck up – Pee Wee Herman, Robert Downey Jr., this dingus. Ultimately this won’t make a bit of difference in this guy’s world. In Hollywood, as long as you make money you can literally be a child molester and no one’s going to give a rat’s hairy arse. Ask Woody Allen.

  15. Kelly

    Well maybe he was making a documentary. I’d watch it. All I know it will be better than Die another Day!!!

  16. Sheva

    Someone please get the mug shot. It’ll be so good.

  17. bafongu

    Hey, Superficial, suck my dick. I sent this silly story in at 5:30 am today and got no props at all. This site is starting to suck just as much as Tom Cruise and his future director, Lee Tamahori….

  18. HollyJ

    I just can’t imagine how much it must hurt to tape down your codpiece with masking tape for your evening out as Miss Venus.

  19. Seamus Begonia Smell

    oh my god. what is it with hollywood men you’d never suspect for stuff like that? he doesn’t look too weird. hugh grant had liz hurley, eddie murphy had a stunning wife… i wish there was some test you could secretly initiate before dating someone who might be a sexual deviant! not dating someone in the entertainment world is probably rule number one…

  20. DURound

    Can anyone doubt he would have looked better in a dress? With lipstick? A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

  21. linuxluver

    The silly thing about all this is that prostitution is legal in New Zealand (where Lee Tamahori comes from).

    I personally don’t understand places that still outlaw prostitution. It happens anyway – everywhere – and the threat of prosecution only makes sex workers MORE at risk of violence and exploitation.

    Who wants to bet Tamahori claims he is doing research for an upcoming project?

  22. mary

    He’s just trying to cash in on the success of Brokeback Mountain.

    “I wish I’d directed that! Wait! I know! I can dress in drag and look for love. That’s so the same thing. By golly, I’m a genius!”

    Indeed you are, Mr. Tamahori.

  23. chelleann66

    Lee “I’m a whore-ee”.

  24. OJ


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