Lee Tamahori is a drag queen prostitute

ltamahori-drag.jpgLee Tamahori, director of Die Another Day, was arrested on January 8 when he allegedly solicited sex with an undercover policeman while wearing women’s clothes.

“Mr Tamahori was arrested for soliciting. I can confirm he was dressed in women’s clothing at the time of the arrest,” Los Angeles Police Department Officer Jason Lee told AFP. Entertainment website TMZ.com reported the director was free on a $US2000 bail.

There’s really no logical explanation for this except that Tamahori is insane. If he wanted to engage in some wild drag queen sex, he could have just used his millions of dollars to get things rolling. You don’t see Steven Spielberg walking up and down the streets of Vegas looking for a dominatrix midget to spank him to pleasureville. He could if he wanted, but he has the good sense to pay people to do that sort of thing for him.


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